“British” Sharia Courts?

Top sharia court ‘is protecting wife-beater suspects’

From the Sunday Times and the Mail on Sunday

Nothing “British” about the sharia. Having allowed these headbangers into the country and to operate a parallel legal system under the eyes of the British judiciary is a scandal and a disgrace for once great Britain.

British sharia court ‘protects wife-beating suspects by sabotaging criminal proceedings against them’ women’s rights group claims

  • Muslim Arbitration Tribunal (Mat) is one of 80 Islamic ‘councils’ in Britain
  • Southall Black Sisters says it protects men accused of domestic violence
  • Mat ‘uses position of power’ to persuade the CPS to drop charges brought
  • Women’s rights group has submitted evidence to sharia courts inquiry
  • Sharia courts have been dispensing Islamic justice in UK since 1982

The Muslim Arbitration Tribunal has been accused of persuading the CPS to drop domestic violence charges and encourage women to return to abusive partners

A top sharia court has been accused of using its position to ‘sabotage’ criminal charges brought against men accused of domestic violence.

The Muslim Arbitration Tribunal (Mat), based in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, was set up in 2007 to help resolve civil and family disputes in accordance with Islamic law.

According to the Mat website, the body cannot deal with criminal offences, but ‘where there are criminal charges such as assault within the context of domestic violence, the parties can ask Mat to assist in reaching reconciliation.

‘The terms of such a reconciliation can then be passed on to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)  through the local Police Domestic Violence Liaison Officers with a view to reconsidering the criminal charges.’

But  Southall Black Sisters, a women’s rights group, argues that Mat is effectively ‘sabotaging criminal proceedings’ against men accused of domestic violence by asking the CPS to ‘reconsider’ any charges.

As part of written evidence submitted to a home affairs inquiry launched in July into sharia courts, the Southall Black Sisters questioned the role of tribunals like Mat.

In a statement, the group wrote: ‘The Mat, for example, actively involves itself in criminal proceedings on domestic violence, despite stating that it is unable to deal with criminal offences.

‘It uses its position of power to persuade the CPS to drop charges and to encourage women to reconcile with abusive partners without reference to court orders they may already have or to risk assessments and safety planning.’

Sharia Courts have advised the Muslim community on religious matters in the UK since 1982

It added: ‘Sharia councils and the Mat hold themselves out to be ‘courts of law’ but they are in fact highly arbitrary decision making forums that use dominant, patriarchal and authoritarian interpretations of Muslim codes which are passed off as ‘sharia’ laws.’

The inquiry on sharia councils, of which there are now about 80 in Britain, is due to hear evidence from a number of witnesses on Tuesday.

A home affairs inquiry has begun on sharia councils, of which there are around 80 in Britain

A home affairs inquiry has begun on sharia councils, of which there are around 80 in Britain

Lord Macdonald, former director of public prosecutions, told The Sunday Times: ‘When a formal criminal charge is laid it is not appropriate for an extrajudicial institution to bring the victim and her alleged attacker together to seek a ‘resolution’ beyond the control of the UK courts and certainly not where that institution itself has a questionable approach to the rights of women and to their supposed place in society.’

Mat said: ‘We condemn actions taken by anyone to restrict or impede the pathway to justice sought by any victim of domestic violence.’

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One thought on ““British” Sharia Courts?”

  1. Muslims DON’T share “British” (Western values) at all – quite the opposite!

    As I’ve said before (and, since islam will never change, no doubt I’ll be forced to say again – and again!):

    Islamic sharia “law” (crime) is the EXACT OPPOSITE of “British” (Western) LAW.

    Our LAW is based on the Golden Rule, which most simply defines all circumstantial, situational morality as “Do Not Attack First.”

    So all is forbidden, unless and until very specifically agreed to.

    This means our only real right is to not be attacked first, and our only real responsibility is to not attack (thereby innocent) others first. Period.

    It also therefore means we aren’t allowed to do anything either TO, or FOR each other, without getting the others’ express assent first.

    And it applies at all levels of human social interaction, from the individual, family, clan, tribe, nation, state, empire and global (international) levels.

    It’s why even the largest group or gang of individual humans, “the state” isn’t allowed to attack any of its real live human individual citizen component parts first, and so it’s why we have an expectation of “Innocent Until Proven Guilty,” and not – as criminal libertine “liberal” gangsters always seem to prefer, the exact opposite, or “Guilty Until Never Proven Innocent!”

    From this social contract, the West establishes trust, and through that trust, economic progress, and Civilization.

    Islam, being based on the exact opposite, where all is allowed except and until that which is very specifically disallowed, asserts it’s always everyone’s holy right and duty to attack everyone else first, to do whatever they can (might makes right!) TO others, as long as they can claim to be doing it FOR them (for their own good)!

    From embracing this brazen rule of criminal chaos, they inflict distrust, economic stagnation, and savage barbarism on everyone.




    Islam is inherently a form of SEDITION – because it never agreed with the Christian notion of separating secular (road-paving, taxation) and religious realms (render unto Caesar) and went with “Render The World Unto Muhammad!”

    So it doesn’t believe in national sovereignty, preferring global theocracy (‘ummah’) ruled by the Caliphate government!

    Islam is ONLY a crime syndicate, and the only “religious” part in it’s where they say:

    “God told us to commit these crimes!”

    Muslims are never national citizens; they regard all national sovereignties as temporary, man-made false idols which must all be eventually destroyed and replaced with the one-world global muslim Ummah, to be ruled by their theocratic caliphate, and their duty is to wage offensive war to extort, enslave, and murder all the non-muslims. Terrorism is an inherent, not an incidental, nor in any way a “radical,” component of islam.


    No self-determined muslim believes in any sovereign national governments nor countries at all, ever!

    Sharia is allegedly the perfect law of allah, based directly on the Qur’an!

    So it always applies to all humans everywhere!


    Recall the Ayatollah Khomeini’s words during his 1980 speech in Qom, the Shi’ite spiritual hub:

    “We do not worship Iran, we worship Allah. For patriotism is another name for paganism. I say let this land burn. I say let this land [Iran] go up in smoke, provided Islam emerges triumphant in the rest of the world.”

    So, since islam is a subversive anti-national and anti-legal entity, why on earth are any of its “muslim” members ever afforded any legal standing to promote their criminal treasonous sedition, before any of our courts of law?!

    Islam’s Sharia is either compatible with our Western, morality-based law (in which case it is superfluous) or it is not (in which case it is illegal).

    There is only one universally accepted version of sharia crime (‘law’) and that is the original, Haneefite version as recorded in The Hedaya and used by the Ottoman Empire to rule all of islam for centuries; all moslems in all their countries are very aware of its simple might-makes-right and us-versus-them tenets and strictures.

    There is really only one Qur’an, one islam, and one sharia.

    And since islam is inherently against ALL sovereign national countries (which it regards as only temporary man-made false idols, to be eventually destroyed and replaced by the global muslim Ummah, ruled by their theocratic Caliphate government) because since the Qur’an and subsequent sharia elaborations embody “god’s” perfect laws which are to apply to all mankind everywhere, why would anyone ever need any merely human legislators (even ‘democratically elected’ ones)?!

    So, since islam is a subversive anti-national and anti-legal entity, why on earth are any of its “muslim” members ever afforded any legal standing to promote their criminal treasonous sedition, before any of our courts of law?!

    Allowing foreign (sharia “law”) courts to exist in your country is to enable those foreign governments to govern in your country; it’s obviously TREASON.

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