Muslim Brotherhood: “Why Can’t We Have A Revolution In America?”…”Allah Promised Us VICTORY!!”

CAIR calls the believers to team up with Black Lives Matter to defeat white America. No racism to see here.

Mohammedan infil-traitors in the U.S. are clearly engaged in treason and subversion. What will Trump do about it?

DC imam: “We’re going to invite people to a little sweetie-pie Islam…We have to rescue the poor, dumb American people”

“We are going to invite people to Islam… It may be a little sweetie-pie Islam, but it will be fine. It’s good enough. We have to rescue the poor, dumb American people.”

What an interesting way to put it. One might almost get the impression that he means to conceal the violent and hateful aspects of Islamic texts and teachings from those whom he is trying to convert.

Imam Musa wants to establish an “Islamic State of North America no later than 2050.” He also thinks Daniel Pipes and I hacked his web page.

“Washington D.C. Imam Abdul Alim Musa: Zionists Brought Trump, Like Hitler, to Power; We Have to Rescue the Poor Dumb Americans,” MEMRI, November 18, 2016:

Washington, D.C. Imam Abdul Alim Musa discussed the results of the U.S. presidential election in his November 18 Friday sermon at the Al-Islam Mosque in the city. The Zionists have “created a ‘Hitlerian’ environment in the U.S,” said Imam Musa. He accused “the Zionists” of carrying out the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center and framing the Muslims, and of treating the Palestinians “exactly like the Nazis treated the Europeans.” The sermon was posted on the YouTube channel of Imam Musa’s As-Sabiqun organization. The Arkansas-born imam is the director and founder of As-Sabiqun and of the Islamic Institute of Counter-Zionist American Psychological Warfare, and is also a member of the Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought.

Imam Abdul Alim Musa: “The Zionists began to bomb, murder, and destroy buildings. In 1993, they did the first World Trade Center [attack] and blamed it on us, and then we got all the security acts that we have now, basically. Then the Muslims began to get scared, and they set the Muslims up real good. We say they created a ‘Hitlerian’ environment. A ‘Hitlerian’ environment is an environment in America exactly like the one that existed in Germany before World War II. What do we mean by that?

“You think Donald Trump is the first madman to be openly elected no matter what he says or does? He is not! Now, Adolf Hitler, in 1933, was selected chancellor of Germany, right? He burned the Reichstag – that is, the congress building – and blamed it on you-know-who. That gave him führership, to defend the Fatherland, Deutschland – isn’t that right? To defend the Fatherland against all enemies.


“What is a ‘Hitlerian’ environment? A ‘Hitlerian’ environment is a policy of the past glory of a people up in smoke, and they create an environment where they bring a person to the forefront because an environment has been created for this. So they say: Oh, the poor white people voted for Trump to bring him in, to bring back the good old days when they were somebody. Well, they brought back Hitler, and they brought back what’s-his-name. What is his speech pattern? It is the same as Adolf Hitler. Who brought him to power? The Zionists brought him to power so they could maintain their global power. They will bring a fool to power any time they can to do their bidding. Isn’t that right? So they brought him to power.

“Now, here we are – the innocent Muslims. Who brought him to power? the people who know more about how he operated than anybody in the world, right? Remember the movies we saw about… in the late ’40s… throughout the ’50s and ’60s – the old movies on TV. They all talk about how the Nazis took over towns, and group punishment, and all of that. Do you know that the Zionists treat the Palestinians – word for word, minute for minute, letter for letter – exactly like the Nazis treated the Europeans? Exactly. No miss at all… He treats Palestinians exactly [the same way] – that is the Zionist.


“So they created a ‘Hitlerian’ environment, but that ‘Hitlerian’ environment is going to bring them down.


“What’s the final analysis? Because the world is being threatened by Zionists… They divide the people all up, and we are going to unify all the people. We are going to invite people to Islam… It may be a little sweetie-pie Islam, but it will be fine. It’s good enough. We have to rescue the poor, dumb American people. I’m not saying the Americans are dumb, but I mean, let’s be factual about it. Any trick they want to run – if they want to sell you something… ‘Do you want to buy the Brooklyn Bridge?’ White folks will by it, because they don’t think too much. And I don’t mean to be sounding racist – negroes ain’t no better, just so you know.”

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  1. I love it. You can’t make this stuff up. Dhimmi America! Submissive to Islam! Aya! I have to prepare a spray bottle filled with pigs blood just to be sure I can clear an area around me.

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