Why saying “Muslims are the new Jews” is wrong, factually — and morally


I hear it a lot: “We have to support the wave of mass Muslim migration to the west because of what happened to the Jews 75 years ago. The Muslims are the new Jews. You wouldn’t send the Jews back to Hitler’s Germany, would you?”

Except that, 75 years ago, Jews were fleeing the Holocaust, Hitler’s “final solution” to kill every Jew in the world.

Today, there is no Holocaust against Muslims. That whole “wipe out other people thing”? It’s pretty much the Muslims doing it.

The would-be Hitler today is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the dictator of the Islamic State. They’re slaughtering a small religious group called Yezidis.

Yes, they kill some other Muslims, too. But that’s not “genocide.” It’s civil war.

Secondly, in the Nazi Holocaust, the Jews had nowhere to flee.

While today, there are 22 countries in the Arab League, and 57 countries in the Saudi-led Organization for Islamic Cooperation.

More than a quarter of the countries in the world are Muslim — but they’re the ones refusing to take in “refugees.”

Back in January, some “refugees” said they wanted to go back to the Middle East already, because their accommodations in Canada were not as luxurious as they’d hoped.

Could you imagine a Jew fleeing the Holocaust and coming to Canada, then complaining that his hotel accommodations weren’t good enough — so he was thinking of going back to Berlin?

I’ve got a much more accurate analogy for today’s situation.

WATCH and see what it is…

One thought on “Why saying “Muslims are the new Jews” is wrong, factually — and morally”

  1. It’s a very sad day for England allowing a leftist dark skinned foreign religious Muslim subversive into high office within their white Christian government who will only further the elitist Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic multicultural demise of their nation. The elections in England are obviously rigged by the same elite Zionist Vatican/Rothschild/Soros criminal cartel members and their Neoprogressive puppets just like here in the US and in other white Christian nations. The nefarious old school elitist Zionist/Jesuit cartel concocted Islam in order to subverted and kill off REAL white protestant and white Catholic Christendom. We are caught up in a new age inquisition involving the decedents of the old Spanish crypto-Jew Jesuit, crypto-Jew Muslim, and Zionist Christian inquisitioners. The most unholy trinity in all history = the Synagogue of Satan.

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