Muslim “refugee” from Burma injures bank customers in explosion



Yesterday’s alleged bank-burning attempted murderer turns out to be an Islamic asylum seeker who may have been upset over a delayed welfare payment. There’s a shock.

Ignore the crime; just think of the delicious food:

A scribbler from al AGE tells us to Ignore the global jihad and the criminal aggression of the Mohammedans. Just think about the culinary enrichment: where would we be without it?

 “Australian food got orders of magnitude more delicious”.

Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun

To repeat: our “refugee” program puts Australians in danger by importing people who will clearly struggle to fit in. The latest evidence: a Muslim asylum seeker from Burma blows up people at a bank in Melbourne.

The attack:

ANGST about money may have led a man to set himself alight inside a Commonwealth Bank branch in southeast Melbourne, putting himself and 26 others in hospital…

The horrifying incident left several people, including toddlers and elderly customers, badly hurt.

The suspect:

THE man who allegedly set himself on fire in a suburban Melbourne bank is believed to be a refugee from Myanmar, also known as Burma, living in Australia on a bridging visa.

Sources told the Herald Sun that the 21-year-old arrived on one of the 300 boats carrying more than 20,000 Illegal Maritime Arrivals (IMAs) in 2013 under the Gillard-Rudd government. The alleged attacker was transferred to Christmas Island before settling in Melbourne on a bridging visa, which allowed him to temporarily live in the community while his claim was processed…

Most people on bridging visas have been granted work rights but are not eligible for full welfare payments, or given access to public housing…

The Herald Sun understands the man involved in yesterday’s attack had been invited to apply for a TPV — giving him a guaranteed right to work, and access to social security payments and public housing — but he was yet to do so…

It is believed he is a member of the Rohingya minority, a Muslim Indo-Aryan people who live mainly in the Rakhine state of Myanmar.

No such thing. “Rohingya” is an invented word for Muslim invaders from Bengal & Bangladesh, who somehow managed to settle in Burma. (SY)

Editorial from The Bolt Report on Thursday, the day before the attack


The Age omits any reference to the suspect being a “refugee” or Muslim.

Instead, it carries an article childishly abusing the Immigration Minister for suggesting mistakes were made in importing Muslim Lebanese refugees, given that a significant minority of them or their children have turned to crime, bikie gangs and jihadism. The smart-alec author tells us the number of Lebanese Australians who have since joined the Islamic State “as not enormous” and we should remember with immigration from that part of the world that “the main effect was that Australian food got orders of magnitude more delicious”.

Those in hospital today will I’m sure be glad that on their hospital tray will be some hummous.


A second Fairfax writer also damns the Immigration Minister for suggesting it was a “mistake” for then Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser to import so many people from the Lebanese civil war despite warnings from his Immigation Department that many would struggle to fit in. Mark Kenny seems appalled by the idea that it was indeed a mistake, despite the fact that more than half the terrorists we’ve since jailed here are from Lebanese families, scores of Lebanese Australians have joined the Islamic State, Lebanese Australians appointed hate-preacher Sheik Hilali to their Lakemba mosque and made him Grand Mufti, bikie gangs have recruited heavily among Lebanese Australians, crime and welfare rates among Lebanese Australians are high and Lebanese crime families are being a lot of gun crime in western Sydney and northern Melbourne.

If bringing in this community, rather than members of some of the others asking to come in, was not a mistake, could Kenny at least explain why before sanctimoniously declaring Dutton to be a bad person?

4 thoughts on “Muslim “refugee” from Burma injures bank customers in explosion”

  1. How many welfare dependent Vietnamese or Cambodian Buddhists have set fire to a bank over the last 40 years because f a late Centrelink payment?

    Muslims are fed bullshit their whole lives – and told they are the ‘best of peoples’. They move from their islamic paradises and get crapped off because they ‘re not getting their demands met or waited on hand and foot by the infidels in rest of the world . So they resort to the only real game in the muslim world – intimidation and violence.

    We of course are left to pic up the tab. How many of yesterday’s victims will have life long physical and mental/emotional scars brought about through the importation of people not equipped to live in a Western society.

    On another note – justifying importing lebanese muslims by saying we’ve got great food now? None of lebanese food is indigenous to Lebanon. And if we’d been a bit more patient and waited – the internet would still have arrived – and clowns like that author could have looked up tabouli recipes online.

  2. Must be crime 1,836,631,537 (an arbitrary # really to show a reality) committed by Mohammedans since islam arrived in Australia !

    Australia’s elected politicians are just as guilty of every crime committed by Mohammedans as is the criminal islam perpetrator itself !

    Explain this inciting statement fella !!!
    Australia’s elected politicians are STILL importing yet more Mohammedans for the islam invasion …
    as your read this comment !
    (this is despite politicians being CONTINUALLY AND CONSTANTLY warned by Australia’s Security Experts … “Not To Allow islam immigration”)

    Some relevant legal reason for internment of Australia’s politicians for TREASON are …
    • Accomplice guilty by their islam association
    • Accomplice guilty by their intent
    • Accomplice guilty by their action/inaction (culpability)
    • Accomplice guilty by their silence
    • Accomplice guilty by their stupidity (politicians in general)
    • Accomplice guilty because they are Mohammedan
    • Accomplice guilty by their islam assistance
    • Accomplice guilty by their islam ignorance

    There is no excuse for any politician to claim naivety of islam !
    Politicians are paid … to know !
    Then there is sedition and subversion !!!

    Now for the crimes committed by the Mohammedan invaders …

  3. Re food: We had Lebanese food before we got Lebanese Muslims; because we had Lebanese *Christians*, Maronite Catholics, in Australia, some of them as early as the late 19th century. I am sure that the Lebanese Christians are just as good cooks as any of the Muslims, and know how to do all the traditional Levantine dishes…without the extra dollop of hate and contempt for the kuffar stirred into the sauce.

    Similarly, I am sure that Hindu and Sikh and Christian immigrants from India can do brilliant Indian food (I’ve eaten same, at a dinner hosted by ethnically-Indian Christians, in Sydney); no need to import *Muslims* specifically, to have Indian cookery.

    1. That extra “dollop of hate and contempt for the kuffar” is often more than just that. Mohammedans have been caught mixing urine & feces into food meant for infidel consumption.

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