Obama: “the gun in the car caused those tragic events.”

Obama Criticizes Texas Open Carry Laws, Ties Police Safety to Gun Control


Obama said we have to have a “talk” about guns, and he believes “there is a way to talk…that is consistent with our constitution and the Second Amendment.”

Obama then pledged that he will not stop talking about gun control.

You bet he won’t.

Confirmed: Dallas Shooter Was Member of Houston New Black Panther Party

Confirmed: Dallas Murderer New Black Panther

Which means he is a black convert to Islam. Not that this would have anything to do with Islam of curse.

FLASHBACK: Armed Black Panthers Shout ‘Off the Pigs’ Shortly Before 2015 Execution of Texas Deputy

FLASHBACK: Armed Panthers Shout ‘Off the Pigs’ Before Deputy Killed

 ‘Black Power Political Organization’ Takes Credit For Dallas Massacre

Philando Castile was pulled over 31 times by cops and had 63 charges
The shooting of Philando Castile, 32, by a cop in Falcon Heights, St Paul, Minnesota, has caused outrage. It can be disclosed that Castile, 32, has been pulled over by at least 31 times in the last 14 years since he got his driver’s license and charged with a string of misdemeanour violations.

The offenses include speeding, failure to wear a seat belt, driving after a revocation, no proof of insurance, improper display of original plate and parking violations.

In total police in Minnesota brought 31 cases against Castile, racking up 63 charges for mostly minor traffic offenses – 43 of which he was found guilty or convicted of and has paid out hundreds of dollars in fines.

Twitter Rewards Black Lives Matter With Official Emoji Less Than A Day After Dallas

Twitter Introduces Black Power Emoji — Immediately After Dallas Ambush

5 Police Officers Killed, 6 Wounded by Snipers in Dallas #BlackLivesMatter Protest

Blue Lives Massacred

12 Police Shot, 5 Dead at Dallas ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protest

Executioner’s Final words: ‘I want to kill white people’

Lone Gunman?

‘The End Is Coming’

Premeditated, Professional Assault

Precision Strike: Just Two Civilian Casualties?

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  1. I can totally agree to what Obama has push through but we just look forward to having new administration and see the new change.

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