Dutton attacks “politically correct nonsense” about jihad terror

Peter Dutton accuses Bill Shorten of politically correct nonsense in Lebanese Muslim row

Never give credence to Muslim grievance theatre:

Labor MP and counter-terrorism expert Anny Aly, who was born in Egypt, says she’s received threatening emails.


Apart from the fact that this “counter-terrorism expert” never ‘deradicalised’ anyone, but got well paid for Islamic agitprop against the people of Australia, she is making up the most atrocious lies. If she received “threatening emails” let her prove it. In another article yesterday she made claims like ‘having been spat on’ which is not something Australians do. It is, to be blunt, a Mohammedan trait and quite common in their society.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has told a Labor MP who has received death threats in the wake of his comments about migrants that she should look to her own leader for answers.

If Anne Aly received ‘death threats’ let her prove it. 

Labor MP and counter-terrorism expert Anny Aly, who was born in Egypt, says she’s received threatening emails since Mr Dutton told parliament two-thirds of people recently charged with terrorism offences were of Muslim-Lebanese descent.

She may be a Labor MP, which is tragic. But she is certainly no “counter-terrorism expert”.

“The question she should be asking is of Bill Shorten, why did he seek to whip this up into an issue of political advantage for himself? Why did he seek to misrepresent my words?” Mr Dutton told reporters in Canberra on Thursday

The Labor party depends increasingly on the Muslim vote. This treacherous mob needs to be decommissioned.

Mr Dutton, when answering questions about Sudanese migrants last week, blamed Fraser government immigration policies for problems such as radicalisation and gang violence 30 years on.

He doubled down in parliament this week, saying that 22 of the 33 people most recently charged with terrorism offences were from “second- and third-generation Lebanese Muslim backgrounds”.

“I’m not going to step back from this,” Mr Dutton saidtoday, insisting he wanted an honest discussion and that his words had been factual. “I’m not going to be intimidated or misrepresented by somebody like Bill Shorten.”

Bill’s ‘politically correct nonsense’

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has fought back over the Lebanese Muslim row, saying millions of Australians wanted an “honest discussion” on migration from their politicians instead of the “politically correct nonsense language” employed by Bill Shorten.

The row stems from Mr Dutton’s statement that of the last 33 people to have been charged with terrorist-related offences, 22 were from a second and third generation Lebanese-Muslim background.

Referring to the Lebanese Muslim community, Mr Dutton told parliament this week: “I am not going to allow people who are hardworking, who have done the right thing by this country, who have contributed, who have worked hard and who have educated their children, to be ­defined by those people who have done the wrong thing.”

Speaking to 2GB radio today, Mr Dutton said it was important to deal with issues “carefully, responsibly but honestly,” and accused Mr Shorten of misrepresenting him in an attempt to turn the issue into a political advantage for Labor.

“I’m not going to be dishonest in this discussion,” he said. “I’ve spoken the truth. What’s happened though is Bill Shorten … sought to completely represent what I said. And the point that I was making is that we should call out the small number within the community, within the Lebanese community who are doing the wrong thing.”

Not every Muslim is a terrorist, but….

“If we do that we can hold up the vast majority of people within the Lebanese community who work as hard as you and I do, who have contributed to Australian society, who are captains of industry, people that have worked hard, provided their kids with an education.

“They are being besmirched, those good people are being besmirched by these people in the Lebanese community who have done the wrong thing.”

Speaking in parliament house after the interview, Mr Dutton took aim at the Greens and accused them of labelling him a racist and a bigot. Earlier today Greens Senator Nick McKim conceded Mr Dutton had not made any errors of fact in his comments on Lebanese Muslims.

Mr Dutton said that Mr Shorten had now been “caught out” trying to manipulate his comments on Lebanese Muslims in a “deceptive,” “underhanded” and “tricky” manner.

“He’s out conducting himself in a dishonourable way,” Mr Dutton said. “It’s backfired on him.”

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  1. Poor Ann Aly is at it again.
    Receiving hate mail and now death threats.Oh Dear!


    “A few days ago I wrote some commentary here at Jihad Watch on an article about a Muslim professor in Australia, Anne Aly. I showed with quotes from the Qur’an and other Islamic sources that the article was filled with half-truths, distortions, and outright falsehoods about Islam. Apparently, someone posted her email address in the comments field here, and now there is an article in “The West Australian” about how poor Professor Aly has received…hate mail.”…….

    and the original story


  2. Thanks for that. Much appreciated. This ‘deradicalisation expert’ is a nasty piece of work. A mendacious, conniving grievance monger filled with hatred and lies against the silly kuffars who took her in.

  3. More Muhammadan Trash Anne Aly lies (just 2 of ∞) …

    Muhammadan Trash Anne Aly’s Lie 1 of ∞ …
    I was just really speaking out against some of the false assumptions about my religion” Dr Aly said. [sic]
    Muhammadan Trash Aly’s Reality 1 …
    something that is NOT a false assumption about your religion …
    are islams three tenets …
    The Three Tenets of islam …
    (ie. the MASTER DEMANDS of islam)
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    … It’s in the Qur’an Muhammadan Trash Anne Aly !!!

    Muhammadan Trash Anne Aly’s Lie 2 of ∞ …
    But what they (the hate groups) really want is for me to denounce my religion.” [sic]
    Muhammadan Trash Aly’s Reality 2 …
    Denouncement NOT wanted …
    If you denounced your religion Muhammadan Trash …
    What is MOST wanted Muhammadan Trash Anne Aly is for you to be PURGED !!!

    islam its Muhammadans and islam assistors MUST be PURGED !!!
    1. Purge islam appeasing ‘(Shadow Government) Cultural Marxist Dictators … “Globally” !!!
    …… (ie. OURelected‘ politicians true masters)
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