The Muslim invasion and the Obama kidz who clean his clock

Ben Carson Fires Back, Schools Media on Islam, Sharia, and Taqiyya 
Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson stood by his comments that a Muslim should not be president of the United States, saying that whoever takes the White…| Pamela Geller
Is This the Death of Europe?
Europa unbars the gates to her oldest enemy.
It is wrong for the presstitutes  to call these people “migrants,” as if they were Canadian geese. Every one of them, wherever he came from, is an illegal immigrant. Israel calls such people “infiltrators.” It would not be incorrect to call them “invaders,” since they are an army of aliens come to occupy and transform Europe.
Saudis are the UN’s new human rights police

This does not just show the United Nations is a disgrace and a menace to the West. It also underlines a truth that collectives do not represent the most moral positions but the least inconvenient:

The United Nations is coming under fire for handing Saudi Arabia a key human rights role even though the Kingdom has “arguably the worst record in the world” on freedoms for women, minorities and dissidents…

Hungarian bishop: Pope wrong in appealing for aid to sea of refugees; this is actually a Muslim invasion of Europe

Hungarian bishop: Pope wrong in appealing for aid to sea of refugees; this is actually a Muslim invasion of Europe

Khaled Diab, call your office. Actually, “Believe me, don’t believe your lying eyes” types like Diab have their work cut out for them: despite their best efforts, reality becomes every day more difficult to ignore. In any case, if Laszlo Kiss-Rego were a bishop in the United States, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (led […] BY COMMENTS


Ahmed’s sister is in on it too:

The sister of the boy who brought a suspected hoax-bomb to his Texas high school said she was suspended from a school in a prior bomb scare. Her suspension occurred in 2009 while she was attending middle school in the same district.

It appears that hate hoaxer Ahmed Muhamed, who achieved the slobbering adoration of liberals by getting suspended for bringing a phony bomb to school, was following the example of his older sister Eyman. She was also suspended for a bomb threat:


It is increasingly obvious that this was a staged, planned attempt to create an “Islamophobia” event and intimidate people into not reporting suspicious activity by Muslims. Now with this detail, the question must be asked: was Obama in on the plan from the beginning? We may never know for sure, of course, since the mainstream media refuses ever to challenge him on anything.

Irving Mayor: Obama tweeted support of Muslim clockmaker before clock pic released

Migrants Disguising Themselves as Syrians to Enter Europe

Migrants Disguising Themselves as Syrians to Enter Europe

9 thoughts on “The Muslim invasion and the Obama kidz who clean his clock”


    Behold the actions of self righteous Marxist totalitarian “animal rights activists” as they steal a homeless man’s dog because they feel the animal is not being accorded its “rights” nor accorded a “lifestyle” these lunatics approve of.

    This is just another page from the book that tells the story of PETA, Black Lives Matter, The Occupy Movement………Leftist Marxist insanity, and its walking right into your living room.

    This link shows a GIF and on the page are all the links to the explanatory pages you need including the original YouTube video.

    This is sheer absolute madness.

    Don Laird
    Alberta Canada

    1. Now ask yourselves a question.

      This is madness on a scale we have yet to fully experience.

      As such, would an appropriate course of action been to crack open and split the skulls of the little mincing Marxist in the white baseball cap and his little blonde bitch Nazi cohort, and leave both of them quadriplegic, catatonic, wheelchair ridden and shitting in bags for the rest of their miserable lives?

      Look around you as the world we live in, from Africa, across Europe, in our halls of power, on our city streets, filling our schools and in our homes, begins to decay and implode and society comes apart at the seems and slides toward the abyss of totalitarian madness, chaos and anarchy.

      Doubt what I’m saying?

      Look around you.

      Don Laird
      Alberta, Canada

      Meet another group of “activists” called “Direct Action Everywhere”, fucking sick, deranged and very very dangerous lunatics.

  2. The Death of Europe article is brilliant.

    Thanks for posting.

    I didn’t know at all about the geographic and time limits built in to the original convention on refugees. Nor that people are only refugees when they are fleeing persecution – not war. All v interesting and informative.

  3. What timing! As I read this line from above:

    “It is wrong for the presstitutes to call these people “migrants,” as if they were Canadian geese.” … I realized I was actually sitting here in Ottawa listening to a flock of same fly by overhead, no doubt on their way down to the ‘States as it’s getting colder here now LOL!

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