“I never thought that it would happen here…”

Wally meets virgins (or maybe not)

Bankstown shooting: Multiple people injured after incident in shopping centre carpark

Tim Blair

fireworks incident in Bankstown kills convicted murderer Walid ‘Wally’ Ahmad and injures two others.

One dead, two injured in Sydney shooting

A MANHUNT is underway after a man was gunned down near the entrance to Centro Bankstown in south west Sydney this morning.

A white blanket is covering the body of one victim near the rooftop entrance to the centre, while a middle-aged man and a young woman were treated by paramedics.

TV cameras captured them being wheeled through the carpark to waiting ambulances.

Sources say the victim, in his 40s, is Walid ‘Wally’ Ahmad, a convicted killer who who has been on the run since a fatal shooting at Condell Park earlier this month.

The Mercedes, believed to be involved in the fatal shooting at Centro Bankstown, was found well alight less than 1km from the centre.

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4 thoughts on ““I never thought that it would happen here…””

  1. Yes, these Lebanese Mozzies sure have enriched us culturally.
    I remember it wasn’t so long ago when Sydneysiders were able to ride on trains, go shopping, to the beach or wander around the city at night without the threat of being bashed, robbed, shot dead or raped.
    They drove the Christians out of Lebanon and now they have brought Lebanon to Sydney (and Melbourne, so I hear).

  2. Just had a read of a few of the news reports. Sounds like we’re well rid of him.

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