Opposing Mosques and Sharia Law makes you an extremist in Australia

The myth of Turnbull’s popularity is now exploded. Turnbull is not popular.

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The political reporters palace eunuchs not too hubristic to engage in self doubt are asking: did we get it wrong? Did we, as a collective, miss the story?

Yes. The collective missed the bus.

In other news:

Who let them in? Why is the cost being hidden from you?

Andrew Bolt

 ImmigrationThe politics of race

Several descriptors given bar race – which with other clues in the police report suggest yet again that the media and police are collectively hiding the true and alarming level of crime among the African refugee community:

Melton police are on the hunt for a group of teenagers terrorising families during violent home invasions across the west.
Six males armed with hammers forced their way into a Pilgrim Drive, Hillside home, where a woman was sleeping with her eight-month-old baby, about 6am on Tuesday.

Police say the group “aggressively” demanded the woman hand over her valuables and car keys. The woman obliged and the offenders subsequently fled the scene in the victim’s white Holden HSV sedan.

The same group are allegedly responsible for about six aggravated burglaries across the western suburbs in as many days…

Sergeant Rob Henley, of the Melton Crime Investigation Unit, said while police had not been able to confirm a link between the offenders and the Apex gang, they were not ruling out the possibility.

When you check with witnesses from those apparently linked previous burglaries, you will then discover that – yes, indeed – the race of the offenders has again been kept from you:

Later in Essendon at about 4.55am a family of four, including two children aged six and three years, were woken when a boulder, believed to have been from a neighbours garden, smashed through their rear bi-folding doors. 

The Essendon father told the Neil Mitchell program on 3AW … he saw three males of African appearance in his house.

First you were betrayed by the political class which admitted a group of people who were bound to struggle to fit in and came from a tribal culture Now you are betrayed by a political class which refuses to inform you on the dangerous consequences of their decisions.


Reader Jenny reports from Melbourne:

Just now on the 6pm nine news 3 African kids were caught robbing Majaf Jewellery store in Coburg, 9 African teenagers were in a car accident on the freeway in a stolen BMW, the car is destroyed, bad luck for the owner who spent a fortune buying the car.

I saw the same report.

The journaille is beneath contempt:

Labor’s Hoenig vilifies Hanson as first step to a Holocaust

Andrew Bolt

This is a grotesque misuse of 6 million dead to silence a politician who has urged death on nobody and has instead warned against the very kind of preaching likely to kill even more Jews. NSW Labor MP Ron Hoenig should be ashamed of himself:


Let us hope that Hoenig’s extreme vilification of Hanson as someone who leads to the gassing of Jews does not put her in even greater physical danger. Hoenig should apologise not just to Hanson but to every Jew who lost family in the Holocaust for so brutally exploiting the memory of the dead.

Andrew Bolt has moved his children after receiving ‘death threats’ from an alleged supporter of Islamic State.

Bolt says threats came from Islamic State supporter and follows his newspaper colu…  See More

Andrew Bolt moves children out of family home after death threats
Bolt says threats came from Islamic State supporter and follows his newspaper column for Herald Sun which suggested if ‘we criticise Islam … we risk death’
Opposing Radical Mosques and Sharia Law makes you an extremist in Australia
If you wish to be considered a radical extremist and hate preacher in western society, all you have to do is follow a very simple recipe. . | We Need To Talk…

We have anti- Israel independents Wilkie  & Xenonphon along with anti- Israel/Jewish  Greens and anti- Israel Left Labour [ along with  Lib.  Sussan Ley ex Parliamentary Friends of Palestine]….

We have one Israel/Jew friendly Independent Pauline Hanson yet the Jewish Community leadership  believes joining  the Islamic Community and anti- Israel Jewish groups  in vilifying her  and making an enemy out of a  strategic  friend in Parliament ….Imagine the next anti- Israel vote at the UN with all the above Israel haters , you would think the Jews would need a friend >

Go Figure ? 

Andrew Wilkie MP – Independent Member for Denison (03) 6234 5255 andrew.wilkie.mp@aph.gov.au 

A statement on Palestine

Inline image 1

“This week I met with Bishop George Browning, Dr Ross Burns and Jessica Morrison from the Australia Palestine Advocacy Network Lobby group (APAN) to discuss the deteriorating situation in Palestine.”

“I was alarmed to learn that the continuing development of Israeli settlements has fragmented the Palestinian territories to the where time has almost run out to establish a two state solution.

“I call again on the Australian Government to bring whatever pressure it can on Israel to stop allowing the development of more settlements on Palestinian territory.

“These settlements are clearly illegal and should be condemned. I wish to congratulate Foreign Affairs Minister Bob Carr for at least acknowledging the illegality of Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory.

“Unfortunately, Opposition foreign affairs spokesperson Julie Bishop has refused to call the settlements illegal. It is regrettable that the person who may well become the next Foreign Affairs Minister in any Abbott Government appears to be beholden to Israeli interests at the expense of the Palestinian people.”

Federal election 2016: Greens and Xenophon ‘anti-Israel’, says lobby group  AIJAC.

THE Greens and The Nick Xenophon Team have supported policies and schemes that are anti-Israel, a Jewish lobby group says.

 Pauline Hanson , Nothing Left Radio Program 17/11/2015

“I didn’t know the Jewish Community needed security, bomb-proof walls etc – this should not be happening in Australia. You live your lives in harmony, you are of no concern to other Australians, I have no problem with that…”
“I have never spoken out against the Jewish Community who live in peace and harmony.”

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