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On Monday night, Senator Jacqui Lambie and Muslim activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied had a screaming match, live on Q&A. They had completely conflicting views about migration and specifically the idea of deporting Muslims who support Sharia Law – Lambie thinks anyone who supports Sharia Law should be deported. It then turned into a shouting match over what Sharia Law was, culminating in Abdel-Magied screaming “That’s not my religion!” when Lambie suggested Islam meant women are treated like second class citizens and “gays are killed”. The Muslim activist then said that Islam was “the most feminist religion”.

With mounting pressure growing against Lambie, who didn’t appear to know the definition of ‘Islam’, to apologise, former PM Tony Abbott has now backed her up by attacking Yassmin Abdel-Magied, suggesting she must’ve been “blindfolded” during her speaking tour of the Middle East and Africa.

“If she’s right that ‘Islam is a feminist religion’, how come such terrible things are done to women in its name?” Abbott said.

Abbott said Abdel-Magied was “entitled to her view” but “she must have been wearing a blindfold on her taxpayer-funded tour”.

He is referring to the fact that the federal government paid for her to tour some of the world’s most repressive Islamic regimes, as reported by The Australian.

Bill Leak’s Cartoon from the Australian
Screeching about shari’a

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No wonder Australian’s are confused about Sharia! The amount of moral posturing, shouting, accusations, facts and nonsense bandied around is quite incredible.

Everyone is weighing in on “What is Sharia” but there is little to no consensus about it, especially among Muslims.

On Monday night’s Q&A (no I can’t stomach it either & didn’t watch it but have chuckled a lot over the replays) Muslim activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied lost the plot along with Senator Jacqui Lambie as they both descended into a very unseemly screeching match about Sharia. Not much was gained except to reassure viewers and critics that Q&A cannot be taken seriously and host Tony Jones is seriously inept.

Yassmin was desperately trying to convince Jacqui and the audience that Sharia is good and Islam is a feminist religion! She said, “Islam to me is the most feminist religion. We got equal rights well before the Europeans. We don’t take our husbands’ last names because we ain’t their property.”

Seriously? I didn’t know whether to laugh hysterically or cry. Islam is not a feminist religion. Islam, Sharia, call it what you will is the cause of oppression for millions of women around the world, including Australia. It is *great* that Yasmin is able to reap the benefits of ‘white privilege’ and be flown around the world on a book tour at Australian tax-payer expense but that wasn’t because of Islam, it was because of Western democracy.

Women in Islam are treated as 2nd class citizens. In countries where Sharia is the governing rule women suffer. Where Islam is given full authority women, gays and minority groups are the losers. Women, according to the so-called prophet Mohamed a deficient in the head. The Islamic texts that define Sharia, the path of life, state that women are only entitled to half the inheritance of a man, have no claim to custody rights once a child is older than 7, can be possessed or owned by their male relatives, their testimony in court is worth half that of a man, they can be raped and owned as sex slaves and face abuse by being married off as a child.

Even here in Australia Muslim women seek refuge from violent and oppressive male relatives who force them to wear head-coverings, be chaperoned where ever they go and face threats for having non-approved boyfriends. Muslim girls risk underage marriage and FGM right here in our backyard.

Yassmin’s outburst on the increasingly irrelevant ABC was to say “Me praying 5 times a day is Sharia” Really? That’s just a tad oversimplifying it don’t you think? We all know Sharia encompasses many aspects of daily living for Muslims such as prayer, how to go to the toilet, what to eat, what to avoid, etc but it is also a lot more complex than that. Sharia, is how to live out the Islamic texts that also promote violence and oppression. I have said before that it is fantastic that many Muslims disobey the Quranic commands and refuse to take the texts literally, but unfortunately an increasing number of Muslims are literally obeying the violent and oppressive commands. And the problem is it is very difficult to know who will be the next Muslim to do so.

We need to have an honest and intelligent debate regarding Sharia and the implications for Australia. Screeching hysterically on Q&A is an insult to our intelligence and will not do anything to resolve people’s concerns. Some aspects of Sharia are already here. Halal food, Sharia finance, and the exercising of Sharia courts for matters of inheritance and divorce are widely known. Whether or not they are compatible with western democracy is a valid debate we need to have. The condemnation of the broader impact of Sharia must also be subject to critical analysis and action.

Another fascinating aspect to Yassmin’s outburst was the twitter response by prominent Islamic activist Mariam Veiszedah. She promptly tweeted, “Here. Frame this: I, Mariam Veiszedah, do NOT want to implement Sharia Law in Australia.”

This is not helpful, nor even believable. Sharia is simply the way or path for Muslims to live. It governs the way for Muslims to live out their religious ideology. So is Mariam opposed to halal? Does she reject Sharia finance? Does Mariam really reject and oppose the way of life set out by the so-called prophet and the Islamic texts? I seriously doubt it. This tweet is a simplified, and insulting, knee jerk reaction knowing that Aussies can see right through the “Sharia is good” nonsense. It does nothing for Mariam’s credibility when it is clear she observes, promotes and reveres some aspects of Sharia for example, like Yassmin, praying 5 times every day.

The one good thing to come out of the embarrassing Q&A episode is that many commentators and news outlets are now actually talking about Sharia.

More on fantasy Islam vs the real thing:
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A CONTROVERSIAL Islamic peace conference has sparked outrage after hiding the faces of three women advertised on a flyer to promote the event.–HERALDSUN.COM.AU

Islam is the most feminist religion. Wind energy is reliable. Border security is unnecessary. The US alliance is inimical to our national interest. The Australian is a race-baiting newspaper.

The Australian Greens have strayed so far from reality in their post-truth universe that they must have become confused between the real world and a flashback to some trip in the 70s.

They have become the lunatics at the bottom of the garden shouting at the moon.

It would be hilarious if it weren’t so dangerous, amusing if it wasn’t so damaging to our nation. “The Australian, or as it may be better described, the Q Society Gazette,” said Greens senator Nick McKim in the Senate today, “has become little more than a loss-making, race-baiting rag.”

Not only do these political fringe dwellers combine with Labor and crossbench senators to undermine the nation’s fiscal position and economic future, but they meddle incessantly and odiously in identity politics, fuelling resentment and division, and spitting bile at mainstream voters, their concerns and their values.

This latest foray from Greens leader, Richard Di Natale, and McKim has come after today’s page one article by Caroline Overington about Yassmin Abdel-Magied.

Overington revealed how taxpayers had funded the writer’s tour to majority Muslim nations in North Africa and the Middle East to promote her book and her views.

It was highly relevant and topical given Abdel-Magied’s appearance on Q&A on Monday night, when she attempted to justify sharia law, and, astonishingly, said Islam was “the most feminist” religion.

In return for its reporting on this issue, this newspaper was singled out by the Greens leader who claimed we had attacked Abdel-Magied and that our reporting was fuelling tensions around Islam.

Overington revealed Abdel-Magied’s tour took her to a range of countries where women are treated appallingly.

She did nothing but put salient facts into the debate. She can’t do much about her skin colour but Overington is neither middle-aged nor male and anyone who reads her work knows she is a strong feminist.

McKim and Di Natale, on the other hand, are white non-Muslim men eager to parade their tolerance for Islam while wilfully blind on equality for women behind the veil.

Their cultural and political cowardice is matched only by their ignorance.

Greens dripping with cowardice
Islam is the most feminist religion. Wind energy is reliable. Border security is unnecessary. The US alliance is inimical to our national interest. The Australian is a race-baiting newspaper.

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  1. Moving around all of Australia’s cities and towns ….

    Irrespective of “Wherever” the municipal locality.
    There now always seems to at the very least one “mosque” type building used by islams for their criminal activites in every locality in Australia …

    The authority that have approved each and every application for every criminal islamic centre are themselves guilty of a criminal act …

    The growing number of these criminal islamic centres is astounding and needs to be reversed extremely quickly with the approving authorities being seen for what they are …

    These non-islam enablers are to be incarcerated for treason …
    (or given to the departing islams as parting gifts)
    yes …
    dear local authority administrators …

    PURGE islam … Globally
    (this includes the non-islam enablers of islam)

    This illustrates that there is (and will be) repercussions for persons who perform acts of treason that are sedition/subversion and enabling/assisting the islam invasion of Australia …
    Traitors !!! … you have been warned !!!

    1. Times when islams are massed …
      • In their “Mosques” at Friday prayers.
      • At their yearly Hajj.
      (and don’t omit the non-islam appeasers)

  2. Mariam is a brainwashed patsy. No one in there right mind would want sharia law in Australia. If she tweeted that in Saudi Arabia she would already be dead. SELFIE!

  3. I don’t believe that extremism against Islam is of any real value. My gut reaction is to nuke the lot but that will not do much for the non-Muslim world either. Once the truth about Islam is made known, and the average voter sees Islam in reality, then he/she will reject Islam and the blind lefties will be left with just their socialist fantasies to console them.

    1. I think you might want to reconsider you stand point based on historical evidence of Islamic aggression. The Treaty of Hudaybiyyah was meant to be a peace deal and look how that ended up.

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