23 dead in nothing-do-with-Islam attack on Brussels airport

Flights in and out of Brussels were canceled and security precautions were stepped up at travel hubs around Europe after a bombing in the Belgian capital’s airport.

From the Mirror

“Arabic was shouted”

A British traveller has described the moment two explosions rocked Brussels airportamid fears of a targeted terror attack.

Journalist Alex Rossi had just checked his bags and was at a departure gate when the blasts occurred.

The Sky News Middle East correspondent told the news channel he believed he was “fairly close” to the explosions but he could not be sure.

He also added that there were fears of other attackers still loose in the building.

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@lolinfresquito1/TwitterArmy and airport security helping injured people following an explosion at Brussels Airport
Army and airport security help the injured

Mr Rossi, who was at the airport en route for Tel Aviv, told the channel: “I could feel the buildings move.”

The incident came as the Belgian capital was on a state of high alert following the arrest of Paris terror attack suspect Salah Abdeslam in the city last week.

According to reports the incident centred on an American Airlines desk in a departure hall.

Belgian media were reporting several casualties.

@Tabagari/TwitterPeople injured following an explosion at Brussels Airport
Travellers were left dazed and confused

Mr Rossi told Sky News people were “dazed and shocked”.

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“The word is definitely two explosions.

“The thinking here by everybody is that it is some kind of terrorist attack although that hasn’t been verified by anyone here at the airport.

“No word too of casualties. Don’t know how the explosion took place, the method if you like. But it certainly seems Brussels airport has been targeted in a terrorist attack.

“We are all being moved out of the airport now towards the emergency exit. There is a great deal of confusion here. Certainly there are a number of very upset, as you might imagine, very frightened people.”

He added: “There are fears that there might be other attackers.”

@twongbe/TwitterPeople being evacuated from Brussels Airport following an explosion
Panic set in among passengers

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Mr Rossi told Sky News as he was being ushered out of the airport along with other passengers: “We felt the walls of the building rock. Dust came down from the ceiling.

“I think it was a very big explosion – hardly surprising the windows are blown out.

“I would expect if there were people around when those explosions happened – we heard two explosions – there will be a number of casualties.”

9 thoughts on “23 dead in nothing-do-with-Islam attack on Brussels airport”


    Good, its about time Europeans started dying in large numbers. Its time they started burying their loved ones and children for this is the dividend they were warned they would collect if they allowed large numbers of Muslim filth to immigrate to their countries.

    I imagine now you will see groups of patriot vigilantes rise and target areas like Molenbeek.

    Here is a scenario.

    Does anyone remember the fires in Dresdan?

    Does anyone remember the fires in San Francisco?

    Consider that the residences in many European cities and towns are stacked one on another. Fire would spread with breathtaking speed and devastating consequences.

    Consider a patriot vigilante group starting a series of fires in a Muslim infested area.

    When police and emergency services arrive, if they do at all because these areas are No-Go Zones, they are met with a hail of gunfire from the rifles of patriots that forces them to turn back. Then, as the Muslim pours into the streets it is met with withering gunfire.

    Considering that the Muslims in Molenbeek were actively hiding the Bataclan killer would this course of action against the Muslim be not only deserved but justified?

    Would not the torching of every single mosque, Muslim meeting place or Muslim business be justified? (Please don’t waste my time with the Good Muslim argument)

    In all of this it is my hope that patriots across Europe start turning their attention to their bureaucrats, politicians and judiciary who are largely responsible for this madness. I hope those treasonous Marxists are held to account, fully held to account.

    In fact, I am quite surprised that many of the European Marxist mayors have not been assassinated yet. I am further surprised that Angela Merkel has not been assassinated by one of her bodyguards.

    So, once again, I say.

    You will no doubt be forced into violent confrontation with Marxists and Muslims in the very near future.


    Locate in detail, all Muslims in your area.

    Locate in detail, all Muslim sympathizers in your area.

    Located in detail, all Marxists in your area.

    The choice is yours, defend yourselves or do not.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada


      I watched in stunned silence as European Union foreign policy chief Frederica Mogherini stood at a microphone commenting on the massacre in Brussels and pretended to cry, she stood there, the very picture of murderous, treasonous hypocrisy.

      I predict that French, Belgian, German, Swedish, Austrian, Hungarian, Greek patriots, with many other countries, will hunt down the verminous Muslim but as well, will hunt down and execute treasonous scum like Frederica Mogherini.

      Many should know that Frederica Mogherini and many other communist bureaucrats in the EU are responsible, directly responsible, for the madness that is now unfolding across the civilized world.

      Frederica Mogherini and others took to the podium on the world stage and started the mass migration of migratory opportunists.

      Frederica Mogherini and others, Marxists every single one, drip with the blood of thousands who have drowned, be raped, molested and butchered as they swarmed out of the third-world.

      One day, one day soon, we will no doubt open a newspaper or a webpage and there will be the likes of Angela Merkel and Frederica Mogherini, face down in their own gore, their bullet ridden bodies testament to their crimes of treason and sedition.

      And should patriots not kill these murdering Marxist bureaucrats then they should be arrested, tried, convicted and executed for their crimes.

      I can hardly wait.

      I can hardly wait.

      I can hardly wait.


      Don Laird
      Alberta, Canada

    2. Was reading on bni about the large Muslim
      Population of Canada and how it’s projected it will be a muslim majority country by 2050.
      Has reality set in don ???

      1. @Para 1

        It set in long ago Para 1

        I have been on this for well over 13 years with this intensity and somewhat less previously.

        There are groups in Canada who are well aware of what must be done and are doing it.

        The reality is that soon there will be a Muslim attack of civilians that will kill well into the hundreds. That may very well be the turning point.

        Currently there are efforts being made to identify and locate, with exacting particularity, all politicians, bureaucrats and law enforcement officials who support, to the slightest degree, the Muslim and its Islam.

        Its a two front battle that’s shaping up.

        This said, we are closer than ever to the mass deportation of the Muslim. I predict small numbers of arrests and then mass isolation and arrests.

        I can hardly wait.

        Don Laird
        Alberta, Canada

        By the way, here is a Muslim bitch who walks, unopposed into the Belgian memorial, to tear up an Israeli flag. Not one patriot stepped forward to put a bullet in her head.

        It is no wonder these filthy animals do what they do to us with smiles on their faces, knowing full well we are cowards.


    3. “(Please don’t waste my time with the Good Muslim argument)”

      They’re all the same just to varying degrees of denial.

      Rule of thumb. If they subscribe to the teachings of necro, pedo Mohammad, they’re of the same cut of cloth.

  2. As long as we have leftist imbicles in power, no Islamic atrocity committed in the name of Allah, no matter how horrible it will be or no matter how many deaths will occur as a result of it, will have anything to do with Islam.

    Islam will forever be exonorated and Muslims will always play the hapless victims of fabricated atrocities, until and unless we don’t have the courage to expose Islam for what it really plans to do to the infidel world.

  3. The peaceful majority ( good Muslim) argument is irrelevant .

    “Brigitte Gabriel Response To Moderate Muslim (law student) Receives Standing Ovation During Benghazi Panel.She gives a FANTASTIC answer to Muslim woman claiming all Muslims are portrayed badly.”

  4. Yes don very true.
    Most people are to tied up in there
    Sad little lives to do what’s right for the
    Better of mankind .
    I believe an attack on British soil
    Is only a matter of months away .
    I can only hope your correct in your thoughts
    About the turning point coming.

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