“This is our country. We’re not going anywhere”, said Mr Mohammed

“This is not an easy time for America’s Islamic community” says Abdulraouf Alkhawaldeh, the visiting imam.

A whole lot of BS about ‘how hard” it all is, spiked with some hijab tugging tales thrown in for free.

US Muslim communities resilient as they face uncertain future
Protesters in Manhattan, New York,on November 12 after Donald Trump’s victory. (Photo by Albin Lohr-Jones)

US Muslim communities resilient as they face uncertain future

“Uncertain future” is a recurring meme in the lame stream media, especially when it comes to Mohammedans. Not much is certain these days…


…..while much of America is still processing how a bombastic billionaire with no political experience can become president, Charlotte’s Muslim leaders have begun plotting their way through the uncharted territory.

Plotting? They are experts at plotting, that much is true.

Hussein Obama: Stigmatizing Muslims ‘Feeds the Terrorist Narrative’

That, actually, is the terrorist narrative.


… “We are fighting terrorists who claim to fight on behalf of Islam, but do they do not speak for over a billion Muslims around the world,” Obama said. “If we stigmatize Muslims, that just feeds the terrorist narrative.” …

He is so full of shiite. He is made of it.

Peppa Pig a corrupting influence for Muslim children, say leaders


Australian Islamic leaders have urged parents to embrace ­religious cartoons, including an alternative to Peppa Pig set in a “predominately Muslim town”, to avoid youth being corrupted by mainstream children’s shows. …More Peppaphobia at The Australian, thanks to Mullah

Muslim Council of Britain: It’s Up to White British to Integrate, Not Muslims


A senior representative of the Muslim Council of Britain has said that white British people have a responsibility to integrate more to prevent communities becoming ghettoised. …

More on the failure to integrate aBreitbart, thanks to Mullah (pbuh)