Integration? Will never happen…

As they grow more numerous, they grow more honest in their ambitions. As Merkel said in another clip on this channel, It is the Germans who have to integrate with them.

Muslim activist group JUMA, in Germany states plainly that integration is not going to happen.

Muslim teens attack traditional Christmas parade in Austria
A group of young Muslim teens physically attacked parade goers during the annual Krampus parade during a procession near Salzburg on Tuesday night.  BY PAMELA GELLER

Muslims appeal to dumb females to don a hijab, to submit to acting stupid and to look happy doing it: 

How’s this for a lying taqiyya snake:

look how sincere and how sweet she looks, and yet she’s spreading nothing but poison and lies:

NYC: Muslima who claimed she was harassed by Trump supporters arrested for filing false report

This was yet another fake anti-Muslim hate crime that garnered international headlines without a murmur of skepticism from the establishment propaganda media. Pamela Geller took apart Yasmin Seweid’s flimsy story here — pointing out most notably that the alleged “Islamophobic harassment” took place in a crowded subway car, and yet in an age in which everyone has a phone and random incidents are captured on video all the time, there was no video of this incident, and indeed, no proof at all.


Remember this the next time you hear Loretta Lynch or someone else from the political establishment lamenting the supposed rise in anti-Muslim hate crimes. How many of these hate crimes are genuine? Anti-Muslim hate crimes that turn out to have been faked by Muslims are so numerous as to be commonplace.

But will the multitudes of “journalists” who breathlessly reported Yasmin Seweid’s initial claims now report that she has been arrested for lying about those claims? Of course not.

“Muslim Student Who Said She Was Harassed by Trump Supporters Charged With Filing False Report: Sources,” by Jonathan Dienst, NBC New York, December 14, 2016:

A New York college student who said she was harassed on a subway train earlier this month has been arrested, law enforcement sources told NBC 4 New York. 

Yasmin Seweid, 18, was charged with filing a false report after she told authorities three men called her a terrorist and chanted “Donald Trump” at her aboard the 23rd Street 4/5/6 subway station on Dec. 1.

The Baruch College student allegedly told police that she was approached by the trio and told to “get out of this country,” was called a terrorist aboard the train and told to “get the f****** hijab off your head!” She also alleged that one of the men grabbed her bag and broke the strap. 

Seweid posted to Facebook about the attack on Dec. 2, saying that “it breaks my heart that so many individuals chose to be bystanders while watching me get harassed verbally and physically by these disgusting pigs.”

She called the incident “traumatizing” and spoke with multiple news organizations about it….