MuBro Operatives Sentenced

Al Jazeera retrial: Journalists Peter Greste, Mohammed Fahmy, Baher Mohamed sentenced to at least three years’ jail

Greste and Fahmy were given prison sentences of three years, while Mohamed received an extra six months for possessing a single bullet.

(These ‘Canadian’ journalists where clearly Muslim Brotherhood plants from the start. The classic new ‘Canadians for passports’ Also journalist + bullets = spy)  Thanks to Vlad Tepes

Egypt sends Al Jazeera journalists to three years prison
Egypt sends Al Jazeera journalists to three years prison

An Egyptian court has sentenced three Al Jazeera journalists to three years prison

An Egyptian court sentenced three Al-Jazeera reporters to three years in prison on Saturday, despite a global campaign calling for their release.

Canadian Mohamed Fahmy and Egyptian producer Baher Mohamed were present in court. Australian journalist Peter Greste was tried in absentia after his deportation early this year. The journalists  were accused of supporting the blacklisted Muslim Brotherhood in their coverage for the Qatari-owned broadcaster Al Jazeera.–World Bulletin / News Desk

Endless Katzenjammer:

Al-Jazeera vowed Saturday to appeal an Egyptian court verdict to sentence three of its journalists to three years in prison, calling it a “deliberate attack on press freedom”.

The Qatar-based broadcaster said it would appeal the “grotesque” verdict as soon as the Cairo court has explained its decision, and would also “intensify” its campaign to get its reporters freed.

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  1. They ARE Muslim Brotherhood ! It is soooooo obvious also for the Australian Darling of the ABC who themselves are Al Jezeera’s Australian Branch (lately they – the ABC – dont even bother to identify their main NEWS Propaganda Source).

    While the ABC accuse the Australian Prime Minister of exagerating the danger of IS and eagerly defend Islamism and Islamists, I note that the name of “SISI” (a man far more courageous and ethical than the dhimmy IS apologists in the West including the OZ media) is “ISIS” spelled backwards.

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