Hate crime: “double-takes and not-so-nice looks” causing Mustard hysteria

If you don’t like jihad, terror, Islam, Muslims, polygamy, child-marriage, honor-killings, murder of apostates & cartoonists, if you dislike taqiyya gigolos like Wally you must be “crazy”.  Or you will be accursed of being a ‘racist-bigot’, not to mention that imaginary disease that lives rent free  in the heads of leftioids & Muselmaniacs: “Islamophobia”.

Wally: Stop calling Donald Trump crazy!
Funny how a corrupt swine like Kevin Barrett,  a traitor and a sellout, becomes an “American scholar” on Iran Press TV:
US President-elect Donald Trump and retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn are planning to spread fear of Islam to forward their own agenda, says Kevin Barrett, an American scholar.
More hysteria about what Kuffar do or might do in the age of Trump:

Scary stories of what Kuffar do or might do to the false prophet’s unfortunate slaves, causes them to lie incessantly:

Tense  is the mood in the community. “What scares us is not that Trump is a racist,” she said. “It’s that so many people supported him, and you don’t know if they’re on the street or … blah blah…”—More Kuffarphobia at Texas Observer thanks to Mullah (pbuh)

More hysteria from the Mustard camp:

Victoria Abdelfattah, a Muslim and member of Pantsuit Nation, said she has not been physically harassed but has seen “more double-takes and not-so-nice looks” since the election.

“It has caused a lot more divisiveness,” she said. “But I’m not going to let this hate run my life.” …


More hedjabbery pantsuitery at The Charlotte Observer

Trump: Shariah law and Constitution don’t mix
President-elect Donald Trump is about to send a message loud and clear that Islam’s “Shariah [law is] incompatible with [the United States] Constitution” as he prepares to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group.

“The Muslim Brotherhood’s days of influencing the United States government may be coming to an end, and those who are expert in the field of Islamist activism and the threat of terror are pleased,” WND reports. “President-elect Donald Trump is reportedly preparing to jumpstart a bill in Congress that would ban the Muslim Brotherhood by declaring it a terrorist organization.”