Germany: “extremists planning “serious state-threatening violence”

State threatening? We can’t have that. Never mind if the peasants cop it, but state threatening? No. The Merkel regime springs into action:

Germany: Mass jihad terror raids thwart planned ISIS attack, over 50 mosques and buildings searched

“Mass terror raids thwart ‘planned Isis attack’ in Germany as more than 50 mosques and buildings searched,” by Lizzie Dearden, Independent, February 1, 2017:

A new terror attack plot has been thwarted in Germany after mass police raids resulted in the arrest of a prolific Tunisian Isis recruiter.

Police stormed 54 homes, mosques and businesses in the state of Hesse in the early hours of the morning in an operation targeting extremists planning “serious state-threatening violence”.

“According to evidence gathered so far, attack plans were still in an early phase and had not selected a specific target,” said a spokesperson for the Hesse state criminal investigation office.

Officials said the main suspect arrested was a 26-year-old Tunisian man who has been wanted since August 2015 as a recruiter and people smuggler for Isis.

The unnamed suspect has allegedly established a network of supporters “with the aim, among other things, of committing a terrorist attack in Germany”.

He was present in Germany from 2003 to 2013, then returned during the refugee crisis of 2015 posing as an asylum seeker. (Geller Report)

In other news:

Trump Derangement Syndrome drives SPIEGEL journaille out of their minds:

Germany’s Der Speigel shows Trump holding Lady Liberty’s decapitated head. Since it’s German, shouldn’t he be pushing her into gas chamber? (Ann Coulter)

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  1. Ya don’t say!

    Yes, leftists have completely lost their minds. And, all of their movements are rife with moslems. Thus, they are becoming extremely dangerous. The Democratic Party is about to get a moslem head which is the most dangerous development in American politics since the Civil War.

  2. First they changed her law book (Torah-10 Commandments) in her left arm, to a ‘Gulliver’s Travels” book–then they could make her say/do whatever they want.

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