Why does the ABC promote hijabbery?

Why does the ABC promote Muslim women covering up?

Abdel-Magied, Abdo and CarlandAbdel-Magied, Abdo and Carland


Why does the Left-wing ABC insist on promoting Muslim women who wear a veil or headscarf?

Caroline Overington on how the ABC sells out Muslim feminists who resent the pressure to cover up:

They place some of the blame for the pressure they feel on the well-meaning media, which promotes the voices of veiled Muslim women over the rest.

Do we do this in Australia? Well, last Monday, the ABC put two panel shows to air, and both — The Drum at 5pm, and Q&A later in the evening — featured Muslim women: Maha Abdo of the Muslim Women’s Association appeared on The Drum and Abdel-Magied on Q&A. Both women wore the headscarf.

There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. If you’re an adult woman and you want to cover up, knock yourself out, but as academic Zainab Salbi, writing in The New York Times, says: It’s important that women who do wear the hijab don’t “drown out the voices and identities of those who choose not to wear the hijab”.

What’s interesting is that when the ABC chooses Muslim men for its panels, they tend to be very moderate, such as Ed Husic, or else, like senator Sam Dastyari, they have given up Islam and now describe themselves as atheist.

They are fake ‘atheists’. When it comes to the crunch, they stand with the umma. Ed Husic swore his loyalty oath on the Koran!

Rarely indeed does Q&A invite a conservative imam, in a white robe and white cap, to sit on a panel and share his view on, say, how you’re going to hell if you’re in a same-sex marriage. That is not to say that the ABC never features Muslim women who aren’t veiled, because it absolutely does, including Ayaan Hirsi Ali…

Overington understates the ABC’s promotion of Muslim women who cover up.

Abdel Magied has actually been made host of an ABC television travel show. Carland is not only a regular ABC guest but was also made host of a documentary series called Assumptions, asking questions such as “We dismiss terrorists as crazy. But are they?” And Maha Abdo is a regular guest on The Drum.


Do conservative Jewish women get this promotion? Conservative Buddhist women? Conservative Christian women, who oppose abortion?

3 thoughts on “Why does the ABC promote hijabbery?”

  1. These women should try going to Saudi Arabia with that make up on and see how that goes for them. Australia should ban the burka and other symbols of oppression until Islamic countries allow our women to wear whatever they like when they visit.

  2. Why does the abc promote hijabbery?

    Because the ABC, (and SBS), functions in similar fashion to “The Ministry of Truth (Minitrue)” – the propaganda ministry in Orwell’s novel 1984.

    For sexual propaganda there’s SBS 2 “Viceland”.

  3. The ABC routinely clears itself of bias. I no longer watch any TV. The internet news is enough to keep me advised of ABC’s constant promoting of homosexuality and Islam. ABC was Waleed Aly’s stepping stone to mainstream media. Give them their due, they’ve had more moderate and mainstream commentators including Andrew Bolt at one time. But mostly the ABC world is viewed through pink tinted glasses. Their audience is pretty much the same. ABC audiences had better hope that they do not get what they wish for! If Islam takes over, then there will be no mercy for the homosexuals and the lefties who call themselves “progressive”. Does Di Natale not know that Bob Brown would be killed by a Muslim administration? So much for the founder of the Greens!

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