UK: Jihadists sitting pretty while the Islamic invasion continues…

Indonesia: Jihadis recruit for Islamic State from their prison cells

Prison da’awa,  the most effective recruitment tool. Prisons provide ihadists with a captive clientele….

Clearly these recruiters have supporters among the jailers: “Despite the island’s jails being high-security and despite mobile phones being contraband those who want…|BY ROBERT SPENCER
French man accused of brainwashing ISIS lorry driver who beheaded boss lives in LEICESTER
A FRENCH man accused of brainwashing a lorry driver accused of beheading his boss in France lives in Leicester.
Lockdown terror in London as police detain gunman ‘caught making bombs in his flat’
TERRIFIED residents were ordered to stay away from their windows after a gunman who allegedly had bomb-making equipment reportedly threatened to…
Calais migrant crisis: British lorry drivers face ‘being killed’ on transit route
OFFICIALS have called on the French army to act amid fears that British lorry drivers face death on the Calais migrant route. By OLI SMITH / Sunday Express… CPNAGASAKI.WORDPRESS.COM
10th Anniversary of 7/7 London Bus Bombings:
Pamela Geller's photo.
  Moonbat professor blames “racism” for Mohammedan terror:

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