Murdering Jews is “controversial?”

Stopping Islamic savages from invading the country is “controversial?”

I think Michael Smith needs to rewrite this blog entry:

Ismail al Wahwah demands Muslims murder Jews. Then does it again. Yet Sonia Kruger is the one in trouble?


Sonia Kruger and Ismail al WahWah each made a controversial statement in a video broadcast.

Sheik Wahwah said kill the Jews.  Sonia said don’t let any more Muslims in.

Next, both Kruger and Wahwah made follow up videos.   That’s what we’re going to look at today.

What happened next………….

Exhibit One
Sonia Kruger

First up, Sonia said she felt uneasy about data showing the higher the Muslim population, the greater the incidence of terrorism.

She agreed with others who called for a ban on Muslim immigration.

This is Sonia’s second broadcast

Here’s the aftermath.

Sonia Kruger is a ‘liability’ for the brands she represents and several deals now hang in the balance

BESIEGED television star Sonia Kruger is at risk of losing lucrative endorsement deals over her controversial comments about Muslims.

In addition to hosting duties on Today Extra and The Voice, Kruger is the face of a number of prominent brands, including Target, Porsche and Swisse, who are now reviewing their relationship with her.

“The unfortunate comments Sonia made are not in line with Porsche’s values in Australia, or our values globally,” spokesman Paul Ellis said.“We will take the situation into consideration and assess our relationship with Sonia, and what we may do about it.”

Advertising expert Dee Madigan, executive creative director of Campaign Edge, said organisations associated with Kruger would be worried in the wake of the controversy.

“She’s absolutely a liability for them, in the short term at least,” Madigan said.

Kruger’s appeal as a potential face for products and companies was now under threat, Madigan said. Those with a current contract would be monitoring the fall out closely.

“Her whole brand is the inoffensive nice girl and she’s managed to offend a whole lot of people this week. She’s gone off brand and that’s very damaging.”

Target, who recently used Kruger in an extensive advertising campaign, also moved to distance itself from her polarising remarks.

“In response to the recent comments from Sonia Kruger, we would like to stipulate that these views are hers only and do not represent those of Target Australia,” a spokeswoman said.

The company wouldn’t be drawn on whether it would review its relationship with the presenter.

Public anger continues to grow over her “extreme” remarks on Monday, including a call for Muslims to be banned from entering Australia.

A tearful on-air clarification yesterday failed to smooth things over, with a petition calling for her to be sacked attracting 4,000 signatures in 48 hours.

Australia’s media thought it so serious the Prime Minister was asked about her opinion.   The Prime Minister thought the issue so serious he took the question and answered it.

Exhibit Two
Islamic Terror supporter, Hizb ut-Tahrir chief Sheikh Ismail Al-Wahwah

First up, Ismail al Wah Wah gave a sermon in Sydney reminding our Muslims they have a responsibility to exterminate Jews.   He said Jews are the most evil creatures on earth.  He instructed his followers to kill Jews.  He said the justification for killing them was the fact that they are Jews.  “Oh Jews, nobody will give you peace,” he cries — in front of boys holding white and black Islamic flags.

There was limited outcry – starting with the publication of that video on this website.

This is Al WahWah’s second broadcast

The Aftermath

Australians Gagged While Extremists Muslims Preach Jihad


by Jack Cade

Hizb ut-Tahrir mouthpiece, Wassim Doureihi, claims that his organisation doesn’t have anything to do with radicalism, but the comments of his leader, Al-Wahwah, leave one in no doubt that he and his organisation are preaching an Islamic take-over of Australia, the extermination of Jews worldwide and the introduction of Sharia Law in Australia.  Recently, another radical Islamic preacher associated with Hizb ut-Tahrir was advocating the formation of an Islamic army to enforce Sharia law across Australia.

In March this year Michael Smith News exposed a Youtube video that he described as a crazed Muslim’s call on other Australian resident Muslims to kill Jews. That crazed Muslim was Ismail Al-Wahwah who Smith rightly described as a danger to society. It is preposterous that Al-Wahwah says, “I am not a terrorist and never will be.”

Michael Smith raised the question as to why the NSW Police had not charged Al-Wahwah with what most would correctly perceive to be an act of racial hatred and incitement to terrorism.  Inexplicably the NSW Police Commissioner advised the Anti-Discrimination Tribunal that Al-Wahwah would not be prosecuted over his video incitement of those people with a known propensity to commit act of terror because it could not be proved who uploaded the video to Youtube.!!

Sorry, but that is pure and unadulterated bullsh*t.  Who cares who uploaded it?  Al-Wahwah was there in all of his infamy for all to see and hear.  How much more evidence do you need?  Where was the Islamics best friend in NSW, Premier, Mike Baird, while all this was going on? Probably celebrating Friday prayers at the Lakemba Mosque.

The NSW Jewish Board of Deputies were justifiably outraged and so they should be.  Jewish representative, Vic Alhadeff  said: “This has been a test of whether the law is able to deal with someone who publicly calls for the death of a group of Australians based on their ethnicity,” he went on to say: “If it has failed it means the people of NSW remain unprotected from such appalling incitement to violence. If no action commences under the current law … then the Act should be fixed as a matter of urgency.”

The absolute arrogance of Al-Wahwah is breathtaking.  It appears that because the NSW Police failed to prosecute him he believes that is a licence for he and his minions to do and say whatever they like.  In one of his extremist rants at a Hizb Ut-Tahrir meeting in Sydney suburb of Lakemba, Al-Wahwah told those attending the meeting: “(If) they send their troops to Iraq to bomb Iraq to spread democracy. We will send our troops to Australia, to France to Germany,” and the crowd roared loudly.  He went on to say: “We believe the world deserves another world order. We are ready to sacrifice everything for our concept.”

To me that sounds very much like a declaration of war against Australia and its non-Muslim citizens.  That being the case then why wasn’t Al-Wahwah on the recent list of those facing deportation?

Here’s Jason Morrison’s report on this website.


By Jason Morrison

Once again, when it comes to radical Islam, Australia turns the other cheek.

What’s the point of having laws against hate speech when a well-known extremist is caught red-handed breaking such laws and the crime goes unpunished?

Despite a clear-cut case, even with video evidence and no denials, Hizbut Tahrir hate preacher Ismail al-Wahwah will get away with openly calling for violent jihad on the streets on Australia.

Six months ago, al-Wahwah, an Islamofacist, stood before a mob in Sydney’s Lakemba, and in Arabic spat out a call for Muslims to wipe out the Jewish race.

Surrounded by chanting flag wavers, he warned Jews should not expect to “live in safety” anymore.

It was video recorded, loaded up on YouTube with English captioning by the boastful organisers.

Originally, the story broke here. Michael was sent the footage by one of his readers who’d spotted it on a mainstream Islamic website.

We watched it in disbelief. The whole session is unashamed hate speech – and has since been the subject of numerous complaints under the appropriate laws.

So off the case went to The NSW Anti-Discrimination Board in NSW.

The Board initially agreed and referred to the case for prosecution to the DPP who asked the police to gather evidence with a view to charging the thug.

That was then.

Yesterday I became aware through police contacts that somehow this ‘up and down case’ had now been stamped too hard.

The Anti-Discrimination Board, NSW Police, and the DPP have now closed the matter and no-one will be charged – even though my contacts confirm he has clearly broken the law.

Which makes you wonder, when it comes to certain groups whether the people policing the law actually do a little reverse discrimination when it comes to who they’ll go after?

Here’s the test: If this website called for violence and random murder of any group or nationality, Michael and I would be run out of town.

If I had called for the death of certain people in my radio days, do you think it would be a non-issue?

It’s not a complicated issue – it’s quite simple.

The law says it’s a crime to incite violence on anyone – let alone a group.

It doesn’t matter who you are – but again with this mob … tolerate it.

Remember the placards in Hyde Park a few years ago, “behead those who insult the prophet”? Nothing happened then either.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 10.50.13 am

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 10.50.51 am

This latest incident is the dirty work of Islamic activist group Hizbut Tahrir.

These are the smooth talking radicals who want an Islamic revolution in Australia.

The organisation is outlawed all over the world but tolerated in our country even though it’s been a magnet for radicals like terrorist Man Monis – and openly pushes for the introduction of sharia law. Its membership is growing and its leadership dance the fine line between free speech and inciting an uprising.

This time Ismail al-Wahwah crossed that line only to be met with gutlessness from the authorities.

I suspect bureaucratic cowardice is at the centre of the decision not to throw the book at this bloke – disguised as always with a smokescreen of excuses.

Once again Australians are asked to tolerate the intolerant and in this climate, this is exactly the wrong message to send to exactly the wrong people.


7 thoughts on “Murdering Jews is “controversial?””

  1. Kill all Muslims call for jihad against the law comitting death for innocent people and we cannot accept killing people in name for religion.
    The beauty of this is Muslim people not accept crime instead they encourage the own people. This is worst THEN hitler crime.

  2. Because Sonia quiet rightly for herself and also for a majority of Australians said …
    Personally I would like to see it (the immigration of Muslims) stopped now for Australia because I would like to feel safe as all of our citizens do when they go out to celebrate Australia Day,”

    (This Very Valid Statement and a Reality Request) Has Caused a run in with an islam appeasing Porsche Company for Sonia…

    Porsche Company spokesman Paul Ellis told News Ltd that Kruger’s comment did not align with his company’s values and the company was assessing its relationship with her.

    Mr. Paul Ellis said …
    The unfortunate comments Sonia made are not in line with Porsche’s values in Australia, or our values globally,”

    We will take the situation into consideration and assess our relationship with Sonia, and what we may do about it.”

    Let me be clear though, we don’t support her comments.”

    (As a non-islam … I Just lost any desire or ideal I may have had to own a Porsche)

  3. Our Beloved (Sarcasm) Prime Minister Malcolm Bligh Turnbull (born 24 October 1954)
    Again (no STILL) is islam appeasing !

    Our islam Sucky PM’s response to Sonia’s very valid Halt islam Immigration Opinion (Request)
    Australia has a non-discriminatory immigration program and a non-discriminatory humanitarian program and has done so for many many years and that is not going to change … (now piss off cretins)”

  4. Our Beloved (Sarcastically)
    Current Prime Minister Malcolm Bligh Turnbull
    (born 24 October 1954)

    Again (and again, and again, and again) is an islam appeaser !
    As is a Long List of Previous islam appeasing Australian Politicians …. Why !!!!!
    • They are followers of the ideology of Cultural Marxism and are not (OUR Friends or) OUR politicians
    • They are the goods and chattels of islam

    The Guilty list
    DO BLAME THE islams FOR BEING islam.

    And here is the “Guilty” List
    So … When are “OUR AUSTRALIAN” (and long before Malcolm Fraser’s criminal and huge importation of Lebanese islams) Politicians and Politicals Going to be held accountable for THEIR criminal acts of …. Treason
    • Assisting and Enabling ISLAM
    • Treason and Sediton against Australia.

    Each of these below listed politicians and their (shadow) Ministers and Senators (with a few exceptions) ARE to be held accountable for their crimes against the (non-islam) Citizens of Australia.

    • Between 1860 and the 1890s a number of Central Asians (islams) came to Australia to work as camel drivers.

    01 – Barton, Edmund [Prot] 01.JAN.1901 – 24.SEP.1903
    02 – Deakin, Alfred [Prot] 24.SEP.1903 – 27.APR.1904
    03 – Watson, John Christian [ALP] 27.APR.1904 – 17.AUG.1904
    04 – Reid, George Houston [FT] 18.AUG.1904 – 05.JUL.1905
    02 – Deakin, Alfred [Prot] 05.JUL.1905 – 13.NOV.1908
    05 – Fisher, Andrew [ALP] 13.NOV.1908 – 02-JUN-1909
    02 – Deakin, Alfred [Lib] 02.JUN.1909 – 29.APR.1910
    05 – Fisher, Andrew [ALP] 29.APR.1910 – 24.JUN.1913
    06 – Cook, Joseph [Lib] 24.JUN.1913 – 17.SEP.1914
    05 – Fisher, Andrew [ALP] 17.SEP.1914 – 27.OCT.1915
    • On 1 January 1915, in what was described as the Battle of Broken Hill, two Afghans who pledged allegiance to the Islamic Ottoman Empire shot and killed four Australians and wounded seven others before being killed by the police.

    07 – Hughes, William Morris [ALP/Nat] 27.OCT.1915 – 09.FEB.1923
    • In the 1920s and 1930s Albanian islams, whose European heritage made them compatible with the White Australia Policy, immigrated to the country.

    08 – Bruce, Stanley Melbourne [Nat] 09.FEB.1923 – 22.OCT.1929
    09 – Scullin, James Henry [ALP] 22.OCT.1929 – 06.JAN.1932
    10 – Lyons, Joseph Aloysius [UAP] 06.JAN.1932 – 07.APR.1939
    11 – Page, Earle Christmas Grafton [CP] 07.APR.1939 – 26.APR.1939
    12 – Menzies, Robert Gordon [UAP] 26.APR.1939 – 29.AUG.1941
    13 – Fadden, Arthur William [CP] 29.AUG.1941 – 07.OCT.1941
    14 – Curtin, John [ALP] 07.OCT.1941 – 05.JUL.1945
    15 – Forde, Francis Michael [ALP] 06.JUL.1945 – 13.JUL.1945
    16 – Chifley, Joseph Benedict [ALP] 13.JUL.1945 – 19.DEC.1949
    12 – Menzies, Robert Gordon [Lib] 19.DEC.1949 – 26.JAN-1966
    • Albanian islams built the first mosque in Shepparton, Victoria in 1960 and the first mosque in Melbourne in 1963.

    17 – Holt, Harold Edward [Lib] 26.JAN.1966 – 19.DEC.1967
    18 – McEwen, John [CP] 19.DEC.1967 – 10.JAN-1968
    • Between 1967 and 1971, approximately 10,000 Turkish citizens (islams) settled in Australia under an agreement between Australia and Turkey.

    19 – Gorton, John Grey [Lib] 10.JAN.1968 – 10.MAR.1971
    • From the 1970s onwards, the government became more accommodating and tolerant of differences (islams) by adopting a policy of multiculturalism.

    20 – McMahon, William [Lib] 10.MAR.1971 – 05.DEc.1972
    21 – Whitlam, Edward Gough [ALP] 05.DEC.1972 – 11.NOV.1975 – Commission Terminated by Governor-General
    (18 – Snedden, Billy Mackie, QC [LP] 20.DEC.1972 – 21.MAR.1975)
    (19 – Fraser, John Malcolm [LP] 21.MAR.1975 -11.NOV.1975)

    22 – Fraser, John Malcolm [LP] 11.NOV.1975 – 11.MAR.1983
    • Larger-scale islam migration began in 1975 with the migration of Lebanese islams, which rapidly increased during the Lebanese Civil War from 22,311 or 0.17% of the Australian population in 1971, to 45,200 or 0.33% in 1976.
    Against the advice of Australia’s Senior Security Advisors !!!

    …. and the Downward Spiral increases ….
    (17 – Whitlam, Edward Gough, QC [ALP] 27.JAN.1976 – 22.DEC.1977)
    (20 – Hayden, William George [ALP] 22.DEC.1977 – 03.FEB.1983)
    (21 – Hawke, Robert James Lee [ALP] 03.FEB.1983 – 11.MAR.1983)

    23 – Hawke, Robert James Lee [ALP] 11.MAR.1983 – 20.DEC.1991
    (22 – Peacock, Andrew Sharp [LP] 11.MAR.1983 – 05.SEP.1985)
    (23 – Howard, John Winston [LP] 05.SEP.1985 – 09.MAY.1989)
    (22 – Peacock, Andrew Sharp [LP] 09.MAY.1989 – 03.APR.1990)
    (24 – Hewson, John Robert [LP] 03.APR.1990 – 23.MAY.1994)

    24 – Keating, Paul John [ALP] 20.DEC.1991 – 11.MAR.1996
    (25 – Downer, Alexander John Gosse [LP] 23.MAY.1994 – 30.JAN.1995)
    (23 – Howard, John Winston [LP] 30.JAN.1995 – 11.MAR.1996)

    25 – Howard, John Winston [LP] 11.MAR.1996 – 03.DEC.2007
    • In the 2001 census there were 281,578 islams recorded.
    • On 4 December 2005 Racial tensions flared between Australian islams and the general population in Sydney and led to the 11 December 2005 Cronulla riots.
    • In the 2006 census the population had grown to 340,392. 48% of Australian-born islams claimed Lebanese or Turkish ancestry.

    (26 – Beazley, Kim Christian [ALP] 19.MAR.1996 – 22.NOV.2001)
    (27 – Crean, Simon [ALP] 22.NOV.2001 – 02.DEC.2003)
    (28 – Latham, Mark [ALP] 02.DEC.2003 – 18.JAN.2005)
    (26 – Beazley, Kim Christian [ALP] 28.JAN.2005 – 04.DEC.2006)
    (29 – Rudd, Kevin [ALP] 04.DEc.2006 – 03.DEc.2007)

    26 – Rudd, Kevin Michael [ALP] 03.DEC.2007 – 24.JUN.2010
    (30 – Nelson, Brendan [LP] 03.DEC.2007 – 16.SEP.2008)
    (31 – Turnbull, Malcolm [LP] 16.SEP.2008 – 01.DEC.2009)
    (32 – Abbott, Tony [LP] 01.DEC.2009 – 18.SEP.2013)

    27 – Gillard, Julia Eileen [ALP] 24.JUN.2010 – 27.JUN.2013
    • On 15 September 2012, a protest in central Sydney against the film “Innocence of Muslims” resulted in rioting.

    (     – Bowen, Chris [ALP] 13.SEP.2013 – 13.OCT.2013) – 1 month – Interim ALP leader

    26 – Rudd, Kevin Michael [ALP] 27.JUN.2013 – 18.SEP.2013
    28 – Abbott, Anthony John [LP] 18.SEP.2013 – 15-SEP-2015 Deposed as Party Leader
    29 – Turnbull, Malcolm Bligh [LP] 15.SEP.2013 –
    • Lebanese islams are still the largest and highest-profile islamic group in Australia.
    • By the beginning of the 21st-century, islams from more than sixty countries had settled in Australia. While a very large number of them come from Bosnia, Turkey, and Lebanon, there are islams from Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran, Fiji, Albania, Sudan, Somalia, Egypt, the Palestinian territories, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh, among others.
    • At the time of the 2011 census, 476,000 Australians (representing 2.2 percent of the population) reported Islam as their religion.
    (33 – Shorten, Bill [ALP] 13.OCT.2013 – )

    29 – Turnbull, Malcolm Bligh [LP] 15.SEP.2013 –
    • Subjugatiion of non-islam Australians by their own politicians (instructed by islams) contiues at an EVER increasing pace

    Each individual Politician and Political has had the opportuinty to rectify the islam “Problem” caused by previous Politicians and Politicals.
    With a few noticable exceptions – no politician or political has placed the security and welbeing of Australia’s (non-islam) citizens above the assumed rights of their evil vile putrid malevolent deceitful islam minority political ideolgy.


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