Who will rid us of this degenerate commie pope?

Who will rid us of this degenerate commie pope who aids and abets Islam for the lofty ideal of a most destructive humanitarian utopia?

Pope Francis and Lutheran leader: “We urge Lutherans and Catholics…to defend the rights of refugees”

There has been no greater advocate of mass Muslim migration into Europe than the purported head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis.  At a recent conference, he urged that “asylum seekers” be accepted, “through the acts of mercy that promote their integration into the European context and beyond.”* nopepope-francis-1024x723

Before we let Antonius continue with his refreshingly politically incorrect disquisition, we want to remind readers of two previous articles that have appeared here on the topic of the current pope, one that contrasted Pope John Paul II’s deep understanding of economics and economic freedom with the muddled socialism of Pope Francis (see A Tale of Two Popes for the details) and our critique of Francis’ green-red encyclical Laudatio Si – Sulla Cura Della Casa Commune (see Papal Eco-Hysteria for the details on that one). Frankly, we have no idea what possessed the College of Cardinals when it picked him. Since when does the Church feel a need to pander to the left?

Jorge Bergoglio is the “purported pope” of the Catholic Church because, as certain theologians have argued, he was neither validly ordained as a priest or consecrated as a bishop in the traditional Catholic rites of Holy Orders.  Since a pope must first be a bishop, in particular the bishop of Rome, Bergoglio cannot, therefore, be pope.

He is not a Catholic pope, but head of a new “Conciliar Church” which was concocted at the time of the Second Vatican Council (1962-65), actually an “Anti-council,” and in the tumultuous years that followed, which witnessed fundamental changes in doctrine and the Sacraments, most damaging the promulgation of the New Mass by Paul VI-Montini.

The New Church also did away with its traditional view on evangelization and conversions and adopted the previously condemned heresy of “syncretism,” which contends that “we all worship the same god,” and that “one religion is as good as another.”  This idea pervades post-Vatican II Catholicism and is what Francis bases most of his justification for the mass migration onto lands which once made up Christendom.

While Bergoglio cannot be pope on technical grounds, he is also disqualified for his blasphemies and heretical actions, words, and teachings, all of which have flowed at a breathtaking pace.  From the infamous, “who am I to judge,” about sodomites, to his alteration of two millennia of teaching on divorce and remarriage, to such whoppers as “God does not exist,” Bergoglio has placed himself “outside of the Church” and thus cannot hold ecclesiastical office and certainly not that of supreme pontiff.

Rotating Isabella 

Despite the overwhelming theological and empirical evidence that the Chair of St. Peter is vacant (sede vacante) and its restoration will take place in its Founder’s good time, for the vast majority of Catholics and the world at large, Jorge Bergoglio is pope and his actions have consequences.

And, since his promotion and support of mass Muslim migration is leading to not only the destruction of what is left of Western Civilization and the species which largely created that civilization – white, gentile, heterosexual men – Bergoglio and the organization which he represents, must be stopped.  If Pope Francis and his New World Order cohorts are not countered, whites, and the cultures which they built, will vanish.

Pope Blessed Urban II, who delivered a rousing speech in AD 1095 that inspired the first crusade.

 Painting by Francisco de Zurbarán

The Catholic Church is an integral part of Western Civilization even if Bergoglio and the pack of cultural Marxist prelates which surround him will not admit it.  It was the Church that preserved the heritage of Antiquity from the barbarian invasions during and after the fall of the Roman Empire.

Without the actions of the monks and other clerics, many of the classical works would have been lost forever, leaving future generations bereft of the wisdom and treasures of the Ancients.  It was the Church that was the indispensable part in the formulation of the greatest civilization known to mankind, Christendom.

Moreover, it was the Catholic Church, largely through the Papacy, that inspired the Crusades, which for a glorious time drove out the Muslims from the Holy Land and returned it to its rightful possessors.

It is undeniable that the Catholic Faith (which Bergoglio is supposedly its chief representative) inspired numerous European sovereigns, most notably Queen Isabella, to take up arms against the Mohammedans.  It was her faith which drove the heroic queen to free the Iberian Peninsula from the Muslim yoke, which then allowed her to finance Christopher Columbus on his epic, world-changing voyage.

Queen Isabella I of Castile – she funded the famous 1492 voyage of Columbus, and on the side completed the Reconquista of Spain. Incidentally, during her reign the crime rate in Spain is said to have declined to its lowest level in ages.

Painting attributed to Gerard David

Yet, Bergoglio and his fellow heretical Churchmen assiduously avoid any reminiscing of such facts and instead are deliberately encouraging Muslim migration into the lands that Europeans spilled blood and sacrificed treasures to defend – Queen Isabella must be turning over in her grave!


If Western Civilization is to be salvaged, those who seek its destruction must be removed from their positions of authority and influence.  Whether through political means, armed revolt, or de-legitimization, those who hold such power must be toppled.  Exposing “Pope Francis” for what he is, or is not, will go a long way in that most vital and necessary task.

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  1. This is where christianity had to end up eventually anyway, since it’s always been a “soft” extortion racket where they pretend a “god” is needed to remove the spiritual stain of “sin” from one’s “soul,” lest one burn in hell for all time. Either admit “god” made you do it (just like islam) or accept responsibility and die forever.
    So you really end up having no rights to your own responsibility.

    i.e: Please give generously again – OR ELSE!

  2. This pope is telling Europeans to commit collective suicide by letting the Mohammedan hordes invade to destroy our culture and civilisation.

    Pope Francis denounces “politics of fear,” says “all walls fall”

    The “politics of fear” — here again, the Pope speaks as if fear were something always and in every case to be shunned, despised, and rejected. But is that really the case? The proper response to the jihad threat should not be fear, but determined resolution to stand for freedom; still, is fear really something that is tantamount to being morally wrong? If someone has a headache that lasts for days and goes to the doctor because he is afraid he has a serious illness, should the doctor say, “Go home and don’t give in to fear”? If a hiker is confronted by a hungry, ferocious lion, should he refuse to flee because that would be giving in to fear?

    “Mercy is the best antidote against fear.” And as for jihad terrorism, “the best antidote is love. Love heals everything.”

    Well, maybe. But I expect that right after the Pope puts a flower in the barrel of an Islamic State rifle, the Islamic State rifleman will pull the trigger.

    Note also that the Pope is much more exercised about the Trump proposals regarding immigration than about the Clinton campaign’s support for abortion, which the Catholic Church opposes on the basis of the fifth commandment. As I have noted before, the Catholic Church of today is more concerned about enforcing its policies on contemporary issues — such as its willfully ignorant fiction that Islam is a religion of peace — than it is with teaching and propagating its actual dogmas and doctrines.

    “Days Before U.S. Election, Pope Francis Warns Against Politics of Fear,” by Michael O’Loughlin, America Magazine, November 6, 2016:

    In a speech delivered at the Vatican just three days before the U.S. presidential election, Pope Francis urged social justice activists from around the world not to give into the politics of fear by building walls but instead work to build bridges.

    “Because fear—as well as being a good deal for the merchants of arms and death—weakens and destabilizes us, destroys our psychological and spiritual defenses, numbs us to the suffering of others,” he said.

    “In the end,” he continued, “it makes us cruel.”

    The pope did not mention the Nov. 8 U.S. election, but many of the themes he touched on have played out in debates between Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton in recent months.

    For example, the pope reiterated his plea for nations to respond more generously to the global refugee crisis, which he blamed on “an unjust socio-economic system and wars.”

    He pointed specifically to the hundreds of thousands of people who have died in the Mediterranean Sea seeking entry into Europe in recent years and, he said, “no one should be forced to flee their homeland.”…

    On the issue of migration more generally, Francis devoted several minutes of the speech to condemning “physical and social walls” that “close in some and exclude others.”

    Mr. Trump has proposed building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, which led to a tussle with the pope earlier this year.

    In February, following a visit to the border, the pope said in response to a question from a journalist that politicians who propose building walls instead of bridges are “not Christian,” leading to objections from the Trump campaign. The Vatican later clarified the remark, saying that the pope was not speaking about specific candidates….

    The pope said on Saturday that Christians should not give into the temptation to build walls, even in the face of “hateful and cowardly attacks,” a reference to global terrorism.

    “Dear Brothers and Sisters,” he said, “all walls fall.”…

    Francis said “mercy is the best antidote against fear” and that it “is much more effective than walls, that barbed wire fences, than alarms and arms, and it is free. It is the gift of God.”

    He also touched on the need for individuals at the grassroots level “to revitalize” democracy around the world that are imperiled due to “the enormous power of economic and media groups that seem to dominate” and repeated his condemnation of placing money above human beings.

    Christians have a duty, he said, to be active in political life, but he warned against corruption and arrogance.

    “Anyone who is too attached to material things or the mirror, who likes money, lush banquets, sumptuous mansions, refined suits, luxury cars,” he said, should avoid going into politics—as well as the seminary. Instead, political leaders must lead by example, living frugally and humbly.

    Francis also offered some advice on how to fight terrorism and oppression, saying, “the best antidote is love. Love heals everything.”

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