Pat Condell: If you pollute the river you kill all the life in it

Charlemagne wouldn’t like what they’re doing in his name:
Pope Francis has been presented the International Charlemagne Prize for his 'commitment to European Unity'.

Pope Francis has been presented with the International Charlemagne Prize, one of Europe’s most prestigious prizes, for his, ‘message of hope and encouragement’.

The award is given out to those who ‘promote European unity.’

Francis held a private audience on Friday morning with European parliament president Martin Schulz, a former Charlemagne Prize recipient, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Junker and EU Council President Donald Tusk, before the midday ceremony.

He also met German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The Charlemagne prize is awarded annually by the German city of Aachen for contributions to European unity.

Previous winners include former US President Bill Clinton and St John Paul II, who received a special edition of the prize in 2004.

The Holy Roman emperor Charlemagne once ruled a large swath of western Europe from Aachen, near the Belgian border.

3 thoughts on “Pat Condell: If you pollute the river you kill all the life in it”

  1. LOL love Pat. Always entertaining and straight to the point. I love how the Brits can use sarcasm to the fullest and still get the point across.

  2. Bill Clinton won the Charlemagne Prize for “promoting Europeon Unity!” HOW?!

    By getting NATO to bomb the native Christian Serbs out of their own historic heartland, KOSOVO, in order to finish what Adolf Hitler himself had started there, by genociding the Serbs and bringing in hordes of much more Nazi-compatible muslim Turks from nearby (and already-genocided of their previous Greek, Christian inhabitants by said jihadi Turks’ ancestors) Albania?!


    1. Our enemies are coopting everything. If Charlemagne knew what they’re doing in his name he would curse them in his grave.

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