Mogherini’s Total Sellout

A followup on this blog entry yesterday:

Federica Mogherini is a Marxist Islamophile. She is also the Head of Security for the EU. She promotes political Islam, the shari’a, which the EU courts have already ruled incompatible with European values.

The Head of Security for the EU has just announced that radical Islam is a legitimate political force in Europe.

She says “Islam is a victim” and “diversity is our strength.” Ezra Levant of says her comments violate the spirit of separation of church and state and invite the spread of sharia law in the public square.

Ezra Levant / 

mogheriniThis fuzzy picture of Mogherini with Arafat remained prominently displayed on Facebook page until recently (picture:

Merkel agrees:

“It is beyond doubt that Islam belongs to Germany”

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