German talk show slammed after niqab-clad guest ‘blames JIHAD on Islamophobic westerners’

THIS is the outrageous moment a niqab-clad woman appears to justify young Muslims’s decision to go to Syria and fight alongside jihadists because they “feel suppressed in non-Muslim countries”.

Anne Will, a popular German talk show, has been heavily criticised after it aired the segment with Nora Illi, the Muslim women’s commissioner for the Islamic Central Council Switzerland (IZRS), on Sunday evening.

During the show, Mrs Illi was accused of promoting jihad and spreading war propaganda after she expressed she understood why young Muslims would feel the urge to travel to “the Holy Land” to fight.

Talkshow host Ms Will asked the niqab-clad woman: “Mrs Illi, are you encouraging young people to join the Holy War because you’re saying I can understand that young people worldwide, as you’re writing, see themselves facing massive repressions and the temptation to escape this misery is therefore great?”

Blaming it on the youths being excluded from society, she replied: “No, I’m trying to show with this that, for example, all future aspects were taken from a young woman who I was also in contact with.

She wasn’t able to find an apprenticeship, she had problems at home with her family, all of this has been mentioned before and out of these repressions she has experienced. For example, that she couldn’t find an apprenticeship because of her headscarf, that she was constantly exposed to Islamophobic attacks from society, that was her motivation.

“She felt excluded from society and wanted to escape. And then Syria, being the Promised Land, seemed like the only way out to her.”

Cutting off Mrs Illi, Ahmad Mansour, an Islamist expert and psychologist, who was also invited onto the show, snapped that this was propaganda.

He said: “No, no, this is propaganda, excuse me…”

Nora IlliARD

Mrs Illi expressed she understood why young Muslims would feel the urge to travel Syria

Despite the protest, Mrs Illi continued to explain that girls were lured down to the war-ridden country by promises of a better life.

She added the best thing parents could do was to stay in touch with their children and try to be understanding as to why they joined the jihadis.

However, the Islamist expert blasted Mrs Illi’s defence of youths joining terrorists in Syria.

Mr Mansour said: “Of course we have to give the children the feeling that there is an address if they have doubts or want to return. But this here is propaganda.

“This is a clear call for people to go to Syria. You can’t do this on public television.

“It’s not allowed! This is not a dialogue, this is an open war-propaganda!”

The clash on the show, which was broadcast at prime time on German channel ARD, was sparked after the anchor read out an excerpt from an essay written by Mrs Illi, which was published on the Council’s website back in 2014.

In the piece, Mrs Illi defended young Muslims travelling to Syria to aid terrorists because they feel excluded and suppressed in non-Muslim countries.

After the interview aired, which also featured a father who lost his daughter to ISIS, a Berlin-based imam and a CDU politician, who has lobbied for a ban on full-face veils, the show has been widely criticised and accused of giving a voice to Islamist propaganda.


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  1. It would be so marvellous if they would all pack up and walk back to Syria and leave Western europe alone .
    Nobody asked them to come and they were given a Christian warm welcome and since then the battle has begun in mosques and schools and shops. It is madness to have the muslims tell us what we do wrong.If they feel not happy,pack up and go back to where you come from,

  2. Having a list of preferences of treatment and facilities to be supplied by the host country just indicates their lack of honesty regarding their ‘refugee’ status and total lack of gratitude for he welcome they have received thus far..

  3. Is there no shame on this TV host to interview a women for TV who does not show her face !

    If you want to be anti-social and not show your face do not come on TV or the TV should not allow you.

    It is not radio but TV.

    What is wrong with the west?

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