Mike Baird, Your Moronic Pandering Will Not Keep Us Safe From Islam

Premier Mike Baird’s backing for ‘besieged’ Islamic community

The corrosive impact of Islam is evident but our leaders are only making things worse by ignoring it.

Sharri Markson/The Australian

Picture: Renee Nowytarger

More Muslim girls are wearing the hijab at a younger age, some in response to perceived persecution. Tsabita, 5, and Jameela Swandari, 4, who are visiting Australia with their mother Swestika from Indonesia, joined Eid celebrations in Sydney yesterday.

They are forced into it, otherwise they are beaten. Get a grip, Sharri Markson!

NSW Premier Mike Baird has ­endorsed remarks from a senior Muslim leader who, in an emotional speech, said his community was under siege from Islamophobic Australians and racism.

Indeed. Parroting the mufti  is idiotic. It is not befitting for a premier to be a sock puppet for an invading army.

At a celebration to mark the end of Ramadan, the Lebanese Muslim Association president, Samier Dandan, gave a forceful address in front of 40,000 Muslims in which he attacked the media and the political elite for encouraging the rise of far-right political parties and “hate preachers” in federal parliament.

There is no free speech in Islam. Mohammedans must be prevented at all cost to impose dhimmi laws on Australians. How dare this savage threaten elected politicians and the (cringing) media?

The leader of one of the country’s largest Muslim organisations used the religious occasion to lament how “vulnerable” the Australian Muslim community had become in the face of “bigotry and hatred”.

“Bigotry and hatred” is the essence of Islam. Samir Dandan engages in projection. Australians are in great danger because of Islam. The soldiers of allah are not “vulnerable”.

“The continued rise of Islamophobic discourse in the public in addition to a number of divisive and toxic policy decisions have only exacerbated negative sentiments towards the Australian Muslim Community,” Mr Dandan said. “We are witnessing the growth in far-right hate groups and political parties, as proven by last week’s election. Their increasing influence is a reflection of the critical mass of support public Islamophobia is currently enjoying.”

No. We are witnessing a return of sanity and courage.  Islam divides the world in believers and unbelievers, nothing we can do about it. Islam teaches genocidal hatred like no other ideology and must have no place in Australia.

Mr Dandan also referred to the “dehumanising of Muslims” and the misunderstanding of Islam in Australia.

The Qu’ran calls unbelievers the ‘vilest of creatures’, ‘sons of apes and swine’, ‘like cattle’ and calls for their slaughter. Google “things najis” and you’ll find the ‘kafir’, that’s you and me, among urine, cadaver, faeces and the sweat of pigs. Mr Dandan won’t tell you that.

Speaking after Mr Dandan, Mr Baird failed to condemn the community leader’s inflammatory remarks about “divisive and toxic policy decisions” and ­instead joined in the chorus ­denouncing racial vilification in the Muslim community.

What does that tell us about Mr Baird?  He is not only a pandering dolt, he is a traitor to all upstanding Australians, to our culture and civilisation.

Mr Baird spoke of his trip to the Middle East during the year, where he visited a refugee camp on Israel’s west bank.

“Friends, I had the opportunity this year to go to Palestine and I met with the next generation and some young kids, and what was clear was their yearning for peace,” Mr Baird said.

Right. He went to “Palestine”, not to Israel. He went to kowtow to Hamas and Fatah. What a POS!

“We must do more to promote peace and come together. And as we just heard from Samier, we must stand up against any form of racial vilification. We must stand up, where we see intolerance we must respond with tolerance.”

Islam is not a race. To conflate Islam with race to shut up criticism of Islam is treason.

Organisers estimated about 40,000 people gathered in southwest Sydney to mark Eid-ul-Fitr, the end of Ramadan, but none of the speakers mentioned the rise in Islamic State or the issue of radicalisation.

Thanks for mentioning that.

NSW Deputy Premier and Police Minister Troy Grant told The Australian he did not think Islamophobia was a bigger issue than Islamic terrorism.

A none existent mental condition, an insult to all fair-minded Australians, is indeed no threat. We are threatened by Islamic terrorism and the spread of sharia by stealth.

None addressed the issue of radicalisation, focusing instead on Islamophobia and racism.

How much longer do we allow these clowns to play us for fools?

Mr Baird refused to condemn Mr Dandan’s remarks when contacted after the ceremony. “There were a number of other speakers but the Premier won’t be doing any commentary on their contributions,” his spokesman said.

What a yellow bellied coward!

Asked why he spoke about ­racial vilification towards the Muslim community but did not use the opportunity in front of 40,000 people to discuss radicalisation or terrorism, Mr Baird’s spokesman said “there were many subjects the Premier did not mention in his remarks, which occupied less than three minutes”.

Again: Baird is not worthy to be the premier.

Federal Labor MP Tony Burke, whose electorate of Watson sits in south west Sydney, also spoke about Islamophobia and hatred in his speech, which did not touch on radicalisation or terrorism. “There will be some people over the next three to six years who will try to respond with hate and there will be people who try to divide our community,” he said in his speech, while promoting the multicultural face of modern Australia. When asked why he raised Islamophobia but not radicalisation as an issue, Mr Burke said his speech was directed at “anyone who is trying to cause division or hatred”.

 Labor MP Tony Burke is totally dependent on the Muslim vote. He’s been a lackey for Mohammedan causes from day one.

He said both issues were a problem in Australia. “My speech today was against all forms of hatred, whether it be people who seek to radicalise the community or people who promote prejudice,” he said.

Channeling muselmanic propaganda is treason. The rest is psychobabble.

“Radicalisation involves fewer people with much more extreme consequences. Prejudice doesn’t have the same extreme consequences but can often involve more people. Both are wrong and both need to be opposed.”


NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley addressed the crowd and also spoke about the “preachers of hate”, with a reference to One Nation leader Pauline Hanson. He had a similar message about ­racism, xenophobia and the need for cultural diversity in Australia.

Another running dog who barks up the wrong tree.

“The likes of Pauline Hanson who seek to spread ignorance and hateful bigotry, we reject you,” Mr Foley said, adding he visited Lebanon two months ago where he met with the Grant Mufti to discuss co-operation between Muslims and Christians in the middle eastern country.

Can you imagine? An ignorant swine like Luke Foley has the hide to turn reality on its head and calls people who did their homework on Islam “ignorant”. 

By 6am yesterday, Lakemba Mosque in south west Sydney, which was hosting the religious celebrations, was full to capacity.

Lakemba Mosque imam Sheikh Yahya Safi said some Australians wanted Muslims to “react in a bad way” but that the religion was one of peace.

When his lips move he lies:

“We love each human. We love the good for each person, especially here for the Australians here in Australia,” he said.

Only Muslims are ‘human’. Unbelievers are not human in the eyes of Muslims.

“We never see Muslims that has hatred in his heart because it is against Islam. It is against Islam.

They kill out of love. Again: the hide and the hubris of these savages is mind boggling.

“We see in our days people want us to react in a bad way in order to show that Islam is not love, is not mercy, but we need … to show you that Islam indeed in reality is a religion of peace, a religion of mercy, a religion that likes for others what it likes for themselves.”

On the jumping castles at the Eid-al-Fitr celebrations yesterday, children were playing, with some wearing hijabs, following a global trend where the hair-scarfs are being worn by children who have not reached puberty.

The Mufti warns: criticise the imam and risk death

Andrew Bolt

Sheik Shady Alsuleiman and Grand Mufti Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed leave the Kirribilli House Iftar dinner hosted by Malcolm Turnbull.

THE Grand Mufti of Australia has just proved that Pauline Hanson is right to feel threatened by Islam in this country.

Ibrahim Abu Mohammad has written an astonishing letter warning that to criticise even a gay-hating imam is to risk inciting terrorist attacks against us.

His inflammatory letter perfectly demonstrates why Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was a fool to hold an Iftar dinner for the Mufti and other troubling Muslim leaders during the election campaign. 

And Turnbull’s dinner — shown on all TV news bulletins — may explain why Hanson’s vote on Saturday was so high, helping her to win as many as three Senate seats on a strident agenda that includes a call for a royal commission into Islam.

More Australians might now support Hanson’s call when they read the Mufti’s letter, which to me conveys an implied and sinister warning: that to criticise a Muslim cleric is to criticise Islam itself and risk death. Shut up or else.

I ask: is there any leader of any other faith in this country who could suggest something so intimidating to stifle discussion of his ideology and the lethal radicalism it inspires?

(Read the full story here.)

How right is Pauline Hanson?

Listen live here.

Turnbull and the elites still don’t get what just happened:

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  1. Am I Repeating myself !?!
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    Qur’an 115 Ma’a salama: Good bye
    (To ALL vile putrid malevolent deceitful islams) !!!
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    1. Purge islam appeasing ‘(Shadow) marxist elites’ Globally !!!
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  2. We’re not being told the truth about Islamic State.

    Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull told us this week IS was “fundamentally weak” with “many more smartphones than guns”.
    Waleed Aly, television host and lecturer at Monash University’s Global Terrorism Research Centre, agrees IS is “weak”.
    Associate Professor Rodger Shanahan, from the National Security College, assured the ABC of “the inherent weaknesses of Islamic State”. And US President Obama told us IS is “contained”.
    Rita Panahi today:
    ISLAMIC State called for terror attacks and maximum carnage during the holy month of Ramadan and jihadis around the world heeded the call.
    Deadly attacks from terrorists pledging allegiance to Islamic State have taken place in countries as disparate as Bangladesh, the US, Jordan, Iraq, France, Turkey, Yemen, the Philippines, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.
    In late May Islamic State spokesman Abu Muhammed al-Adnani called upon the group’s followers to “make it (Ramadan), with God’s permission, a month of pain for infidels everywhere”.
    The death toll is in the many hundreds with bombings, shootings and stabbing murders committed by the terror group’s army of so-called “lone wolves”.

  3. If this is what it’s like when the islamic state is weak, heaven help us when it’s strong.
    How on earth did the Muslim community manage to elevate itself into such a position of privilege in Australia? Just a walk through lakemba, merrylands, auburn, punchbowl or greenacre will make any non-muslim feel the hostility and evil that pervades the area.
    Lest we forced Edward Lee Mr premier. If you don’t know who he was, it’s time you learned – this is what your celebrated Muslim community has wrought – nothing but evil, violence and grief.

    1. Lest we forget Edward Lee, Mr premier stick to what you know best, serving beer in hotels.

  4. So, does this mean that the next time someone calls me a Nazi, I can sue them for rascism?
    Or do I have to actually be a Nazi and they a Naziophobe?

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