Australian Taxpayers Should Not Be Forced To Finance Islamic Schools


This is from Pauline Hanson’s Please Explain

I am not a supporter of PH who’s rather flawed world view I find embarrassing. She had ample time to study up on Islam, and her latest efforts to present herself as  Islam-savvy just doesn’t cut the cake. However, she is a formidable battler and her efforts are commendable.



Malcolm Turnbull has turned a blind eye to misappropriation and theft of taxpayers’ money, by reinstating taxpayer funding for three Islamic schools.

As I understand, no criminal charges have been laid and no money has been asked to be repaid. Judge for yourselves!

Earlier this month, Australia’s largest Muslim School lost their appeal to have $19 million in Federal Government grants reinstated, yet yesterday Education Minister Simon Birmingham backflipped.

The decision means the Islamic College of Brisbane, Langford Islamic College in Perth and the Islamic College of Melbourne will continue receiving funding under the Education Act, while a decision in relation to the Islamic College of South Australia will be made in the coming weeks.


Why is it that Simon Birmingham is reluctant to inform the public how this investigation came about in the first place?

Here’s just a couple of facts:

• Federal and State funding is paid to schools based on the number of students, usually paid at the beginning of the year.

• Greenacre is situated in South West Sydney and is not accredited, therefore not entitled to funding.

• Both Hoxton Park and Beaumont Hills schools that should be separate entities have been working under Greenacre. If Greenacre closes so will Hoxton Park and Beaumont.

• AFIC, Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, buys the land to build the schools and then charges the school rent.

• Allegedly, around $4 million dollars was paid to AFIC for rent, but receipts show only approx. $900,000 was paid. Rent was paid 5 years in advance so more land could be purchased.

• It is noted that the Greenacre board of Directors are the same as those on the AFIC board of Directors, which clearly contravenes the rules of government grants.

• Since January 2005 till today, approximately $163 million dollars has been paid in Commonwealth grants and also collecting millions from State government grants.

• Apart from the $163 million dollars, the Commonwealth has handed over $16 million dollars in GST. The state government has also handed over a considerable sum in GST. Because the schools are a religious organisation and registered as a charity, they are not obliged to pay GST. Therefore the GST component has been pocketed. Both the state and commonwealth governments have misappropriated millions of taxpayers’ dollars through mismanagement and lack of investigation.

• The Government has asked that the $19 million be paid back, but MFIS is now calling this racism.

• Mr Barrett now a principal at a Brisbane school, was also the principal at Greenacres.

Simon Birmingham said, “The review does look very closely at the governance structures of the school, whether the school board or at least the board of the approved authority to receive the funds is independent from any other entity, and there are concerns about that. It equally has a very close look at matters in relation to how the funds are used and whether those funds are used exclusively for the school and again, there are concerns that exist in those areas”.

This makes me sick to my stomach to think we fund organisations that cheat and misappropriate monies, not only for personal reasons, but to further their cause that in turn will bring mayhem on our streets. The Turnbull government couldn’t find $10 million dollars to keep the Queensland Nickel Refinery operating and 700 people employed. With over 500,000 Muslims compared to 700 workers, we know where the bigger vote lies.

With approximately $10 million dollars collected from Halal certification in Australia, how much goes to fund Islamic schools, mosques and charities?

Why are taxpayers funding their schools?


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  1. Well, lots of ‘allah akbars’ in Lakemba / Greenacre mosques then… once again those silly infidels have been bamboozled by cries of innocence from muslims – and the ‘poor children’ – who would have to have foregone their precious islamic education – and would have had to mix it up with infidel children at local state schools.

    Mr Turnbull thinks he is perfectly entitled to spend $50M or so of money that is not his in order to chase muslim votes in a marginal electorate.

    It’s going to be interesting to hear his rationalisation.

    Especially when someone asks why is it that muslims will get off the hook and not have to pay back funds which have essentially been stolen from taxpayers’ pockets.


    The video below was filmed in Paris a few days ago.

    This is one small example of what is exploding all across the Western world.

    The remarkable aspect of this rioting is that even with video evidence like this, with the complete and total absence of police to protect the citizens, or conversely, a police presence to arrest those who object to this “cultural diversity”, persons who are being told that they have been abandoned by police and the judiciary and must arm themselves, people who are being warned to arm themselves immediately, dismiss those warnings as “extremist” and “criminal incitements to violence”. Its maddening and its sheer folly and suicide.

    Those persons across the Western world who still have an opportunity, however slim that opportunity, must, absolutely must, arm themselves and do it quickly.

    Think about a riot like this.

    Think about your terrified wife, children, family, friends and neighbors. Think about sitting in your homes with no means to defend yourselves. Think about being held with a knife at your throat while this vermin, this human garbage rapes your wife and then slaughters her and your children. Think about watching your neighbors through a slit in the curtains, people who you have known all your lives, as they are slaughtered by this African/Middle Eastern vermin.

    Just think about that.

    Now, go and arm yourselves !!!!!

    Then locate all the Marxists and Muslim in your area.

    Locate the residences and offices of all senior politicians, law enforcement officials and members of the judiciary.

    Then sit and read a few history books. Understand what Europeans were faced with as the Nazis rolled across their countries.

    Then prepare to defend yourselves. Prepare to defend yourselves by holding to account those who have committed acts of treachery and treason and have abandoned you.

    Prepare to, if necessary, without even flinching, pull the trigger and end the lives of all the African/Middle Eastern vermin that threaten your lives and those of your family and countrymen.

    Arm yourselves now.

    Food for thought, catalyst for action.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

  3. WELL, WELL, WELL……….


    Watch the video below.

    Read the ads that were used by the Marxist Mass Media and treasonous governments in Australia, England, Scotland similar ones across Europe over the past 5 decades.

    Read the stern warnings that “firearms used to protect house and home” were now outlawed.

    Read the threats regarding “humiliating arrest” and “incarceration” for firearms ownership.

    Now look at Australians, Britons and Europeans as their governments, knowing the population is completely defenceless, steamrolls over them, deluging the entire country and continent in rampaging, criminal, murderous third-world human garbage from the Middle East and Africa.

    Look now as Australians, Britons and Europeans sit terrified in their houses as Muslims and African/Middle Eastern immigrant filth stalks the streets and commits a vast array of criminality right under the ignorant or approving gaze of police and bureaucrats.

    Look now as defenceless European girls and women are brutally raped and beaten by Muslim filth all while the police and bureaucrats blame these same European girls and women for the crimes and injuries they have suffered.

    There is a reason why Stalin disarmed the entire civilian population of the Soviet Union.

    There is a reason why Dear Leader Mao disarmed the entire civilian population of China.

    There is a reason why Adolf Hitler disarmed the entire civilian population of Germany.

    Every dictator, every totalitarian government, must have a completely defenceless and docile population to bring to fruition its desires. It must be able to conduct mass arrests, persecution, killings, abductions and exercise its complete and crushing rule over the masses completely unopposed in order to have absolute rule over the country.

    Now, with that said, look across Europe and Australia and ask yourselves if the madness that is unfolding would continue to do so if the civilian populations of European countries were well armed.

    I think we all know the answer to that.

    There is a reason that senior military officers and Chiefs of Defence Staff with the military infrastructures of many European countries like Switzerland, Austria and many others, are advising their countrymen to arm themselves in preparation for a civil war that they are expecting in the coming months.

    FACE FACTS !!!


    Will you have to kill a judge who signs an arrest warrant triggering the arrest of your neighbors for the crime of their defending their homes and families from marauding, murderous African/Middle Eastern Muslim filth? Quite possibly. Embrace it. Deal with it. Accept it. Prepare for it. Train for it.

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    Will you have to kill a bureaucrat who promotes and mitigates the crimes of marauding, murderous African/Middle Eastern Muslim filth? Quite possibly. Embrace it. Deal with it. Accept it. Prepare for it. Train for it.

    Will you have to kill a politician who promotes and mitigates the crimes of marauding, murderous African/Middle Eastern Muslim filth? The same politician who stands in your parliaments and legislatures and sings the praises of mass migration of human third-world garbage and the joys of “cultural diversity”? Quite possibly. Embrace it. Deal with it. Accept it. Prepare for it. Train for it.

    Will you have to track down and kill reporters or journalists from Marxist Mass Media outlets that engage in treasonous propaganda and censorship and mitigate or whitewash the crimes committed by the Muslim? Quite possibly. Embrace it. Deal with it. Accept it. Prepare for it. Train for it.

    Will you have to kill a Muslim? Will you have to kill African/Middle Eastern filth that seeks to rob, beat, rape and kill you and your entire family or that of your neighbours? Quite possibly. Embrace it. Deal with it. Accept it. Prepare for it. Train for it.

    Understand that you have been lied to. Understand that you have been betrayed. Understand that you have been abandoned by those persons and agencies that have been elected, appointed or sworn to protect you, your family, your culture and your country, Understand that you are facing the Muslim and the treasonous Marxist who seek to subjugate or annihilate you and yours and as to which, they are not particular.






    Do not be concerned if you don’t have weapons laying around. Ask yourself “where could I get a gun in a moments notice”?

    The obvious answer can be found on many blogs ; law enforcement and the military.

    Police officers are walking armouries.

    Both they and their vehicles carry handguns, shotguns, long-range rifles, semi and full-auto carbines and a good supply of ammunition. This is in addition to their walkie-talkies tuned to their commonly used frequencies as well as tear-gas, gas masks, riot gear, tazers and bullet proof vests. Like I said, police, police vehicles and police stations are living, breathing armories.

    Soldiers and military bases are by their very nature, well supplied armories.

    With the exception of highly trained special forces/elite unit members like the SAS, SEALS, JTF2 or Foreign Legion types, most soldiers are simply not prepared for nor are they expecting to be ambushed in their own countries. In the case of the military they carry an excellent, well maintained supply of light to heavy weaponry as well as light munitions like grenades, light anti-tank weapons and small anti-personnel mines. In addition, just one of their armored vehicles may carry several automatic “area” weapons and at least 5,000 to 10,000 rounds of belted ammunition in forms that include armor piercing and trace.

    Learn to recognize the color codes on the tips of ammunition. Red is usually trace and black is usually armor piercing. In addition there may be portable radios and documentation in the vehicles that could include encryption codes and keys to encrypted frequencies. If you are ever given this opportunity always look inside the vehicles for the weapons maintenance kits that contain spare parts, spare firing pins and unique tools and calibration devices such as “head spacing and timing gauges” which are crucial to efficient operation of the weapon. They are usually in a rolled up canvas case or close to the weapon itself.

    In reality there is no need to purchase a weapon, just wait until you need a good, well maintained, sighted in, fully loaded weapon and a ready supply of ammunition and you know exactly where to go.

    Don’t waste your time with ridiculous permitting systems, they are only an aid to government when they decide that your ability to defend yourself, your loved ones, your culture or your country has become an inconvenient truth.

    Do not be squeamish!!!!

    If its a matter of life and death do not hesitate to remove from a police officer a stockpile of weapons and ammunition in order to defend you and your family for it is this same police officer who seeks to do grievous harm to both you and your family by following orders given by treasonous commanders and bureaucrats.

    Food for thought, catalyst for action.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada


    These are students at a university.

    These are your future citizens, politicians, judges, police officers, teachers, journalists and soldiers.

    This is complete madness and the crop to be reaped from the diligent labors of the Frankfurt School.

    Don Laird
    Alberta, Canada

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