Sharia law is COMPLETELY incompatible with the British justice system & the Government is wasting its time investigating its legitimacy

‘You can’t have TWO laws!’ Former Bishop  Nazir-Ali BLASTS Government for even considering Sharia law

A GOVERNMENT inquiry into Sharia law in the UK has been blasted as a politically correct whitewash by an expert called to the investigating committee. The Right Rev Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, the former Bishop of Rochester, blasted the Government’s ongoing inquiry into the Islamic law system.

He warned Sharia law is COMPLETELY incompatible with the British justice system and that the Government is wasting its time investigating its legitimacy. In written evidence to the Commons Home Affairs committee he said the investigation, put forward by Prime Minister Theresa May during her time as Home Secretary, could even jeopardise the entire justice system in the UK.

Part of the committee’s investigation looks at the possibility of running a twin-track justice system – with Islamic Sharia law sitting alongside the existing British justice system.But Dr Nazir-Ali said: “It asks whether the ‘application’ of Sharia is incompatible with English law, when it should be asking whether Sharia itself is incompatible with English law. “If Sharia is recognised in any way in terms of the public law, it will introduce a principle of contradiction in the body of the law, which will cause enormous problems.” 

Critics argue Sharia law is incompatible with democracy, as well as in breach of human rights

Dr Nazir-Ali also criticised the make-up of the investigation panel, which does not include any non-Muslim experts on Islam. 

Professor Mona Siddiqui, who is heading the inquiry, has promised the inquiry will be “wide ranging, timely and thorough.”


One commenter sees the writing on the wall:

We will NOT be having TWO laws.

It will be Sharia LAW as it is in some parts of the UK NOW.
Remeber this is BRITAIN with BRITISH politicians.
When ALL the politicians are islamic because the majority of constituencies are a muslim majorities then sharia will obviously carry the day.
Don’t laugh.
The onset of mass, uncontrollable immigration has made this a mathematical certainty.
In London THREE out of every FOUR babies born are born to mothers who were NOT born here themselves.
In ONE maternity hospital alone there were 900 babies born to NON british mothers and the NHS did NOT get a single penny off them.
Thank god I am old enough so I will NOT see the islamification of Britain but it WILL happen.
The 2009 census clearly indicated that.