Douglas Murray: the clock is (still) ticking…

The warning from Europe

Douglas Murray gave this speech in the United States in January 2013.

The awful truth about Islamism is simple.

Unless we confront and destroy it, it will destroy us.

The longer we pretend otherwise the harder our task.

Malcolm Turnbull has a plan to stop Islamic terror against the West. More love for Muslims.

According to the Turnbull response to terror, when we love Islam enough, Islam will cease attacking our civilisation.

Turnbull’s right – of course. When we’ve all signed up to loving Islam, there’ll be no West to attack. Until then, Malcolm, all the love in the world won’t keep them away.

One thought on “Douglas Murray: the clock is (still) ticking…”

  1. Why? Why does the West have to love Islam?

    That is the same pathetic crap a weak person says when they are in an abusive relationship. “if only I” and that is the exact same weak response to cowardly people in the West…politicians, the pope-faith leadership roles, and the media.

    Douglas Murray rocks and is excellent in debates.

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