“Make Ramadan a month of pain for infidels everywhere…”

Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop try to blame Tony Abbott for their disaster. The proof of the lie.

The ABC reported yesterday:

Malcolm Turnbull takes ‘full responsibility’ for Coalition campaign performance

That is false.  Turnbull yesterday claimed to take responsibility, but in fact blamed everyone else but himself. He is still in complete denial.

Observe the fraud.

How right is Pauline Hanson?

Listen live here. More of the same here.


Turncoat and the elites still don’t get what just happened:


Our refugee program has exposed Australians to unacceptable danger.

More home invasions from the same ethnic group:

A COUPLE was forced to hide in a bathroom, a family confronted in their living room and a man was stabbed during three terrifying home invasions overnight.

Andrew Bolt wonders:

How weird. Members of the Left think I am too dangerous to appear at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas.

My too-dangerous idea? That we should treat each other as individuals, not as representatives of some “race”.

 ISIL Strong, Infidels Weak

If ISIS is “weak”, what is strong?

Last November:

I NEED another dictionary. Either that, or we’re not being told the truth about Islamic State. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull told us this week IS was “fundamentally weak” with “many more smartphones than guns”.

Waleed Aly, television host and lecturer at Monash University’s Global Terrorism Research Centre, agrees IS is “weak”.

Associate Professor Rodger Shanahan, from the National Security College, assured the ABC of “the inherent weaknesses of Islamic State”. And US President Obama told us IS is “contained”. 

Rita Panahi today:

ISLAMIC State called for terror attacks and maximum carnage during the holy month of Ramadan and jihadis around the world heeded the call.

Deadly attacks from terrorists pledging allegiance to Islamic State have taken place in countries as disparate as Bangladesh, the US, Jordan, Iraq, France, Turkey, Yemen, the Philippines, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.

In late May Islamic State spokesman Abu Muhammed al-Adnani called upon the group’s followers to “make it (Ramadan), with God’s permission, a month of pain for infidels everywhere”.

The death toll is in the many hundreds with bombings, shootings and stabbing murders committed by the terror group’s army of so-called “lone wolves”.

Meanwhile, in Lakemba:


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