Katie Hopkins in Sweden: they rather destroy their own country then be called “racist”

KATIE HOPKINS: The Swedish town where migrant gangs have killed multiculturalism stone dead and laugh at laws they despise and defy 
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There’s been a complaint about my first report from Sweden.

A reader is very angry because I suggested the child raped by a 45-year-old migrant (posing as an unaccompanied minor) was 14.

In fact, he was 12.

This is the state of liberalism today. So determined to prove I am wrong, my observations erroneous, the stories I have on tape inaccurate, that it has lost all sight of the raped migrant child crumpled in the corner.

Similarly, the ‘we know better brigade’ are so puffed up with smug self-importance as they point out Trump got his dates confused over the troubles in Sweden, they can’t see past their own chest to the riots in Rinkeby.

I asked Mattias Karlsson, leader of the Swedish Democrats – currently leading in the polls – why other politicians refuse to acknowledge the problems right in front of their eyes. He explained that to accept there is a problem would mean accepting nearly 80 years of liberal thinking was wrong. That multiculturalism doesn’t work, that mass immigration does not lead to integration, that Sweden has made a big mistake.

A stranger came up to me in a coffee shop to say much the same thing. She had read my first report. She implored me to shout louder. She said Sweden cannot go on pretending it is some kind of utopia. That it is on a path to fail, that her friends fear Sweden is being overwhelmed.

80 years of socialist utopia gone wrong – but you’re not allowed to mention it: they’d rather destroy the country than be called “racist”.

Tucker Carlson interviews Katie Hopkins about her trip to Sweden:

I met with Group Commander Fredrik Liljegren who heads up Kista Fire Station. His is the toughest fire station in Sweden, dealing with the highest incident rate in the country. Four members of his team work full time to help migrant children understand why it is important to let these crews do their work. Not to throw rocks at the vehicles. Or slash their tyres. Or cut the hoses.

A reinforced fence is being built all the way around the premises to try to prevent break-ins. Five cutting tools have been stolen from this station alone — whilst the vehicles were in the station. This is what multiculturalism looks like in 21st-century Sweden. I am stunned the moral bar has never fallen so low.

Still no one dares address the sharp rise in violent crime — stabbings, grenade attacks, automatic-weapon fire, violent rapes, the sorts of crime which terrorise communities.

Except one, Peter Springare, a police officer with 42 years of policing Sweden under his belt. I went to meet him at his police station in Örebro to ask why he spoke out, in a place where silent acceptance seems mandatory.
…he is surprisingly positive about the benefits of controlled migration. And does not believe in deporting criminal immigrants. He just wants politicians to acknowledge there is a problem with immigrant criminals. He is clear about their intent to overload the police and overturn the Swedish justice system. He believes if this continues, Sweden will become a lawless country.

I followed up on the riots last week. Not a single arrest was made. I spoke to residents who know burglaries will not be attended, rapes not prosecuted, car fires accepted with a shrug, pepper spray banned in case your rapist is hurt.

Gangs here have rewritten the relationship between crime and punishment. They have gained the upper hand. And they know it. For them, justice is delivered with guns or knives, dominance asserted by unbuttoning their fly. But the only response the government know is to try to silence people like Peter. To pretend the problem away.

He will not be silenced. Nor will the stranger in the coffee shop who urged me to keep speaking out. Or the Swedish Democrats determined to force this debate into the centre ground. Or the victims of violent rape who don’t care if you think the sexual assault graph is going up or down.

They share a single message; Sweden cannot begin to solve its problems until it starts talking about them.

I’d ask the politicians to step away from the pretty bits which look like the Sweden I imagined. And spend time with the men and women in the dirty places in between.

Places I spent time in pretending to be brave; where a white woman is a whore, first responders are under attack, and the streets are run by gangs who do not fear the law but laugh in its face.

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  1. “Pride goes before a fall.” The irony is that once Islam is in control, all the cherished freedoms of the west will be destroyed. There will be only Muslim culture and Sharia law. Political correctness is really political cowardice. Australia is headed down the same path unless the leaders begin to wake up. We already a long way down the track. It will take a will of iron to push this toothpaste back up the tube. Is it too late? I hope not.

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