That ridiculous commie pope….

This South American embarrassment needs to be removed from office, asap.

Pope decries Europe’s “indifference” to Muslim migrants, compares them to Jesus
“Pope Francis in his Palm Sunday homily decried what he called indifference to the refugees flooding into Europe, making a comparison to authorities who washed…
In other news:

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard to Build Statue of Abducted American Sailors

Iran to Build Statue of Abducted American Sailors

GRAPHIC VIDEO: Israeli Victim Of Istanbul Attack: I Saw The Terrorist, He Just Exploded On Us

GRAPHIC VIDEO–Israeli Victim of Istanbul Attack: I Saw the Terrorist, He Just Exploded on Us

EU-Turkey Deal Fails To Stem Migrant Flight To Greece

EU-Turkey Deal Fails To Stem Migrant Flight To Greece

Washington Post – Germany Learns How To Send Back Migrants: Pay Them

Germany Learns How To Send Back Migrants: Pay Them

Doesn’t work. Germany tried that already in the eighties. They paid the Turks to go back. But all they did is blow the money in Turkey and come back with a much larger clan than before.

Two Fatalities From Istanbul Bombing Were Dual US-Israeli Citizens

Mohammedans don’t play to win. They fight to kill.

A tard encounter of the turd kind
Dhimmi laws are being enforced in Merkels Reich.

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    I want you to think very carefully about the second link and what it reveals about Mass Social Media.

    This is a search engine, Google, that is seeking the assassination of a head of state.

    Think about that.

    Think about that long and hard.

    Think about the relationship with Facebook and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

    Now, think long and hard about the millions of weaponized Muslims being driven into Europe.

    This is organized. This has been carefully planned.

    This summer may be Go-Day for an outbreak of massive civil wars around the globe. From the United States to Europe, these are powder kegs just waiting for one single spark.

    I know you read what I have written and many dismiss it as “incitement to violence”, or “extremism” but the reality is that what is coming will devour the unprepared.

    I say again, you have been abandoned by your law enforcement, your bureaucrats, by your politicians and by your judiciary. Those persons elected or sworn to protect you have turned their backs on you.

    Arm yourselves and do it now!

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada




    Europe is facing total annihilation or total subjugation with programs of mass murder on an unprecedented scale conducted by the Muslim invaders.

    Count on it.

    North America, Australia, New Zealand and to some extent, the United Kingdom, are all “island fortresses” that are safe from mass migration.

    You have a reason, called self preservation and the preservation of your culture, to expel all Muslims from your country.

    Listen to this video.

    Heed its message, look around you, organize, identify threats to your country and then arm yourselves. Now.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

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