Darura, the principle of necessity


The rationale and justification of these fatwas is based on the Islamic maxim, “necessity makes the prohibited permissible,” not unlike the more familiar adage, “the ends justify the means.”

Saudi Cleric Muhammad Al-Habdan: Citizenship of Infidel Countries Only in Cases of Life and Death

Saudi scholar Sheikh Muhammad Al-Habdan, a member of the Muslim Scholars Association, was asked in an Ahwaz TV fatwa show whether a Muslim is allowed to accept the citizenship of an infidel country, “like an American or European citizenship.” Sheikh Al-Habdan answered that this is haram, unless there is real necessity, “like in cases of life and death.” He added that the same held true for visiting infidel countries, which is allowed only when necessary – for trade or medical treatment, for example – but not for mere tourism. When the necessity ends, he explained, the Muslim must return to his country or any other Muslim country. The video was posted on the Internet by Ahwaz TV on April 6, 2016.

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