Refugee influx turns Europe to the right

Paul Sheehan
Sydney Morning Herald columnist

An estimated 1.5 million immigrants and refugees will arrive in Europe this year, and the inundation is driving Europe to the anti-immigrant right in election after election.

TOPSHOTS Migrants walk through the countryside after crossing the Hungarian-Croatian border near the Hungarian village of Zakany to continue their trip to the north on September 21, 2015. Croatia and Hungary have traded barbs on a national level, each pointing the finger at the other over their responses to Europe's escalating migrant crisis.     AFP PHOTO / ATTILA KISBENEDEKATTILA KISBENEDEK/AFP/Getty Images
TOPSHOTS Migrants walk through the countryside after crossing the Hungarian-Croatian border near the Hungarian village of Zakany to continue their trip to the north on September 21, 2015. Croatia and Hungary have traded barbs on a national level, each pointing the finger at the other over their responses to Europe’s escalating migrant crisis. AFP PHOTO / ATTILA KISBENEDEKATTILA KISBENEDEK/AFP/Getty Images

Tony Abbott tells Europe to shut its borders

The recently ousted Prime Minister implores Europe to follow Australia’s lead and bar asylum seekers from entering. Courtesy of ABC News 24.

For several years, the Canadian author Mark Steyn has been starkly pessimistic about Europe. He recently travelled to Europe to see what the immigration influx looked like. He began in Sweden, the most generous country to immigrants in Europe, and had barely arrived when he had an encounter, described on his website on September 29:

“I was looking forward to sitting back and enjoying the peace and quiet of Scandinavian First Class. But, just as I took my seat and settled in, a gaggle of ‘refugees’ swarmed in, young bearded men and a smaller number of covered women, the lads shooing away those first-class ticket holders not as nimble in securing their seats…

“They seemed to take it for granted that asylum in Europe should come with complimentary first-class travel … The conductor gave a shrug, the great universal shorthand for there’s-nothing-I-can do.”

Illustration: Simon BoschIllustration: Simon Bosch

What Europeans can do is vote, and, in the wake of more than a million immigrants arriving this year, their voting is showing a clear pattern:

Britain. In the general election of May 7, by far the biggest increase in votes since the 2010 election went to the UK Independence Party, up from 867,000 votes (3.5 per cent), to 3.9 million votes (12.7 per cent). UKIP is now the third force in English politics.

France. Opinion polls show that the most supported politician in France is now Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Front, an anti-immigration, anti-Muslim, anti-European Union party. In national provincial elections in March, the National Front polled the second-highest number of votes, 25 per cent, behind the centre-right UMP, with 30 per cent. Their combined vote routed France’s socialist parties. Le Pen will seek the presidency in 2017.

Denmark. In the national election on June 8, Denmark swung right and the Social Democrats lost power. The anti-Muslim Danish People’s Party surged from 22 seats to 37, while the conservative Venstre party won the highest number of seats, 47, and formed government.


Netherlands. In the months since the immigrant influx, Holland’s most strident critic of Islam, Geert​ Wilders, has become the country’s most popular leader. His Party for Freedom (PVV), has polled an average 33.5 per cent in recent opinion polls, far more than any other party.

Switzerland. In the national election on October 20, the anti-immigration Swiss People’s Party won the largest vote, with 29.4 per cent, a record for the party, giving it 65 seats in the 200-seat National Council. Coupled with a swing to the conservative Free Democratic Party, which finished third, Switzerland made a decisive tilt to the right.

Poland. Last Sunday, Poland turned right in the national election. The Law and Justice Party, which is anti-immigration, anti-Euro and sceptical of the European Union, won 39 per cent of the vote and formed government.

Austria. In the Styrian state election on May 31, the hard-line anti-immigration, anti-Muslim Freedom Party of Austria won a 16 per cent swing, to 27 per cent, just behind the first-placed Social Democrats.

Italy did elect a liberal president this year, but the country is still scarred by the excesses of the right-wing president Silvio Berlusconi. In Spain’s regional elections, the left made big gains, but the right was in power during a recession.

What is driving the general lurch to the right is fear, a fear of rapid demographic change, high welfare costs, higher unemployment and declining social cohesion.

The epicentre of tension is Germany, where Chancellor Angela Merkel announced her government would accept 800,000 refugees from Syria this year alone. The subsequent inundation, with the majority of arrivals not Syrian, forced Germany to try to rescind its promise.

Too late. More than 500 arson attacks have occurred in Germany this year targeting housing designated for refugees.

In Cologne last weekend, the mayor, Henriette​ Reker​, a pro-immigration politician, survived an assassination attempt. She was severely wounded in a knife attack by an anti-immigration assailant.

Crime flows both ways. A confidential police report leaked to a German newspaper revealed that 38,000 asylum-seekers in Germany were charged with crimes in 2014.

Police are now urging segregation in immigration shelters, with numerous media reports of violence between Sunnis and Shiites, and intimidation and rapes by Muslims of Christians.

In Munich, a German doctor recently posted a warning online that went viral: “The situation here and at other Munich hospitals is unsustainable … Many Muslims are refusing treatment by female staff… Since last weekend, migrants going to the hospitals must be accompanied by police with K-9 units.”

I began with Mark Steyn and I’ll conclude with his prediction, published on September 24, that what is happening in Europe is an invasion, not an influx:

“The trains pull into German stations to disgorge men who meet no known definition of “refugees”… and who, according to the UN, make up 75 per cent of the “refugees” … Only one in five … are Syrians fleeing the implosion of their country…”

“[It is] the ruthless demographic logic of what happens when an impoverished tide of humanity [is] next door to a depopulating, not-so-gated community of soft decadent poseurs … Angela Merkel has given a generation of young men … their battle cry. And the lesson of this month is that no one will stop them.”

This encapsulates a growing view in Europe from which you may recoil, as it contrasts starkly with the liberal belief that the West has a moral obligation to help the wretched.

I doubt the liberal view will prevail. The dots are starting to connect. They point to a gathering storm, building on millions of small indignities and disappointments which, over time, will add up to something large.

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9 thoughts on “Refugee influx turns Europe to the right”

  1. “A popular weatherman announced Saturday evening he been sacked by leading French news channel France Télévisions for publishing a book which accused top climate change experts of misleading the world about the threat of global warming.”


    This video was shot in France.

    This is the gratitude that one can expect from the walking talking human excrement that now washes across Europe.

    There are those who balk at idea of arming themselves. This refusal, this pacifist delusion, this trembling cowardice is, in a word; suicidal.

    All across Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia and North America our cities are filling up with enclaves of African and Middle Eastern human garbage. These No-Go-Zones are expanding rapidly with the relevant governments and law enforcement agencies doing nothing. In fact these same government and law enforcement agencies, coupled with the Marxist Mass Media, always err in favour of these immigrant/refugee criminals, and do so to the dire life threatening disservice of the patriot citizens. This is, in another word; treasonous.

    The reality is that this war is going to grow in geographic area and intensity until they, the Marxists and the Muslims win.

    The Bloggers and those who are aware of the depth and breadth of the threats we face have a moral, and ethical and a patriotic obligation to provide leadership in the fight against this Theo-Politico totalitarian threat we face.

    The reality is that we are being attacked at all levels and from all directions by this human garbage and their treasonous Marxist enablers. From attacks in our workplaces, our recreational areas to our own being slaughtered on our very streets. This is something that will only get worse as the Marxist and the Muslim know us for who we are; politically correct cowards.

    Start arming yourselves. Start becoming comfortable with the concept of armed and violent confrontation of those who seek to harm you, your loved ones, your countrymen, your culture and your country. Start understanding that this conflict will never be resolved with peaceful discourse. This conflict will only be resolved with violent confrontation and bloodshed. Get used to that. Accept that inevitable reality. Prepare for that fight.

    What do you think these little baseball bat carrying vermin would have done, what would they do in the future, if the man who was being pursued and threatened with grievous harm pulled his weapon and shot 4 or 5 of them dead and then walked over to those left alive and finished them off with a bullet to the skull?


    Think about that for a minute.

    Unsettling isn’t it?

    Of course most Europeans would rather watch their own flesh and blood raped, sodomized and butchered by these animals than even consider the concept of killing the animals that threaten them and their loved ones.

    And for that very reason, for that very cowardice, is why these animals do what they do, because they can!

    Understand that you have been abandoned by your treasonous government, by your politicians, by your law enforcement agencies and by your judiciary. You stand alone and without support.

    Accept that. Embrace that. Confront that.

    Defend yourselves.

    Defend your culture.

    Defend your country.

    Food for thought, catalyst for action.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada


      Look to the guidance of leaders like Geert Wilders, Ann Marie Waters, Tommy Robinson and so many others.

      Read the works of Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Fjordman, Oriana Fallaci and many others. Read and understand history and the history of the Marxist and the Muslim. Know your enemy better than they know themselves.

      Until sufficient numbers of patriots rise and gain momentum be careful of participation with large politically driven groups.

      Yes, support them, work with them but understand that the Marxist Muslim alliance will seek to target all members in sweeping actions of arrest and incarceration of the leaders and the members of these groups. Stay on the edges of these groups. Understand that these groups are always heavily infiltrated with Marxists and treasonous law enforcement agents. Be aware of “new friends”. Keep your last name and personal information to yourself and those you trust with your life.

      Understand that the databases and intelligence files of the FBI, RCMP, Interpol and many other local and regional law enforcement agencies have been completely compromised. Muslim activists and terrorists, many of them operational and currently serving members of these agencies, have complete, total 24 hour access to all law enforcement files and intelligence. You are in grave danger and many of these law enforcement officers are a clear, present and lethal threat to you and your families. Under no circumstances, under absolutely no circumstances can they be trusted, ever. FACT!

      The best solution is to act alone or in small groups of 2 to 20 persons. Persons you have known all your lives or for very long periods of time are the safest, persons you can trust with your life because in reality, you are doing just that. Beware, be extremely aware of new-comers. Develop encrypted “early-warning” communications networks among members of your groups in case your security is compromised or threatened.

      Plan your political actions quietly. Very quietly.

      In fact for the most part, never, ever speak of your actions or involvement to your children, relatives or even your wives. Look to history and notice that Stalin, Mao, Hitler and others found their best sources of intelligence in the children and family members of those persons who opposed them politically. The graveyards and prisons are full of those who need the recognition and gratification of their loved ones and peers. KEEP YOUR BIG MOUTH SHUT!!!!!

      Avoid persons who are weak or those who have big mouths and need recognition. Seek out persons who are fully committed. Seek out the company of quiet, soft-spoken, patriotic ex-military, ex-law enforcement types who can provide leadership and training in areas of organization, targeted action, tactics, weapons and fire discipline and many other areas of paramilitary action. And like the carpenter who “measures twice and cuts once”…..PLAN, PLAN, PLAN, PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE, REHEARSE, REHEARSE, REHEARSE.

      Depending on your role. TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN.

      Lose a few pounds. Stop smoking. Cut the booze. Eat a little better. Start walking, lifting light weights and swimming. Use 30 minutes day to meditate, to focus. Learn to read a map. Learn to build a fire and make an expedient shelter. Take a First-Aid course. Learn basic skills using a bat, knife, axe, chain or other expedient weapon. Learn basic human anatomy. Learn where the carotid, jugular and femoral arteries and veins are. Practice with your chosen weapon. Understand your weapon completely. Achieve an ability to put rounds into a 6” circle at 500 meters. Achieve an ability to run 200 meters as fast as you can, then assemble, load and fire your weapon accurately. Learn self-discipline. Learn fire-discipline. Learn to move through the bush, safely, quietly and without detection. Understand yourself, understand your abilities, understand your limitations, understand and correct your weaknesses and become proficient with your tools and skills.

      Learn to become aware of your surroundings at all times. Learn to detect being followed. Avoid patterns and habits when traveling. When entering public places ask yourself, if there was gunfire or an explosion what would I do? where would I go? who could help me?, where are the exits?, what could I use as a weapon?

      Learn a basic encryption program for all materials kept on your computer. Reformat your computer monthly. Encrypt your harddrive. Encrypt all documents on your hard-drive. Wipe your cell-phone clean weekly. Keep your personal information and contacts off your cell-phone. Use disposable email addresses. Never use the same email address for more than 30 days. Read up on how the Western, NATO countries have gained access to Google, Microsoft and most of the Internet and Cellular providers. Embrace that infiltration, work with it, work around that infiltration.

      When you gather intelligence never use your phone, your home or your work internet. Never use a vehicle with GPS tracking like OnStar. Never take a cell-phone with you that cannot be completely powered off. Learn to use a hat and sunglasses at all times when outside. Never use a credit or debit card to purchase operational items EVER!!! Gather operational items from many different sources instead of one store or location. Do not wear eyeglasses, clothing or jewelry that is unique. Cover all tattoos. Assume you are being videotaped at all times, because you probably are. Understand that as you become more active your vehicle may be either bugged or equipped with tracking devices, find alternative methods of transportation and keep your mouth shut in your vehicle. Stop using verbal expressions regularly that can be used to identify you like “Holy Moly”, “Cool” etc etc. BE UNOBTRUSIVE, LEAVE NO TRACKS, DO NOT STAND OUT…BE VANILLA, VANILLA, VANILLA, VANILLA.

      For those of you who may encounter law enforcement and be detained and questioned learn a few skills. Read up on the psychological effects of interrogation and incarceration. Read up on interrogation techniques and how to defeat them Read up on how to deal with the deprivation of food, warmth and other comforts. Become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Learn to use a toilet in full view of others. Learn the psychological effects of being ridiculed and humiliated. Understand the law enforcement tool of “disinformation” and being lied to. Regardless of what they say they have, what evidence they have, what members of your group have implicated you, how much trouble you are in, what the charges are, how dark and bleak it looks, how afraid you are…..KEEP YOUR BIG MOUTH SHUT!!!!!….DO NOT BE PROVOKED EVER……..DO NOT ENGAGE IN ANY CONVERSATIONS WITH ANYONE…….SAY NOTHING!!!….ASK FOR YOUR LAWYER!!!!

      Do not converse on jail phones, they are always tapped. Do not talk to cellmates aside from the weather as they will most likely be informants or police officers. A jail is a strange, noisy, scary place and can be very intimidating, work with that reality, embrace that reality. Do not think that cops are judges, they are not. Do not accept “deals”, ever!!!…. DO NOT THINK YOU ARE A LAWYER……YOU ARE NOT…..LEARN YOUR BEST DEFENCE IS SILENCE…..KEEP YOUR BIG MOUTH SHUT!!!!

      Do not be disappointed if you are ever compromised or betrayed. Protect against that by following some of the above rules. Expect that betrayal. Prepare for that betrayal. But resolve that you yourself will never betray your countrymen, your culture or your country, ever.

      The reality is that we have been abandoned by our leaders and those tasked with our stewardship and protection. These leaders, these judges, these law enforcement officers are by their very actions; treasonous. This treasonous group now favours, in all ways and at all times, the Muslim and is turning terrorists loose among us. This treasonous group will target innocent patriot civilians over violent and lethal immigrants and refugees. Accept that.

      If you doubt what I am saying just ask Lee Rigby, Nathan Cirillo and thousands of others.

      Defend yourselves.

      Defend your culture.

      Defend your country.

      Food for thought, catalyst for action.

      Don Laird
      Alberta, Canada


        Look to the New-Nazis and their collaboration with the Muslim. They are the law enforcement officers, judges, politicians and bureaucrats who call themselves your countrymen. They are not.

        Don Laird
        Alberta, Canada

  3. Paul Sheenan is incorrect when he states that the UK Independence Party is anti-immigration. They are NOT anti-immigration but anti-EU membership. UKIP, as they are known, is made up of members from the Conservative Party, which in fact is very much pro-immigration. The only anti-immigration party in the UK is the British National Party, and no one votes for them. They keep voting in the Conservatives and are to stupid to realise that it is the Conservative Party which is turning the UK into an Islamic State.

    The UK will become an Islamic State in some 15 to 20 years time, when the 3rd generation children from Thatcher’s mass Muslim immigration in the 1980’s, reach adulthood, and the majority of the UK’s indigenous post war baby boomers will be dead and gone.

  4. The British National Party is not the only anti-immigration party in the UK.

    Paul Weston, an English politician, has an anti-islam site: LibertyGB.

    The Gates of Vienna has a very long list of Paul Weston’s anti-islam articles. See under the section ‘authors’.

    1. @Everyone……

      Lets move away from “anti-islam” as a description of a person, ideology, political philosophy or organization who opposes 7th century lunacy……it makes about as much sense and is about as misleading as “Islamophobia”

      Why don’t we use “anti-barbarism” or “anti-savagery” or “pro-civilization” instead.

      Don Laird
      Alberta, Canada

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