Shall we let them in?

The utterly corrupt Islamo agitprop  Sam Dastyari is flinging shiite at Pauline Hanson because we are not importing  Mohammedan savages in large numbers.

Writes Pauline Hanson:

In the New Year will continue to push for a ban on Muslim immigration & a crackdown on #halal certification. #Merry Christmas Everyone!

Sam Dastyari Retweeted Pauline Hanson:



So this slimy little pissant suggests that we (or rather Pauline Hanson) are not nice people because we don’t want to be flooded by Mohammedan rapefugees.

Here’s a great article by Hugh Fitzgerald about how Mohammedan hospitality works. Do yourself a favor and read it:

“What would happen if the Virgin Mary came to Bethlehem today?”

That’s easy.

Mary, Joseph, and the baby they are about to have are all, of course, Jewish. And if the Virgin Mary (presumably with Joseph) were to arrive in Bethlehem today, and arrived without the IDF around them, in a place now controlled by the kind of Palestinian Muslim Arabs who are there now, they would be killed on the spot.

Vile Muslim anti-Israel propaganda

Someone among the killers would think to cut the baby out of Mary, and raise him, the baby Jesus, as a Palestinian Arab and good Muslim. And come to think of it, that is exactly what Islam does when it appropriates, and changes, the Jesus of Christianity for the Jesus of Islam, about which Karen Armstrong is such an enthusiast.

That’s what would happen if a Jewish girl, the Virgin Mary, arrived nine months pregnant, and with labor pains beginning, anywhere that “Palestinian Arabs” were free to do what they do to any Israeli who happens to wander or stumble or arrive, unprotected, in their midst today. And if you need evidence for that, start with any number of Israeli hitchhikers picked up and murdered, or those two Israeli boys beaten to death in a cave, or those two Israeli reservists who took a wrong turn into Ramallah and were lynched, as those who killed them and gouged out their eyes held up their bloody hands to a crowd below hysterical with its own happiness and hate, or those four little Jewish girls sitting in their car, methodically shot to death, one by one, by one more brave hero — hailed as a hero, held up as a model — of the “Palestinian resistance.”–Hugh Fitzgerald

Sorry Revisionists, Joseph and Mary were Jews, Herod was an Arab
Herod was the son of an Idumean Arab father and a Nabatean Arab mother—FRONTPAGEMAG.COM

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