Merkel Hires ex-Stasi Agent To Censor Critics of the Mohammedan Invasion

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Merkel making use of her Stasi connections by putting former Stasi apparatchiks into positions of power.

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The German government and Facebook are working with an organization led by an ex-Stasi agent to oversee a new program that will identify “xenophobic” posts made on the social networking website and punish people who make them with fines and jail sentences.

The German Minister of Justice Heiko Maas met with Facebook this week to form a special task force that will work to remove comments from the website that “call for hatred” against migrants.

The organization will be overseen by Network Against Nazis (Netz gegen Nazis), a group led by left-wing activist Anetta Kahane.

Although Kahane now describes herself as an “anti-racist,” she was intimately involved in another dark period of German history, working as a Stasi informant under the codename “Victoria” from 1974-1982.

The Stasi, which liaised with the Soviet KGB, was the official secret police of the former Communist government of East Germany. Its role was to spy on the population and to use its vast network of informants to hunt down political dissidents. Numerous Stasi members were prosecuted for their crimes after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

Last week, Chancellor Angela Merkel vowed to tackle “racist” comments made on social media sites, describing them as “sedition” and demanding that Facebook take action.

“25 years after the German reunification, former DDR citizens, along with their West German brothers and sisters, are to be monitored by former Stasi cadres,” notes the German website PI News.

A report in Bild also confirms that ‘Network Against Nazis’, led by Kahane, will be involved in monitoring Facebook for “racist” and “xenophobic” comments, as well as “refugee-baiting” remarks.

Those found guilty will be hit with fines of around €5000 euros or 120 days in prison.

While European governments roll out the red carpet to potentially millions of future migrants, authorities are cracking down on dissent. Last week, an anti-migrant demonstration set to be held in Warsaw was banned on the grounds that it was “driven by out-of-place hatred.”

Anti-migrant sentiment is building across Europe, partly as a result of the mainstream media’s failure to report on the negative impact that the influx of unassimilated foreigners will bring, as is documented in the video below.

2 thoughts on “Merkel Hires ex-Stasi Agent To Censor Critics of the Mohammedan Invasion”

  1. Looks like the Pigs of Islam have won. Hate, oppression, terror will see the emptying of Europe of the intelligentsia and rule by the genetic retards.


    The entire narrative that major western media outlets have crafted around the migrant crisis is a complete fraud.

    – majority of “migrants” are not Syrian families fleeing from war or ISIS
    -no docs
    -heading to welfare haven Germany and Sweden
    -feeling and humanitarian
    -not fleeing form war
    -fleeing to a higher standard of living

    -major news tv show “migrants” in positive light
    -violence by migrant snot shown
    -in name of tolerance open floodgates to people intolerant of western values and liberal principles
    -Sweden rapes
    -no go areas
    -no assimilation
    -called racist or xenophobic if you disagree


    -EU wants big government
    -people who are likely to vote for them
    -cheap labor not correct
    -most end up on welfare


    -crisis could be avoided if NATO powers had not funded jihadist powers to topple secular governments
    -NATO using bombs and guns to fuel civil wars instead of
    -investing in infrastructure and raising living standards in these countries
    -new bombing will make the situation worse

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