The British public must be educated about Islamic “culture” and religion.

English juries need educating in Islamic culture and religion says human rights lawyer shyster

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A leading human rights lawyer has pronounced British justice prejudiced against Muslims. Gareth Peirce said English juries, English prosecutors and English police have proceeded “with complete ignorance of culture or religion” in the past and now “have to be educated about Islam”.

The Guardian reports Peirce believes the trial of Anis Sardar at Woolwich Crown Court in May is an example of how British justice is prejudiced against Muslim defendants in the same way it was in the past against Irish Catholics accused of terrorist-related crimes.

Sardar, a British black-cab driver reportedly well known in his community for his deep knowledge of Islam, went to study Arabic in Damascus in 1997 before returning to the UK for good in 2007. He was convicted by a jury and sentenced to life with a minimum of 38 years for the murder of US serviceman and father of two, Sgt Randy Johnson, and life with a minimum 25 years for conspiracy to murder, to run concurrently.

Sardar admits to picking up a homemade bomb and wrapping it in tape but said neither he nor the bomb-makers were targeting Americans. Iraq was then engulfed in a sectarian war between Sunni and Shia Muslims and Sardar claimed the bomb he touched was one made by Sunni citizens looking to place them in the path of Shia militias.

Peirce claims “extremely powerful potential witnesses” who would have helped the jury understand the sectarian conflict in Iraq were denied anonymity, leaving them afraid to give evidence for fear of reprisals on families in Iraq.

Peirce believes the case should never have been brought to court, especially a British one, saying: “We are in a similar place to the IRA trials. If you look at them, it was English juries, English prosecutors and English police proceeding with complete ignorance of culture or religion. .. Now juries have to be educated about Islam. Anis was in Damascus because that’s where you went to study pure Arabic then. . . It was an honest defence, but without context how could a jury in Woolwich grasp it?

This trial proceeded amid complete ignorance, and it was utterly wrong to prosecute and wrong to convict him.”

The judge at Sardar’s trial rejected the defence claim that he had only been involved just once in bomb-making, in order to protect the Sunni community from Shia militias.

The Express also reported that in 2012 officers searching Sardar’s London home as part of a separate investigation found an Arab language bomb-making manual with references to Islam on a computer disc.

Sardar’s family is hoping to launch a legal appeal.

It is, of course, a basic human right to have a fair trial, which means a competent defence lawyer. But Jean Pierce (the name Gareth is a feminist affectation) takes her duty to her clients into partisanship for their particular cause to overthrow our society. I fear her espousal of first the IRA and now jihad is going into treasonable waters.

As these two comments say

“He (doesn’t realise this is a woman)  is quite correct in his assertion: the British public must be educated about Islamic “culture” and religion. They must be educated about the fact that Islam divides the world into two: believers and enemy, enemy who can be lied to, raped, murdered, taken as slaves etc. They need to be educated that Islam’s perfect man who they must seek to emulate is a murdering, child-raping paedophile and that Islam’s core tenet is that all other cultures must be sought out and destroyed. When the British public understand that Islam is their enemy and is completely incompatible with our, or any other, civilised society then perhaps there’ll be some justice done and Islam and its followers are vilified and rejected.”

“Let me flip this headline around, Ms Peirce. Islamic people need to be educated in how our British laws work. There – that sounds better.
Ms Peirce, a receiver of huge sums of taxpayers’ money courtesy of legal aid, represented Abu Qatada, among others. She is described as the ‘go to’’ female lawyer-of-choice ‘for every accused jihadist and IRA suspect”.…
I shall therefore treat her view with the contempt it deserves.”

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  1. Let those Brits who are able to read and comprehend English go to and download the full four volume set of Ibn Kathirs “The Life Of The Prophet Muhammad”, read them and get a God blessed clue.

    Instead of a trial and imprisonment, just hang the Muslims, its much cheaper and its permanent.

  2. “…Sardar, a British black-cab driver reportedly well known in his community for his deep knowledge of Islam…”

    Ah yes, but is he as knowledgeable as Al Bahgdadi, who has a PhD in Islamic Studies?

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