Steve Price And Andrew Bolt Hammer Debbie Robinson of ALA

Steve Price And Andrew Bolt trying to trip up Debbie Robinson from the Australian Liberty Alliance. The two sound dense and tense. Debbie states her case quite well. Andrew seems to go backwards mentally. He invokes Bernard Lewis, who in his old age blamed socio-economic problems for the Islamic expansion project. Andrew Bolt should know better.

Wednesday March 23


Would stopping Islamic immigration make things worse? Would stopping the Islamisation of Australia make Muslims hate us more.

3 thoughts on “Steve Price And Andrew Bolt Hammer Debbie Robinson of ALA”

  1. Bernard Gaynor
    (Your Very Best Anti-islam Bet)
    Senate Candidate for Queensland
    Australian Liberty Alliance Ltd.

    Bernard called a press conference outside the Holland Park (BRISBANE QLD) Mosque on WED: 23 MAR 2016
    (in response to the continued horrific and ongoing Islamic terrorism in Europe … and what’s coming again soon to Australia)

    Bernard Gaynor has an extensive background with the Australian Army. First as an Engineering Officer before undertaking roles as an Intelligence Officer focusing on the Middle East. Bernard was deployed to Iraq in 2006, 2008 and 2009. He also served briefly in Afghanistan. In 2007, Bernard graduated from an intensive course studying Arabic language and culture.

    Bernard’s press conference was introduced by channel 7’s MAX FUTCHER (who “perhaps” doesn’t understand islam) with this lead …
    “For some , the reflex response to hate is more hate!”

    Bernard commented …
    “Let me be very clear, islam is the problem,
    and the solution is to stop importing that problem into Australia.”

    Nothing Bernard could have said could have been clearer … nothing !!!!

    Channel 7’s MAX FUTCHER then interviewed the (vpmd) islam ALI KADRI of the islamic council of Queensland who proceeded to pile on the usual islamic shiite.

    Video Time Given …
    Human … around 9 seconds
    (vpmd) islam … around 17 seconds

    Your Australian MSM Assisting/Enabling islam invade Australia … along with assistance from MANY Past/Current Australian politicians politicals and many other twat/twit idiots of various – even greenish – leanings.

    To learn more about Bernard and how to stop the islamisation of Australia …
    (video available)

  2. Bolt seems to take two steps forward and one backwards in his understanding of the islamization of Australia. For example he had recently posted an article about how encouraging it was that Mona Shindy was achieving a high profile bith within the RAN and outside it e.g Telstra buisness woman of the year (eh?), as if that indicated a Muslim integrating into Australian society when in fact she is taiqyya touting propagandist working to islamify the RAN.

    1. A disastrous interview. Steve Price doesn’t know what the OIC is. Bolt worries about his children who play basketball with “nice Muslim children” (who will cut their heads off when the call for jihad comes). Then the idiotic questions about ALA numbers, which is no ones business. And then Bolt admonishes Debbie that we should be concerned about new members who wear Hitler helmets and jackboots…? Too bizarre.
      It sounds like these clowns were on the grog. No need to give them the time of day. Just read them a statement and be done with it.

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