No Mr Bolt, we have no responsibility to damn Larry Pickering

Here’s a message for the double dealing Andrew Bolt, who likes to shoot from the hip: stop the pontificating!

In defense of Larry Pickering, like it or not, he is a cartoonist. Muslims hate and kill cartoonists. Remember Charlie Hebdo. Remember Molly Norris. Remember Garland, Texas. Remember the Danish cartoon riots. If Pickering says ‘I can’t stand Muslims’ then I will not drop him like a hot potato because he is not politically correct. And no matter how tasteless his joke about homosexuals, ask yourself what you support: their subversion of our society with their demands for homo marriage or Larry Pickering, who rejects them because they side with Muslims against us.

Defenders of free speech must damn Pickering

Defenders of free speech have a special responsibility to damn cartoonist Larry Pickering for his despicable slurs of gays and Muslims. 

And shame on all the conservatives and libertarians who did not howl him down when he said that while “I can’t stand Muslims … they are not all bad [because] they do chuck pillow-biters off buildings”.

I am talking particularly about the Australian Liberty Alliance’s Kiralee Smith, who was at the Q Society meeting last night where Pickering spoke after donating a picture of a woman in a niqab being raped by her son-law.

Why didn’t Smith throw the foul picture in Pickering’s face? Refuse to accept the money that was raised in auctioning it off for her legal expenses?

But, sadly, I am also distressed that my Sky News colleague Ross Cameron, the former Liberal MP, did not make a stand, either.

He spoke at the same Sydney meeting on the subject of free speech, and not only failed to condemn Pickering but said he admired him.

In his defence, though, Cameron spoke before Pickering did, and says he was out of the room when it was Pickerng’s turn to comment. He has since criticised Pickering on Sky News.

But Cameron in his own speech cracked his own “jokes” about the “Sydney Morning Homosexual”, adding: “The NSW division of the Liberal Party is basically a gay club. I don’t mind that they are gay, I just wish, like Hadrian, they would build a wall.”

He has apologised for those comments, insisting he meant nothing homophobic, although his crack about a wall struck me as very unpleasant indeed.

There will be some deeply misguided advocates of free speech – or confused told-you-so Leftists – who will say that condemning Pickering went exactly against what Cameron was there at the meeting to advocate and which I, too, also wish: free speech.

Didn’t Cameron warn the crowd of exactly what I am doing now, telling them that too often debate is shut down by people who say “the person who doesn’t agree with me is a bad, evil, bigoted, redneck, racist xenophobe”.

Well, here is me saying Pickering’s comments were indeed bad, bigoted, racist, xenophobic – and homophobic, too. And that any self-respecting audience should have booed him off the stage.

This is not at all a contradiction of my stand against laws limiting our free speech – laws that are absurdly restrictive and misused to shut down debate on the new racism.

No. The argument free speech crusaders make is that the public can be trusted to decide for themselves what may be said and what crosses the line.

Bad speech, we say, will be driven out by good speech, and there is no need to call the cops, the judges and the whole activist class, so keen to supress views they themselkves do not like. Trust the public. Trust their goodness.

But we conservatives especially must show how this works. When a Pickering speaks so fouly, we must say so. We must condemn. We must with our good speech damn the bad.

To fail in this is to give the cops-calling Left their excuse to say we’ve been exposed: that what we we really seek is not the freedom to speak but the freedom to vilify, free of even the restraint of any goodness.

Here’s an update:

Free speech works: Kirralie Smith attacks Larry Pickering

Yesterday I said defenders of free speech had a special responsibility to attack Larry Pickering for hijacking a free-speech event by saying Muslims “are not all bad, they do chuck pillow-biters off buildings”. We must show that manners are best policed by the public, not judges.

Now Kirralie Smith of the Australian Liberty Alliance does the right thing:

I utterly reject and do not agree with Larry Pickering’s reported statement “They are not all bad, they do chuck pillow-biters off buildings.” I was completely unaware that he had made that statement on the night. The first I heard was when it was reported by SMH the following day. As I was about to board my flight to attend the Melbourne fundraiser I was bombarded with twitter abuse and had little idea of the matter.

In contrast I had heard Ross’ speech, and while I do not agree with some of his statements, I felt in the context of his speech and his dry humour he had every right to say those things at a dinner defending freedom of speech.

I was yesterday critical of Smith, having assumed that since she was in the room with Pickering and the beneficiary of his donation, she heard what he had said.

She tells me she did not, because she was preoccupied with preparing her own speech as he spoke. If that is so, I apologise and applaud her now for criticising Pickering.

I have been called a hypocrite and worse by a number of readers for arguing for free speech but criticising Pickering vile comments.

The real hypocrites are my critics. If free speech means letting people say bad things without being criticised, why are they criticising me for saying what they claim are bad things?

In fact, free speech means no such thing. It means being free under the law to express your opinion, without being fined, jailed or even killed. But it does not mean everyone has to agree with you or stay silent while you vomit hate. It means instead taking your chances in a debate where people tell you you are wrong.

Pickering, I repeat, was wrong. Vile. He should be free under the law to say what he did, but I should be likewise free under the law to say it stinks. To draw the line. And it seems to me that too many of my critics are in fact angry with me for using my own free speech to call out Pickering’s hate and bigotry.

Andrew Bolt is way out of line here.  Pickering is a cartoonist. He has every right to say “I don’t like Muslims” because Muslims have a nasty habit of murdering cartoonists. And if he made a snide remark about homosexuals it is entirely his business, it is not the business of the Q-Society to condemn him or to agree with him.

It seems to me that those critics are not defenders of free speech (like my own). They are really defenders of homophobia.

Wrong. There is no such thing as ‘homophobia’. Unless you want to declare 98 per cent of the population mentally deficient for not embracing a  lifestyle with which we disagree.

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    (Note: This contains information relevant to persons who are committing crimes with the full approval of Canadian law enforcement, please post, quote and forward this info widely)

    These are the usual suspects. The crack in the dam is Emerson/Franklin, Manitoba.

    They are responding to the dinner bell our gutless asshole of a prime minister, Justin Trudeau, rang loud and clear a week or two ago when he said that Canada was proudly the first “Post Nation State” and Canada has “no borders”. It was a dinner call heard by human garbage all across the Middle East and Africa.

    Essentially African and Middle Eastern human garbage, self-entitled, predatory and parasitic, uneducated, illiterate, unskilled, violent, backward and savage, shrieking the Marxist buzzwords like “racism”, “Islamophobia”, “cultural diversity” and “intolerance”, their hands extended and all with an overwhelming sense of entitlement based solely on their wombs in overdrive, the color of their skin and our crushing baseless sense of “White Guilt”, have begun to flood into the most lucrative welfare state in the western hemisphere; Canada.

    In fact the vast majority, almost the entirety of this group of African Muslim parasites are criminal fraudsters. There is no substance or truth to their claims, they are economic migrants, they have crossed dozens of countries, including staying for months and years in the USA and only heading to Canada to avoid serious scrutiny of their “refugee claims”. Now they have been informed that if they say they are homosexual they are almost guaranteed a free pass by the Canadian provincial and federal governments who celebrate and promote sexually deviant mental defectives. This process is an obscenity and an insult to the real refugees that Justin Trudeau completely ignores like the tens of thousands of Christians in the Middle East who have been slaughtered while waiting, or the thousands of Yazidi women and children who, ignored by Justin Trudeau, are driven into the rural areas and mountains where they are systematically raped, butchered, enslaved, tortured, and murdered en-masse.

    This new flood of African Muslim human filth is expected to rival that of Europe’s’ as the Marxists, the gutless RCMP, the blundering Canadian Border Services, the treasonous politicians and judiciary, all supported by the Mainstream Marxist media, all in overdrive and in the deepest throes of Stockholm Syndrome, are falling over themselves in rolling out the Welcome-Wagon and handing this scum the keys to Manitoba and Canada. Now, just like Europe, we are on the hook for billions of dollars in welfare support payments for these parasites and in addition to that, will have to suffer the violence and crime waves that they bring with them.

    Yesterday, in Emerson, Manitoba, the gutless RCMP, the blundering Canada Border Services and a gathering of Marxists and Muslims, all with the fawning media in attendance, were on hand to lie through their teeth and assure the Canadian public that all was roses and sunshine and that this wave of doctors, carpenters, architects, welder and electricians from Africa are just what Canada needs. Not one single word of the Muslim war being waged against Europeans was mentioned. It is madness off the charts.

    In fact, with complete impunity, completely free of scrutiny from the RCMP, CSIS and Canada Border Services, through the alliance with the Marxist and the Muslim, these 5th Columnists have set up a welcoming committee across the southern border of Manitoba, running teams of persons who wait at the border to spirit this human garbage into the Canadian cities to the north. And like I said, not a peep from the law enforcement agencies in this country, not one single peep.

    This is exactly what prefaced the disaster that has exploded across Europe in the last 18 months as human garbage floods across the continent from the Middle East and Africa.

    This is exactly what paved the way for the mass rapes, the sexual assaults, the explosion of waves of crime, the acts of terrorism and hatred of Europeans that have all been the handiwork of these Muslim and African “refugees”.

    This is exactly what has turned Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, France and so many other European countries into festering sores of Muslim violence, crime, intimidation and destruction.

    This is exactly what gives rise to European and now, Canadian, patriots, picking up weapons to defend themselves, their culture, their traditions and their nations. And who can blame them. Who can blame them?

    Of course one of the driving forces behind this little sewage back-up is the legal industry. You see, in Manitoba, the province pays the legal aid fees for the parasites. So there has been an explosion of lawyers calling for the dismantling of Canada’s border laws and the US-Canada “Safe Third Country” agreement. If successful this will result in a flood of hundreds of thousands of this garbage making its way into Canada. The treason and complicity of the legal industry in promoting and furthering the destruction of Canada should come as no surprise as it was lawyer Dennis Edney and many other Marxist lawyers who worked tirelessly to turn the convicted murderer and terrorist Omar Khadr loose amongst unsuspecting Canadian.

    One lawyer in Winnipeg, an immigrant Muslim himself, Bashir Khan, has set himself a little cottage industry in providing legal services for these “refugees”. Khan heads up the “Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council Inc.”

    Essentially Mr. Bashir Khan, a filthy little Marxist con-artist and litigator, lures this economic migrant scum across the border and then provides himself and his little company with massive amounts of taxpayer revenue for legal services he also provides. It beat chasing ambulances and is fast becoming a get-rich-quick scheme replicated by the legal industry across Canada and the US.

    This must stop. Sooner or later a patriot will pick up a weapon and begin to rid his or her country of scum like Bashir Kahn and his clients. Hopefully our government will see what is happening in Europe and come to their senses soon. If not, they will surely have blood on their hands.

    As for the RCMP and those law enforcement agencies charged with our protection, they have chose the path of least resistance, they have abandoned us, they have chosen treason.

    We also face the activism and treason of our judiciary, a treason and activism that grows exponentially, a treason and activism that is decidedly in favour of the Muslim, a treason and activism that is unadulterated Marxism.

    We are on our own. So be it.

    Let us act in our own defence. Let us act decisively.

    And here is a little icing on the cake. In Edmonton yesterday a Syrian “refugee” (parasite-fraudster), a father of 6 children, Soleiman Hajj Soleiman, has been charged with six counts of sexual assault and six counts of sexual interference. This Muslim animal was at the West Edmonton Mall water park and couldn’t keep his filthy Muslim hands to himself and sexually assaulted 6 young girls. Ask yourselves, would a little vigilante justice be appropriate in this case?, both for this Muslim filth and the politicians who let him into the country? You be the judge.

    Of interest is the series of violent sex attacks and acts of violent aggression and intimidation that have been visited on non-Muslim students across Canada by these Syrian “refugees”, a series of sex attacks and violence that municipal and federal Canadian government and law enforcement have worked very hard to keep secret. This is very clearly treason, pure and simple.

    Here are a few of the cowards that are embracing the refugees and hell bent on destroying Canada. Give them a call and tell them how you feel.

    You can also call the advertisers that list on the “Southeast Journal” and ask them why they are listing on a newspaper owned by Marxists, Don and Brenda Piett, who are actively engaged in illegal trafficking of aliens into Canada.

    Note: By their actions, Greg Janzen, Don Piett, Brenda Piett and Bashir Khan can be considered clear and present threats to the national security and sovereignty of Canada and the United States of America.

    Greg Janzen, Mayor/Reeve, Emerson-Franklin, Manitoba (actively supports illegal aliens) 1-204-427-2557

    Brenda and Don Piett, Emerson-Morris, Manitoba, Owners of “The Southeast Journal”
    1-204-373-2493 Email: sej (at)

    (The Pietts are devout Marxists and routinely engage in the illegal trafficking of aliens across Canada’s borders. Their activities are known by the RCMP but are ignored)

    Cliff Graydon, MLA, Manitoba
    (supports mass immigration and a “no borders” policy)
    1-204-712-5482 / 1-204-324-9901 Email: cliff.graydon (at)

    Ted Falk, Member of Parliament, Manitoba
    (silent on immigration issues)
    1-204-326-9889 / 1-613-992-3138 Email: ted.falk (at)

    Bashir Khan, Scumbag Lawyer For Refugees
    (supports mass immigration and a “no borders” policy)
    1-204-977-1000 Email: bkhan (at)

    Ahmed Hussen, Immigration Minister
    (and proud Somali Muslim immigrant)
    1-613-995-0777 / 1-416-656-2526 Email: ahmed.hussen (at)

    Rona Ambrose, Spineless Conservative Leader,
    (supports radical Islam and a “no borders” policy)
    1-613-996-9778 / 1-780-782-8686 Email: rona.ambrose (at)

  2. I am right behind Mr Pickering. He says what countless people around the world think. Perhaps Islam should shut up and listen. They may find out what why we despise Islam so much. Of course it will make no difference. Muslim arrogance refuses to accept that any aspect of Islam is wrong. Mohamed is the “ideal man” after all. Send them all back to Saudi Arabia or wherever!

    1. Hello Peter Inns,

      According to the Eurabia theory (that our host sheikyermami support), Europeans are antisemite. How do you feel about that?

  3. “homosexuals […] their subversion of our society with their demands for homo marriage”

    Yes, because the Counterjihad movement is not far-right and support gay rights and… Oh wait.

  4. AB – unless he apologizes really quickly and really genuinely – has finally jumped the shark with this post.

  5. SheikY you are right on the money. AB & TB are opinion leaders for conservatives in Australia – sure, they just express an opinion, but, unlike mine, it carries real clout. After all that sanctimony about Charlie Hebdo, to come out like this about Pickering is hypocrisy of the highest order. Sad too.

  6. Hm. Methinks he does not know what is free speech. A defender of free speech defends all speech whether or not he agrees with that speech. For Bolt to urge people to “damn” a cartoonist because he doesn’t like their particular cartoon speech is pretty damning of Bolt, actually.

  7. Bolt has always been one to suddenly lose the plot and sound a bit like some of his co-writers on the Herald such as Susie O’Brien and Wendy Toohey. However generally these regressions back to the herd happen less than they used to do.

  8. Re: “Well, here is me saying Pickering’s comments were indeed bad, bigoted, racist, xenophobic – and homophobic, too.”

    (What “race” is islam again, retard?)!

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