Australian Headchopper Khaled Sharrouf First to Lose Citizenship

Australia: Islamic State Jihadist Khaled Sharrouf Becomes First to Lose Citizenship Under Anti-Terror Laws

As reported for the ABC by Jane Norman and Caitlyn Gribbin. (Thanks to the intrepid Cristina McIntosh)

“Islamic State Fighter Khaled Sharrouf Becomes First to Lose Citizenship Under Anti-Terror Laws.”

That should be “Counter-Jihad Laws”. – CM

‘Australian (sic: “Aussie-passport-holding” – CM) Islamic State (IS) fighter Khaled Sharrouf has become the first dual-national to be stripped of their [Australian] citizenship, under the Federal Government’s anti-terror laws.

‘National security sources confirmed to the ABC that the 35 year old’s citizenship had been revoked, meaning that he cannot legally return to Australia if he chooses to leave the Middle East.

Excellent news.  That’s one sorted.  Now for all the others... CM

‘The convicted terrorist slipped out of Australia in 2013 using his brother’s passport, and travelled to Syria with fellow Sydney man (that would be “Sydney-resident Muslim man” – CM) Mohamed Elomar to join the Islamic State terrorist group.

Indulging their bloody Caliphate dreams. – CM

“The pair shot to global infamy (well, infamy at least amongst Infidels; the Muslim reaction was not necessarily one of horror, I would hazard the guess – CM) the following year when photos were posted online of them, and Sharrouf’s seven-year-old son, holding the severed heads of pro-Syrian Government soldiers.

Murdered because of being deemed infidel/ apostate. – CM

“Amid concerns (understatement of the year; I would have said, rather, “well-founded fears” – CM) about the threat posed by returning foreign fighters (‘by Aussie-passport-holding Muslim jihadi terrorists “blooded” in overseas jihad hotspots’ – CM) Federal Parliament passed tough counter-terrorism laws in 2015, giving the Immigration Minister the power to strip the citizenship from dual-nationals involved in terrorism.

‘A spokeswoman for Immigration Minister Peter Dutton confirmed that a person involved in overseas terrorism had had their citizenship cancelled, but would not reveal that person’s identity.

‘Sharrouf is one of Australia’s most notorious terrorists.

Arrested in 2005 as part of ‘Operation Pendennis’, he was later convicted over the biggest terrorism plot (Muslim plot to mass-murder Infidels – CM) in Australian history, and served nearly four years in prison.

“Nearly four years”???  A mere slap on the wrist.  He should have been stripped of his Aussie citizenship and deported, back then, at the end of that first jail sentence. Better still, he – or his Muslim parents – should never have been let into Australia in the first place.  Got Muslims? Got Jihad. 

For more on Sharrouf, and just how stupid a decision it was to let Muslims settle in Australia – first generation apparently (or mostly) ‘peaceful’; next generation Goes Jihad – see the following article, which appeared in 2014.  It’s a bit better than most of its kind, but the headline – ‘How a regular suburban kid put his faith in a killer cult’ – is deeply misleading.  He was, because Muslim, never ‘a regular suburban kid’, if one interprets ‘regular’ to mean ‘just like all the Infidel suburban kids around him’.  And it is not just Islamic State that is the ‘killer cult’.   Islam itself is, and always has been, a killer cult, or, as Churchill put it, “the religion of blood and war”.

And so, back to our ABC report.

“After leaving Australia to join I. S., he and Elomar posted messages on social media chronicling their extremist behaviour (their observance of the Sunnah, or canonical example set by Mohammed the Warlord – CM) and were accused of enslaving women from the Yazidi religious minority in Northern Iraq.

Mohammed raped non-Muslim women who had been seized as ‘war booty’ – to wit, Rayhana and Safiyya. So in raping and enslaving non-Muslim women these two Mohammedan thugs were doing no differently from the founder of their cult. – CM

‘The pair were reportedly killed in a drone strike in Mosul in 2015, but it was later confirmed that Sharrouf had in fact survived.

‘Sharrouf’s wife, Tara Nettleton, and five Australian-born children joined him when he moved to the Middle East.

‘Nettleton has since died, and the fate of their children remains unclear.

Any child older than about three has been pickled in pure Islam, and has probably been watching beheading videos rather than “Playschool’ or “Teletubbies’.  Their Aussie citizenship should also be annulled. – CM

‘This is the first time the controversial legislation (which, in the case of jihadis, should not be controversial at all; it is commonsense – CM) has been used and can be tested.

‘Lawyers have previously raised concerns about its constitutionality, fairness, and transparency.

‘The Federal Government believes that more than 100 Australians (sic: “Aussie-passport-holding Muslims” – CM) are fighting alongside terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria.

‘Many of them could be targeted under the anti-terror legislation.”

Well, I certainly hope that they are targeted.  Precautionary principle.  Annul their infidel-country citizenship, for which in any case they have nothing but enmity and contempt, as they have abundantly demonstrated by their decision to swear allegiance to the Caliphate, or to whatever other jihad-waging Muslim mob of thugs they have joined.  They must not be permitted back inside Australia’s gates; for if they are let back in, then sooner or later, some at least will attempt to mass-murder infidels here, and sooner or later, one or more will succeed, and a lot of innocent people will perish horribly.  I value the lives of my fellow Aussie infidels far more highly than I value the lives of Mohammedan mobsters who slice off heads or enjoy raping under-aged Yazidi or Christian slave-girls.  Leave these mohammedan mobsters in the hell-pit of the dar al Islam where they belong. Bed/ made/ lie. 

And it’s time and past time that we in Australia stopped importing Muslims, from anywhere at all.  The ones already inside the gates are presenting ASIO, the AFP, and our metropolitan police – witness the necessity of creating the Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad, which is run off its feet –  with a huge and expensive homeland-security headache, that we wouldn’t have at all, if we had never allowed Muslims in through the gates in the first place.– CM


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  1. The jokes on all Australians as we’ve been told 3 times that he’s been killed and now is dead, oh i guess not.
    More fake news this time from the Oz government .

  2. Citizenship of a nation is granted by the nation or by birth. Islam recognises no national distinctions. A Muslim’s loyalty is fundamentally to Islam, not to the country that he lives in. The problem is that democratic peoples think that everyone thinks we are so wonderful. Muslim nations are not crying out for democracy. The few democratic Muslim nations are fast slipping back into the Islam of the Koran. We are seeing this in Indonesia and Turkey right now.

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