The kids are idiots. So are their parents. So are their teachers. So are all of their social media pals. They’re fed it morning, noon, and night. What do you expect?

They’re happy because they’re not at schoolThey’re happy because they’re not at school

Hundreds of New York City high school and college students walked out of classes last week to protest Donald Trump’s temporary ban on arrivals from seven Muslim-majority nations.

But how much did those students actually know about the proposed (and since legally-battered) ban?

Jesse Watters spoke to students gathered in Manhattan’s Foley Square to get to the bottom of why they oppose the travel ban.

You’ll be surprised to learn that many of the students weren’t exactly well-versed on the policy. Or not …

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    “In case it may have slipped your mind, the ’60s were a definitive timeframe in American history; there were two major groups – the “establishment” (conservatives) and the “anti-establishment (hippies). The conservatives went into business while the hippies went primarily into two areas, education and media. The result was a tremendously successful economy on the one hand and a leftist anti-American media and educational system on the other.

    The result? An extremely wealthy population with no idea of the basis for America’s greatness. A major reason there is not an outcry against the influx of illegal – oops, sorry – “undocumented” aliens is because these two groups, the Gen Xers and Millennials, have no concept of the basis of their wealth. (Remember how old you were before you got your first cell phone or iPad?) How can a kid with an iPhone in elementary school have any idea what it takes to buy one? Plus, the overwhelming number of college kids today don’t have to bite their nails about paying off their college loans; there is no competition for jobs in their arena. The “illegal immigrants” are working in those areas that were formerly occupied by people who had no governmental assistance; minimum-wage jobs, farm work positions and many blue-collar jobs are all filled by these illegals.

    We, with a minimum of research and common sense, can discover that the so-called “poverty level” in the U.S. is still higher than the median income level in a number of countries – and not just Third World countries. In fact, a little research would demonstrate that “poverty” in the U.S. would be equivalent to upper middle class in many countries. (I dare you to research cell phones, iPads, name-brand sneakers, computers and big screen TVs among the “poverty stricken” in America.)

    There is little competition for jobs from the American public because of welfare, food stamps and other forms of government assistance. So college students, and others not responsible for their own well-being, are out shouting, “Let the ‘undocumented aliens’ in! This is America! No discrimination!”


  2. Feral Millennials still live with their parents, so of course that’s all they know; they want it to continue, because they have no experience fending for themselves!

    Millennials have been indoctrinated by old 60s leftist “activists” – jealous and useless professional complainers, slanderous extortionist agitators – into hating their parents for “taking” everything and “hording” it in stead of just dying already and giving it all to them NOW! Why should they work when they’ve been taught they’re so “privileged!”?

    So they hate anything and everything from what they presume is their parents’ “conservative establishment,” and feel perfectly entitled to help all the other “victims” (because their parents are obviously racists, since white people founded North America, either refusing the brown people’s offers to help, or by genociding them outright and stealing all their wonderful inventions) to tear it all down so they can then build it all up again, but this time with THEM SELVES in charge! “WHEE!”

  3. “Only whites can be nazi racists whose central duty is to cause violent trouble for others. All swarthy people are always victims.”

    The above is what our children – future voters and leaders – are being indoctrinated with RIGHT NOW.

    Bottom line? “Our socialist governments” are funding the racist genocide of all white Westerners and our culture, while pretending they are only doing it in order to be “fair” to everyone else!

    That’s the result of the criminal leftists habitually forcing their might-made gangster “rights” of equality of outcome over equality of opportunity, once the inferior (i.e: similarly backwards, crime-based) “cultures” of other gangsters have failed everywhere else on earth, first: these slanderous psycho-paths refuse to admit their own historical extortion approach is and has always been wrong, and so can only blame their new white victims’ “racism” for their swarthy brethrens’ historic failures everywhere else too.

    The millennials’ problem is they’ve been brainwashed by indoctrination into self-hating leftist sedition in all the colleges and universities. “Those who can’t do, teach” (others to fail, too)!

    “Socialism” is really only gangster extortion leading to slavery, but they’ve been “taught” (abused by) the notion that it means they can continue to be children getting free stuff from the parents – not noticing how it forces them to remain in a state of dependent infancy!

  4. Being unrestrained paranoid slanderers in childhood often leads to lucrative extortion careers later in life (usually after suitable training at the college level)!

    “You don’t love me” to parents becomes “You’re all out to get me!” and then “So you oppressive privileged 1%ers owe me my upkeep for the rest of my life!”

    Colleges specialize in Infantile Delinquency101 courses for spoiled brats!

    Remember: “Those who can’t do, teach” (others endless victim-blaming excuses to fail, too)!

    Then by blaming others for their failings, they gain lucrative careers as extortionists!

    They literally fail upwards as they extort endless concessions from their ‘oppressor’ victims!

    In other words, criminal gangster extortionists ‘teach’ kids criminal gangster extortion and gangster ‘globalist’ sedition against all sovereign national countries’ governments!

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