Meet with us or be quiet: Lebanese community issues demand to Dutton

Once again, the hide and the hubris of Muselmaniacs on display: just what in the world makes them think they can summons and grill  the immigration minister? What gives them the right to tell Minister Peter Dutton to “meet with us or be quiet?’

Rachel Olding /Heath Aston/Sydney Moonbat Herald

Lebanese Australians have demanded Immigration Minister Peter Dutton release the ethnic backgrounds of other criminal offenders or explain why he chose to “demonise” and “further alienate” their community in his comments to Parliament.

Mr Dutton said that the Fraser government had made mistakes in letting some migrants into Australia from the Lebanese Civil War in the 1970s, referring to advice that 22 of 33 terrorism offenders were second and third-generation Lebanese-Muslim Australians.

Muslim Lebanese Australians hit back at Peter Dutton
Lebanese Muslims have hit back at Immigration Minister Peter Dutton after he said too many were let in to Australia and linked them to homegrown terrorism.

Ethnic communities are mobilising against Mr Dutton with 30 Lebanese organisations, including the Lebanese Muslim Association and Lebanese Community Council, meeting in Auburn on Friday night to discuss his comments.

Several community leaders said the comments reverse years of hard work in building cohesion and belittle the entire community.

No. These “years of hard work” did not build anything. This is a community that has become a danger for us all. Their leaders need to be put on the stand. It is high time to call them out, to tell them to shape up or ship out.

One leader, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitive nature of his work, said Lebanese Muslims were over-represented in the criminal system but the comments were an unhelpful smear.

The truth is not a smear. The truth is the truth.

“Yes it is true that Lebanese Muslims may make up a bigger percentage of those charged with terrorist offences, but they only make up 0.01 per cent of those Australians of Lebanese Muslim background. His comments are a smear on the 99.99 per cent of Australian Lebanese Muslims who are resiliently getting on with life despite the constant attacks on their identity,” he said.

Not all Nazis killed Jews and Hitler liked children and dogs. Argumentum ad sequitur.

“If Mr Dutton wants to play this game perhaps he can release the top three cultural backgrounds of the perpetrators of domestic violence, drunken assaults, paedophilia and rape. He might find the numbers slightly over representative of his own cultural cohort – white males,” he said.

Its not a game, its deadly serious. Tu quoque (you do it too) is not a defense, its a logical fallacy.

In a fiery escalation of its response to Mr Dutton, the LMA demanded that Mr Dutton either meet with the community for an “open discussion” or “remain silent”.

How dare these despicable throwbacks tell a sitting minister to “remain silent”when he represents the interests of the people of Australia?

A spokesman said the fact Lebanese organisations have never been contacted to discuss the issues raised by the minister is “an indictment on Mr Dutton himself and his office”.

The minister doesn’t answer to Muslims. He answers to the people of Australia and to parliament.

“Mr Dutton is clearly not interested in having an open and honest discussion on the topic,” the association said.

“Mr Dutton and his office have gone so far as to block the LMA on social media platforms in an attempt to maintain his disregard for the community he so easily denigrates.”

“Block the LMA on social media platforms?” Unlikely. Mohammedans can use the internet just like anyone else.

The LMA listed 12 questions for Mr Dutton and said the “derogatory statements” have left the community “alienated and further marginalised”.

They are “alienated” -, they are aliens. Mohammedans are not “marginalized”:  they reject us, our society, our culture and civilization.

Several prominent Lebanese Australians tweeted their disgust at the comments including lawyer Adam Houda, who said it “plays right into the ISIS ‘us and them’ rhetoric”.

No. It doesn’t.

Fairfax Media reported on Friday that deradicalisation experts feared Mr Dutton’s comments would “create the terrorist of the future” by jeopardising crucial relationships with Islamic communities and families.

Beware of “deradicalisation experts”, they are naive tosspots who are clueless about the islamic game plan.

Labor MP and counter-terrorism academic Anne Aly said there has never been a successful or effective profile of “who becomes a terrorist”.

Give a Muslim a mosque, a qur’an, an imam and you got all that’s needed. Its not rocket science.

“Minister Dutton’s comments … show that he does not understand this most basic fact of counter-terrorism,” she said.

Perhaps the minister is wise enough not to buy his islam from a Mohammedan female who weasels and lies.

A spokeswoman for Mr Dutton said: “Neither the minister nor his office have received a request to meet with the Lebanese Muslim Association (LMA) to discuss their concerns.”

Which wouldn’t surprise anyone.

She added that the LMA has not been blocked on the minister’s social media accounts.

There you go. Lies, lies and more lies.

4 thoughts on “Meet with us or be quiet: Lebanese community issues demand to Dutton”

  1. “Several community leaders said the comments reverse years of hard work in building cohesion …..”

    I always ask myself where are the results?

  2. Meet with us or be quiet: Lebanese (not only Muhammadan?) community issues demand to Dutton
    Simples …
    Muhammadans …
    go back to where you came from and take your (also) criminal protege with you !!!

    1. Purge islam appeasing ‘(Shadow Government) Cultural Marxist Dictators …Globally” !!!
    …… (ie. OURelected‘ politicians true masters)
    2. Purge islam appeasers … Globally” !!!
    …… (ie. OUR politicians, politicals, local government councilors and “Suicidal Humanists” who assist the islam invasion)
    3. Purge islam … Globally” !!!
    …… (ie. the islam emulators [by their own choice] … of a Criminal & Trash Muhammad)
    4. Pulverise every mosque … Globally” !!!

    5a. STOP immigration into Australia of non-islam African Tribals (aka Sudanese) and …
    5b. Expel non-islam African Tribals (aka Sudanese) from Australia …
    for crime/violence reduction in Australia” !!!

    (The Reality: one phone call/message from one non-islam African Tribal (aka Sudanese) individual in a current criminal act … sees the whole tribe threateningly descend with criminal intent upon the current crime scene)

  3. I agree that the minister’s statistics do not represent the true scale of the problem. How about we include car jackings, ATM attacks, assaults, murders, welfare fraud, rapes, ‘road rage’ incidents, (graveyard and church) vandalism, gun running,
    As well as drug manufacture and drug distribution in a more comprehensive study?
    This would surely give a more accurate appraisal of the Muslim lebanese ‘community.’
    Note that the Muslim’ s celebrity lawyer, Adam houda , has issued what appears to be a threat – ” don’t criticize or question us or we will join Isis”.

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