France: Muslim arrested for New Year’s Eve jihad massacre plot

The unrecognized, unacknowledged war in France continues. And it’s only getting started.

“Police in Toulouse arrest man suspected of plotting New Year’s Eve terror attack,” by Tom Porter, International Business Times, December 28, 2016:

Police in Toulouse in south-west France have arrested a man on suspected of planning to commit a terror attack on New Year’s Eve.

Two other people, one of whom is suspected of planning an attack on police officers, were arrested in Toulouse in a separate raid, a police source told Reuters.

Police told local media the suspects had been under police surveillance for several months.

It comes after a series of terror attacks by extremists connected with the Islamic State terror group in France, Germany and Belgium over the last year….

In other news:

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  1. One consideration, in a large Mosque it is easy to bug the conversations than in basement Mosquets.

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