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Self-hatred and irresponsibility in equal measure. This is not sanity. Something is terribly wrong. It seems you can’t even rape the stupidity out of some people. You would have thought a traumatic experience like that and a penny ma have dropped an epiphany of some kind I guess not.proving leftism is a mental disorder and you just can’t fix stupidMale Norwegian politician raped by asylum seeker felt guilty

Karsten Nordal Hauken, from Ås, Akershus, Norway, was raped in his home by a Somalian asylum seeker, and the perpetrator was subsequently caught and jailed…
Left-wing German politician who was raped by Muslim migrants admits she LIED to police about because she did not want to encourage islamophobia….
Left-wing German politician who was raped by migrants admits she LIED to police about her attackers’ nationality because she did not want to encourage islamophobia.
Swedish Feminist Politician Says Rape Isn’t as Bad When Moslems Do It
Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer July 5, 2016 Barbro Sörman is hungry like the wolf for Islamic ga…
But nothing compares with Sweden, where the natives seem to be helpless like cows in the field:

SWEDEN: Muslim invaders who sexually assaulted and raped 45 girls/women at music festival were wearing “DO NOT GROPE” wristbands given to females by police
Five women were raped and 40 women sexually assaulted this year at the Bravalla Music Festival in Sweden. The perpetrators were described as (Muslim) migrant youths. The migrants were wearing “Do Not Grope” wristbands.


Gateway Pundit (h/t Larry A)  Zara Larsson, who played at Bravalla, posted this: “Damn you people who shamelessly rape a girl in public. Damn you guys who make a girl feel unsafe when they go to a festival. I hate guys. Hate hate hate.”

Andréasson Florman

Andréasson Florman

Surrounded by mob of three men: Ms Andréasson Florman, who runs a non-profit organization called the Night Shift to create a safe environment at music festivals, described the attack as ‘surreal’.  

‘I asked them to stop… but they grabbed my breasts very roughly.’ SECOND Swedish music festival sex victim reveals she was groped by a mob of men as police reveal FIVE more women were raped.

The Daily Mail Five women say they were raped at Sweden’s biggest music festival – on the same weekend as a mob of ‘foreign youths’ sexually assaulted 45 females, one as young as 12 at another concert. 


Alleged victims at the Bråvalla music festival told police groups of men attacked them while others complained that they were filmed while using the toilets.  Two teenage girls said a man carried out a sex act in front of them.

An anti-rape activist said she was even sexually assaulted by three men who were wearing ‘don’t grope’ wristbands distributed by police in an effort to reduce such attacks.


Bravely waiving her right to anonymity, Lisen Andréasson Florman relived her ordeal – telling MailOnline: ‘I was standing at the back of the audience during a concert after dark. ‘My colleagues was a bit further away from me when three tall men came up to me. I am quite used to drunk men coming up and talking to me, but these guys were more unpleasant.

‘They were much taller than me and started hugging me even though I did not want them to. Then they started grabbing my breasts very roughly.

‘I felt so small and vulnerable. It was as though I sank down in to the ground. Like there was nothing I could do and I was in their possession. I had felt safe, proud and strong up until that moment, but now it was all gone.


‘I kept asking them to stop, but they only left after my colleagues saw that something was wrong and came up to me.’

Ms Florman added: ‘The ironic thing was that they were wearing the police bracelet with the text ‘don´t grope’, everything was really surreal now that I remember it.’

As well as reports of rape at the festival – headlined by Mumford and Sons – there was one report of attempted rape and 15 cases of sexual assault. Two of the victims, most of whom were girls under the age of 18, said a man masturbated in front of them, while others said they had been filmed while using the toilets.


Police in Sweden have faced criticism for failing to do enough to protect the 52,000 festival goers.

‘Maybe they want to take it seriously and they are on their way towards understanding after quite some time,’ said Ms Florman, who runs a non-profit organisation called the Night Shift that aims to create a safe environment for women at festivals.


‘But very little is actually being done. When I come up with concrete suggestions for festivals, they don’t take me seriously and they think that I don’t know what I’m talking about. They don’t listen to my advice.’

Police spokesman Thomas Agnevik, who was also at the festival near to Norrköping, said he ‘understands the criticism’. ‘If a crime is being committed obviously not enough has been done,’ he said. ‘Nobody should have to go to a concert and leave as a rape victim.’


But he added said that police are almost powerless to protect festival-goers, as most of the attacks happen among crowds of people and often after dark, making it is ‘very difficult’ for them to spot those responsible.

‘Two of the rapes happened in front of the stage in the crowd, another was in a tent and another in the public bathroom,’ he added.


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