Seriously, what difference does it make?

Samantha Armytage criticises Waleed Aly for ‘misquote’

It is quite irrelevant what either of them says. Wally is an Islamo-agitprop, Bishop cannot be trusted on anything, and Armytage is a mere attention grabber. All of them refuse to go to the “root causes” of this.

samantha armytage waleed aly
Samantha Armytage thinks Waleed Aly should keep his opinions out of his work on The Project. Photo: Twitter/Network Ten


Its interesting that they put this into the entertainment section, isn’t it?

Sunrise host Samantha Armytage has taken aim at The Project panellist Waleed Aly on Twitter after Foreign Minister Julie Bishop accused him of misquoting Immigration Minister Peter Dutton.

Ignore the article, just focus on the last sentence:

“The vast majority of Lebanese-Australians are law-abiding, hard-working, good, decent people who are besmirched by a small element within their community who are doing the wrong thing.”

I beg to differ. That would have to be the vast majority of Christian Lebanese, not Muslims. Could it be that “the overwhelming majority of Lebanese Muslims in Australia” are not “hard-working, good, decent people?”  Isn’t it more likely that they carry with them an ideological baggage that rejects integration and assimilation and seeks to replace our society, our rule of law, equality of the sexes and liberty for all with Islam?

It is high time that we begin to understand that we cannot coexist. Not because we don’t want to, because Islam doesn’t allow it.