“…there might be something nice about ISIS…” Dr Ann Aly

“I think we have to get our heads round the fact that there might be something nice about ISIS that these people are attracted to.”–Dr Anne Aly

They don’t really hate us. They just want to kill us

Andrew Bolt

You can understand why Dr Anne Aly is the ABC’s go-to person on terrorism. Apparently the best way to fight the Islamic State is not to admit they hate us, and to choose our language more carefully so we don’t “limit” our options:

Astonishing. I’m guessing Aly’s view is that if we pretend they don’t hate us we won’t have to fight them.  I’m now wondering how she thinks Jews should have talked of Hitler.

In fact, rather than say the Islamic State hates us, we should admit the niceness of it:

“And I think we have to get our heads round the fact that there might be something nice about ISIS that these people are attracted to.” Not that Aly thinks Islamic State is nice. “I am completely, completely opposed to it on theological grounds, on social grounds — it’s personal,” she adds, with sudden fierceness.

Oh, and while waffling is this frightfully post-modernist way, be sure to attack non-Muslims instead:

Violent extremism in Australia is beginning to mirror that of the US, counter-terrorism expert Anne Aly from Curtin University said.

She highlighted a New America Foundation study released last month that found right-wing extremists had killed twice as many people since September 11 as jihadists.

“Violent extremism isn’t just a Muslim problem in Australia,” she said. “The numbers are staggering and growing in right-wing extremism.”
(Via Tim Blair.)

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  1. “…there might be something nice about ISIS…” Dr Ann Aly

    Oh, I see – her name is spelt with two n’s rather than one ‘n’ and two l’s. The latter spelling gives a better indication as to the source of her ideas.

  2. There is something nice about Dr Anne Aly.


    “There is nothing Islamic about a beheading: Muslims v extremists,” by Aleisha Orr, WA Today, August 20, 2014:
    cut off the head= classical Islamic practice.


    “Anne Aly’s statements are designed to comfort and reassure non-Muslims. And they no doubt do just that, unless the non-Muslims in question are knowledgeable enough about Islam to see through them.

    The assertion in the article’s headline, that “there is nothing Islamic about a beheading,” doesn’t appear in the article, but in any case it is another deception: beheading is mandated in the Quran. “When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks…” (Qur’an 47:4)”


    “A few days ago I wrote some commentary here at Jihad Watch on an article about a Muslim professor in Australia, Anne Aly.

    I showed with quotes from the Qur’an and other Islamic sources that the article was filled with half-truths, distortions, and outright falsehoods about Islam.

    Apparently someone posted her email address in the comments field here, and now there is an article in The West Australian about how poor Professor Aly has received…hate mail.

    She got hate mail? And this is a news story? If receiving hate mail is newsworthy, I should be on the front page of the New York Times every day. Here’s one I got on the same day I wrote the post about Aly:

    Yes ,there is something nice about Dr Anne Aly.

    Another “Nothing to do with Islam” narrative.

    I do not think she read the article. (She must have-but it is easier to answer in the way she did).If she did read it, she did not answer it.

    She focused on the comments and not the substance. Labels are not a good way to argue. She would know that as an academic.

    .“false assumptions”- What are they? She is an Muslim academic, and she does not say what they are.

    “shatters the basis for their arguments.” Does it shatter the basis of Spencer’s arguments if she replies, “Islam is not about terrorism or Islam is not about beheadings or Islam is not about female genital mutilation.”

    Notice she does not say how it is not. (when Robert Spencer provides the opposite view with quotes)

    Just saying Islam is not about terrorism or Islam is not about beheadings or Islam is not about female genital mutilation does not make it so.

  3. Dr Ann Aly and EU Foreign Policy Chief Frederica Mogherini have a few things in common, they are both Cultural Marxists who are hell bent on opening the valves on the sewer system and flooding the streets of Europe and Italy with African and Middle Eastern sewage….

    Click the link below and listen to a home owner who pays a massive mortgage and watches helplessly as her government drenches her with human garbage……

    “I am sorry,” one woman said, “but I do not intend to pay 28 more years of a mortgage for my children to live in a refugee camp. It is not right!”


    This will only end when the Italians arm themselves and then deal with the Cultural Marxists and the African sewage.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  4. Anne Aly’s article in the Guardian (“Reclaim Australia Is The Product Of Rising Right Wing Extremism”) today is another exercise in Islamist white-washing from this author – a Muslim,and an anti-terrorist expert – whose aim, in defence of Islam, will always be to water down, deny and/or deflect the real intentions of Islamists.
    If anything can be blamed for the rise of right-wing extremists in this country, it is dissembling, Muslim spokespeople like the author, along with Islams Lefitst apologists, who deny and pooh-pooh the obvious: that Islam is out to destroy the West in one form or the other – and to blame what’s happening on everyone else in the process.
    Muslims believe Islam is “the perfect religion” and therefore beyond reproach. Criticism of Islam, particularly by non-Muslims, constitutes apostasy, and carries the death penalty. And for practising Muslims in the West it is their duty to defend Islam (if they can’t kill the critics) by constantly and subtly (as is the attempt here) shifting the blame on everyone else (Crusaders, Christians, Jews, racists, etc) hoping to continue to hood-wink gullible non-Muslim Australians. Islamist violence, intimidation and threats, along with the imperative to expand and conquer all, was all hard-coded in their belief system – not to be criticised in anyway, on pain of death – hundreds of years ago, long before George Bush, Tony Abbott’s security laws or Israel were around to blame.
    Unless Muslims like Ali publicly renounce political Islam and publicly renounce Shariah, don’t believe a word they say.

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