Islamic values are the real British values and British values are unislamic…

The Prophet Mohammed had British values – so the only way to combat extremism is to teach more Islam in schools

The government should instead understand that the success of Britain’s counter-extremism strategy will hinge not only on the wider engagement with the British Muslim community but also on re-discovering the legacy of Prophet Mohammed. …

More calls to ‘re-discover’ the rolled-in-glitter droppings of the false prophet of islam at Independent by Sajda Khan, thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Victorian followers of the false prophet of islam say forcing people to sing national anthem ‘un-Australian’ (unlike evil islam, which supposedly is a part of the rich tapestry of multicultural diversity – something to be embraced and celebrated according to our leaders)

Victoria’s Muslim body says forcing people to sing national anthem un-Australian

Muselmaniacs know better what is ‘Australian’ than Australians? Will any of our spineless ‘leaders’ stand up and call these savages out on their BS? I won’t hold my breath.

“No one, regardless of religion or ethnic background, should be forced to sing the national anthem. That’s not what Australia is,” Mr Krayem said. …More on the follower of the false prophet of islam telling Australians what Australia is at by Neelima Choahan @ The Age thanks to Mullah, pbuh


How much of this grievance BS can you take?


Islamic civil rights group brings bulling of Muslims to light
A report states 55 percent of Muslim students in California say they’ve been bullied.

One thought on “Islamic values are the real British values and British values are unislamic…”

  1. Annie Dangerfield via Australian Liberty Alliance

    Compare this to the treatment an elected member of the Dutch parliament received recently when he made a speech in Australia standing for freedom.

    Australian Liberty Alliance.
    The Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir, or Party of Liberation, held their meeting on the weekend in Sydney. In case you are not aware, the matters this party wishes to liberate us from, are liberal democracy, the rule of law and Western civilisation. Think of the political propaganda arm of ISIL, and you get the picture. Both organisation follow the same textbook.
    As expected in our current state of moral inversion, there were no caution notices sent by the Australian Hotels Association. There was no LNP state premier announcing proudly that no public buildings would be available to this party. And there was no need to keep the location in confidence, lest the Socialist Alliance and friends violently picket the venue and demonstrate against killings homosexuals and unbelievers, FGM, forced child marriage and other Islamic cultural enrichments.
    Orthodox Islamic speakers were free to call on the 800 in attendance, to establish the Caliphate and to liberate us from this abomination of Australia, democracy, equality and separation of religion and state.
    And politicians from LNP and ALP will happily rub shoulders and pose for happy snaps with the messengers of Islam at the next multicultural harmony ball.
    This is Australia 2015. Who will you be voting for in 2016?’…/story-fnubfp6c-1227590145…

    Can we help these 800 to move to some country better suited to them?

    Andrew Bolt
    NOVEMBER 02 2015

    There were 800 at the meeting? And they don’t want to join or pledge allegiance to Australia?

    So who let them and their families enter? Why did they come?

    Australian Muslims should not have to submit to an oppressive campaign of “forced assimilation” such as singing the national anthem­ or pledging support for democratic values in the citizenship oath, Islamist activist group Hizb ut-Tahrir has told its followers.

    The call came at a conference in Sydney yesterday where Muslims were encouraged to make use of printed material which recommends “refusing to partake in any of the government’s counter-terror­ism programs and initiatives”, and says co-operation with spy agencies “is outright haram (forbidden).”

    A slick magazine handed out to the 800 or so attendees recommends exposing ASIO’s “predatory tactics” publicly, because “the best way to send cockroaches scurrying is to turn on the lights.”

    The Hizb ut-Tahrir conference held in Bankstown in Sydney’s west, entitled Innocent Until Proven Muslim, was the group’s strongest yet in condemning what it claimed was a brutal campaign by the government and security agencies to oppress Muslims and force them into compliance.

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