“Only a coalition of Marxists and Islamists can destroy the United States”–Carlos the Jackal

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Obama instantly deflecting from the issue of #blacklivesmatter promoting hatred towards white people which lead to the killing of 5 cops and shooting of 10 in Dallas Texas

Black Lives Matters, like J street, a dozen feminist groups and another dozen identity groups ranging from black, Muslim, (and perhaps Muslim especially) feminist groups, Jewish and other demographic groups who claim status as minorities, be it through genetics like black people or behavior like cross dressing and homosexuals and so on are:

– mostly George Soros funded battering rams against classical civilization on behalf of a collective of Marxist and Islamic groups, who usurp the moral authority of the perception of injustice, real or imagined, of said groups in order to be more effective at destroying a classical liberal society run by more or less free market principles.

None of these groups actually care about the demographic component they actually claim to represent. All of them are false fronts for Marxist and Islamic attacks on civilization.

Once this is understood, there is no more seeming contradictions.

It becomes obvious why feminist groups do not object to sharia law or Islamic horror to women. Or even for that matter, in traditional Chinese or African societies.

Or why there are gay groups for Palestine and against Israel.

None of these are odd or contradictory once you understand that the groups they represent are not gay groups, women’s groups or black groups but are usurpers for communism, often run by and for the benefit of Muslim Brotherhood groups like Hamas.

It is very important to understand this, as our reluctance to fight back is nearly all based on the deliberately caused misperception that BLM is about black people and somehow a reaction to both the very real and the imputed injustices to American blacks. Same with J Street and the Holocaust or faux-feminist groups.

Remember the words of the Muslim convert, professional assassin, Carlos the Jackal:

“Only a coalition of Marxists and Islamists can destroy the United States.”


Obama spokesturd Jeh Johnson (a closet Mustard) claims its “relatively early to call cop-shooting a hate crime”.

During a Sunday morning interview with CBS’s John Dickerson, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson stated though Dallas shooter Micah Johnson told hostage negotiators he “wanted to kill white people, especially white police officers,” “it’s still relatively early” to qualify his actions as a hate crime.

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White trash, Mustards & a Few Black Parasites March in Berlin

The fatal shootings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling have sparked protests on the streets of Berlin, Germany.

Following Black Lives Matter protests breaking out across the U.S., the activists have spread their brand across the Atlantic, organising protests in London and most recently on Sunday in Berlin, Germany.

Residents of Berlin stopped traffic in protest of the recent deaths of Philando Castile in St. Paul, Minnesota, and Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana — thousands of miles away from the German capital. Protesters lay in the street, appearing to stop all traffic in the vicinity, with demonstrators reciting the names of those fatally shot by police officers followed by “say their names”. (More here)

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“Cops Kill Innocent Black Man Merely for Pointing a Gun at Them!” 

The Obama people are out in force and determined to take America down. It seems patriots are rather thin on the ground.

Sympathy for the Devils: The Plot Against Roger Ailes — and America
The Democratic establishment is plotting to take down Roger Ailes. And if Ailes goes, I’m afraid, so could America. – Breitbart

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