Please explain: why does Australia blow $90m to “educate Muslim children” in Mindanao?

The Turncoat gubmint is pressing on with a $90m aid project “to educate Muslim children” in war-torn parts of the southern Philippines, even though the money will head straight into the turf of the region’s worst terror group.

Is this really a wise investment?
Norwegian hostage Kjartan Sekkingstad, left, was freed after a year of jungle captivity where he was constantly threatened with beheading by his captors, the Abu Sayyaf group. (Pic: AP/Manman Dejeto)

The money will be directed to the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, home to the Abu Sayyaf Group, which has sworn allegiance to the Islamic State.

The Jihadist terror group kidnaps foreign nationals, executing them if huge ransoms are not paid.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade calls it a nine year “peace-building project” between rebel groups and the Philippines government to educate children studying at fundamentalist madrasah, or Islamic schools.

This is too bizarre by any stretch of the imagination. Australian taxpayer dollars are squandered to breed Muslim killer zombies in  jihad-factories?  Stop the planet. I want to get off.

DFAT has identified the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, currently in stop-start peace talks after decades of war, as key to the program’s success, hoping it will prove constructive participants. But Abu Sayyaf is not a player in the talks and runs riot across the Mindanao area, which DFAT has declared a total no-go zone for Australian travellers.

Abu Sabaya, leader of the Abu Sayyaf terrorism group, is pictured here in 2000. (Pic: AP)

DFAT told News Corp that its previous aid efforts in Mindanao had “resulted in as many as 76,000 children now being able to attend school who previously had no access to education.”

That’s BS. Islamic ‘education’ is no education at all. A madrasah is nothing but a terror factory, where the minds of gullible children are filled with  a doctrine of genocidal hatred of disbelievers. It is ridiculous to finance that. Advocates of this madness should be put up against the wall and shot.

Earlier programs mainly assisted older kids with vocational training to hopefully divert them from taking up with terrorist or separatist armies.

This time, the funds will target younger children in madrasah, or madaris (Islamic schools).

The program will deliver a “conflict-sensitive basic education curriculum” from kindergarten to Grade 3; and try to improve the quality of Muslim teachers by turning them into “peace builders”.

Wishful thinking. Under the eyes of Abu Sayyaf? Will never happen.

But peace is fleeting in the autonomous Muslim region.

Either you have Islam or you have peace. 

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte — who comes from the Mindanao city of Davao, where a market was bombed in September, killing 14 — last month declared the “lawless” region under a state of emergency.

He identified a recent spate of “abductions, hostage-takings and murder of innocent civilians, bombing of power transmission facilities, highway robberies and extortions, attacks on military outposts, assassinations of media people and mass jailbreaks”.

There are ways to deal with this. 

With Abu Sayyaf’s switch to ISIS, and fears it will shelter jihadists returning from Syria and Iraq, it is hard to picture this region as a place of positive education outcomes.

Either way there will be no “positive education outcomes.”

The project, “Education Pathways to Peace in Conflict-Affected Areas of Mindanao”, due to start in 2017, will require contractors to budget for armed security — paid for by Australia.

DFAT rejected concerns raised by News Corp that schools taking Australian money could become targets of Abu Sayyaf.

You bet it will be.

Canadian Robert Hall is the latest westerner (and second Canadian) executed by Abu Sayyaf. He was beheaded in June after his government refused to pay a ransom. Abu Sayyaf posted the video online.

Australian Warren Rodwell was released in 2013 after his family paid a ransom. He was held for two years on Mindanao.

Again: there are ways to deal with this. If Duterte does what he says and ignores the ‘human rights’ shysters he has a chance the cleanse the Philippines of this scourge.  But it is highly doubtful that he’ll see it through.

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  1. Our political Cowards (euphemistically referred to as “Leaders”) are financing our not-so-far-away colonisation by Indonesia. We will be the white trash serving that violent mob who is spreading the contageous cancer that is islam.

  2. Survey says: the same way certain politicians unjustly proxied over 100M of Aussie money to the Clinton “Foundation”.

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