Are 1.5 gazillion Muselmaniacs mentally ill?


Here is yet more of the global outbreak of mental illness: the pervasive tendency to ascribe jihad violence to mental illness, which is yet another way to avoid noticing the texts and teachings of Islam that incite hatred and violence.

“ABC Does Terrorism Report Without Once Mentioning ‘Islam,’” by Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun, April 27, 2017 7:19pm

The ABC revels in a new euphemism for Islam. It’s “fixated”. This and the “radical ideology” euphemism allow it to file a long report on a new terrorism unit without once mentioning “Islam” in a negative way. Watch the astonishing evasion for yourself.

One thought on “Are 1.5 gazillion Muselmaniacs mentally ill?”

  1. No. The insane way that the authorities deal with Islam is a sign of mental illness. Islam knows exactly what it is doing. It works to a prepared and public script (the Koran) and is carrying it out beautifully. The west has no idea how to deal with it. Hitler did the same thing, putting his ambitions in writing. He wrote his book while in prison. 70 million people may well have been spared if he had stayed there. Europe sat on its hands and hoped it would all go away. That was madness. The western world is doing the same thing now. Einstein said that doing the same thing and expecting a different result was insanity. It is the west that is insane, not Islam. I rest my case.

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