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Tim Blair

Our intellectual superiors have raised the alarm. Worried by how all of us terrible oiks are responding to murderous Islamic terrorism, they’ve declared there should be limits to what we say about murderous Islamic terrorism.


Following what co-host Waleed Aly described as “one of the heaviest weeks we’ve lived through in a long time”, the ABC’s Minefield radio program last Thursday “took a hard look at the negative effects of ‘free speech’.” Waleed’s co-presenter Scott Stephens, editor of the ABC’s Religion and Ethics website, kicked things off:

“There’s something quite disturbing about our response to the events we’ve witnessed in places like Orlando or Nice. I’m hearing things being said that not that long ago would’ve been unthinkable.”

Now, a normal person might choose to focus on the events themselves, which left a total of 133 people dead through the vile deeds of Islamic maniacs. Their thinking might go something this: “There’s something quite disturbing about the events we’ve witnessed in places like Orlando or Nice. I’m seeing things that not long ago would’ve been unthinkable.”

By contrast, not a solitary person has been killed by the response to those murders.

Stephens broadened his concern to include speeches made at last week’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland from the parents of children killed by illegal immigrants. “The whole point of it was to demonise a particular group,” Stephens claimed.

“The whole point of it is to do a certain violence against the dignity of fellow citizens and fellow human beings.”

As opposed, I guess, to the actual deadly violence committed by terrorists and illegals, which appear for Stephens to rank below the horrifying use of words. “We’ve been hearing about calls for a ban on Muslim immigration,” he fretted, referring to television presenter Sonia Kruger’s recent remarks.


“In the national broadsheet this week there was a letter published calling for Muslim internment. There have been expressions of unvarnished racism and sexism. We’ve seen over the last year chest-beating advocacy of the restoration of torture.”

Sounds like the advocates are torturing themselves. It’s notoriously difficult to waterboard someone when you’re pounding away on your own ribcage. Stephens then offered this thundering conclusion:

“I’m wondering whether we as moral agents can still be trusted with the privilege of freedom of speech. I think we’re at the point where we have to re-examine what we mean by that and if there is a deeper moral obligation that puts constraints on what we ought to be able to say in public.”

It might have been fun to turn Stephens’s microphone off mid-rant. No more freedom of speech for you, mate, especially not on the taxpayer’s dime.

Waleed Aly went along with most of this, so long as Stephens confined his comments “to the moral realm”, wherever that is. Perhaps it should be Radio National’s new name.

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Please Explain:
Fifield asks ABC to explain Q&A

Who picked these turds out of the sewers?

Communications Minister Mitch Fifield wants an explanation from the ABC on how a Muslim man who had denigrated two female politicians online was given a platform–The Australian
Vomit bucket, quick:
Authorities worried right-wing extremists might attack Australia
  • Authorities fear a violent attack on the public by ultra-nationalist groups
  • Victoria’s terrorism watch list includes a number of right-wing extremists
  • Experts believe it is only a matter of time an attack will happen  

Counter-terrorism authorities are monitoring right-wing extremists over fears they will carry out attacks in Australia after finding hateful online comments encouraging violence.

Victoria’s terrorism watch list, which include more than 300 people, includes a number of right-wing extremists, the Herald Sun reports.

The far-right political groups have been compared to Islamic extremists as their comments on social media reference plans for attacks.

Daily Mail

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7 thoughts on “THE MORAL REALM”

  1. oh the backlash!! am worried about the backlash against air-conditioners….Kerry is without doubt a conditionerphobe……..this is not who we are!!!!

  2. Waleed Aly !
    aka (a really BIG) Wally !
    aka Sly Aly !

    You’re an (criminal) islam !
    You’re required to obey and emulate your mentor Muhammad !

    so … aka Sly Aly … Obey !
    Qur’an 115 مع السلامة (Ma’a salama): Good bye (All/Any islams)
    1. Purge islam appeasing ‘(Shadow Government) Cultural Marxist Dictators “Globally” !!!
    …… (ie. OURelected‘ politicians true masters)
    2. Purge islam appeasers “Globally” !!!
    …… (ie. OUR politicians and “Suicidal Humanists” who support the islam invasion)
    3. Purge islam “Globally” !!!
    …… (ie. the islam emulators (by their own choice) … of a Criminal Muhammad)

    Qur’an 115: 1-3 abrogates in entirety …
    all/every/any previous ‘holy shiite’ islamic texts

  3. Translation: Know your place peasants! Refrigeration and A/C are for the elite.

    It is amazing that Kerry can even say that with a straight face?

    But, hey, this is the same man who once watched someone be tazed at his own lecture. “Don’t taze me bro….”

    A little trip down memory lane.

  4. The Berlin Wall was put up to separate two different Political views. It was a physical wall. Today, we have a wall being built and It is not made of bricks and mortar. It is made of censorship, Political Correctness and insidious manipulation through media control, Acts of Parliament and Social media trolls. There is no razor wire, no watch towers. Just the ability to call someone a racist, bigot or sexist. This is how you eradicate our freedom to engage in debate.

    1. And lawfare. The first dissidents are already fleeing Germany because the system wears them down with frivolous lawsuits, which ruin them financially.

  5. Dissidents, words that we all probably thought was co-signed to the dustbin of history.

    There are many people across Europe where the muslim invasion is heavy that are already leaving to merely protect their families, but especially their daughters.

    But, one point should be noted. When, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn first came to the West, he was lauded until his truths made the Left luvvies uncomfortable.

    It will be the same for those who flee for safety away from leftist governments and muslim hordes.

    1. Quoting Solzhenitsyn:

      A Marxist system goes soft on criminals and criminalises its political opponents.

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