Are the ‘vast majority’ of Muslims moderate?

Now here is a real head scratcher: the lame stream media’s been hammering us for years that the majority of Muslims are peaceful and only a ‘tiny minority of excremists’ causes all the problems in the world.  Lets take a closer look at that:

April 28, 2017 (The Catholic Thing) – It’s often said that the vast majority of Muslims are moderate. But as the newspapers like to remind us about other matters, this is asserted “without any evidence.” In fact, what evidence we do have suggests that it’s a dubious proposition.

Where, exactly, do all these moderate Muslims live?

Would it be in Chechnya where authorities have set up concentration camps for gays? And where 800,000 Muslims rallied in 2015 to protest the Charlie Hebdo Muhammad cartoons? Try to get that many Muslims together for an anti-ISIS rally.

Would it be in Pakistan where 100,000 turned out for the funeral of an assassin? The assassin had murdered an official who had called for an end to the blasphemy laws. Numerous Islamist groups warned people not to attend the official’s funeral or even to pray for his soul.

Would it be in Saudi Arabia where amputations are conducted on a regular basis in public squares and where public beheadings are not uncommon? The last time that something like that happened in the West was during the French Revolution.

How about the West Bank? In the West Bank, streets, parks, squares, and schools are named after “martyrs” who are honored for having killed Jewish men, women, and children. In the West Bank, it’s considered cute to dress up three-year-olds in suicide bomb belts. Meanwhile, in schools and on government-run television, children are taught that killing Jews is life’s highest calling.

Maybe Morocco? The home of Casablanca and Rick’s Café? Sorry. An ADL global survey found that 80 percent of Moroccans harbor anti-Semitic views. Which isn’t that bad when you compare it with Algeria (87 percent) and Iraq (92 percent).

Could the blessed land of moderation be Afghanistan? Only if you discount the tradition of child marriage and the popular form of entertainment called “bacha bazi.” The bacha bazi are teen and preteen boys who are dressed as girls, forced to dance for men, and are then passed around for sexual purposes. As for government, the hardline Taliban who once ruled Afghanistan are likely to rule it again. They can hardly be considered moderates. On the other hand, they did try to do away with the custom of bacha bazi.

Egypt? There must be moderates in Egypt. Well, yes, there are. Egypt’s leader, President el-Sisi, has called for a reformation of Islam, and there are others of like mind. On the other hand, a 2013 Pew public opinion poll of Egyptians found that 70 percent supported whipping and amputation for thieves, 81 percent supported stoning of adulterers, and 86 percent supported the death penalty for apostates. President El-Sisi has his work cut out for him.

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3 thoughts on “Are the ‘vast majority’ of Muslims moderate?”

  1. Yes, if this is “moderate” Islam, just wait until you see the real thing. That would be about the time that the western world is finally overtaken by Islam completely. That should not take long given the suicidal inclinations of media, politicians and the left. They still just don’t get it. We are at war. One side is well aware of that and the other side is still scratching its collective head, wondering what is going on. The voices of reason, the warnings of what is about to overtake us, go unheeded. Even those with the most to lose are silent. Surely the Greens know that Bob Brown and his ilk will be some of the first to face (literally) the chopping block? How can any woman, let alone an ardent feminist, can support Islam mystifies me. It is not Islam that suffers mental problems, it is their supporters in the western world!

  2. Feminists and liberals in general are hypocrites.

    Being perverse is their way to show how unique they are.

    Governments encourage a dumbed-down population because their motto is always: “There’s No Money In Solutions!”

    And people only send their children to college to compete in the marketplace; getting accredited is an expensive requirement for success, so they know in advance that all they’re really doing is paying other people who say they are smart, to say their kids are smart, too!

    Worse, the “Publish or Die” mentality means that ‘researchers’ and ‘intellectuals’ have to LIE all the time, in order to continue extorting money from the suckers who fund their institutions of higher learning! That’s their “Progress!”

    They have to lie by making up new, false words and false definitions to describe the very same, ages old things.

    So it seems to sane folk that these left-wing idiots live in some bazarro world where up is down, and in is out.

    But that’s really the only way they assume they’d be able to get to look different, unique, and cutting-edge! To preen and stand out in their gangs! As Dawkins noted, people want to stand out in order to promote their genes over others.

    And unfortunately, just like with all other false-idol human ‘institutions,’ there’s only so many symptoms of “Do Not Attack First!” cause-and-effect scientific truths and logical facts one can address with “laws” of physics, and philosophy, only so many right answers, before one must veer off into exploiting the almost infinite number of sorta almost right,(but really wrong) answers, in order to keep up the pretense that the educators are actually doing something responsible to earn their pay and to continue to enjoy the right to govern others – the very same point in which, after whence reached, all human social organizations decline into criminality and their empires fall into ruin.

    At best, educators are exactly like their delusively clueless students – in fact, in many if not most cases, they ARE still really only perpetual students: those who were too timid to try (or tried once and gave up after failing) to make it in the “outside” world of competitive business and free markets, so they decided to return to the nest (if they ever left) and from paid teaching assistants simply promoted them selves to full, tenured professorships and remained glued thereafter to their safely lucrative academic chairs.

    Remember the old adage? “Those who can’t do, teach” (others endless excuses to re-name their failures, too)!


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